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Three Weeks

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Mabel will be three weeks old on Monday.  These early days go so quickly!  I am not getting quite enough sleep, though Mae is still pretty easygoing and hasn’t had any major night/day confusion like newborns often do.  I had forgotten how difficult blogging with a new baby is as well!  I’ve been working on this post all week.  A little here, a little there.  I can’t compose anything particularly cohesive.

I drove for the first time since my C-section yesterday, to a postpartum appointment with my doctor.  I took him a small jar of our honey as a gift and then felt horribly stingy when he thanked me and said that he takes a spoonful of local raw honey every day for his allergies.  I’ll take him more!  He says that I have healed well, and it’s time to start slowly entering the world again.  Okay.

My sister, Abby, and her son, Andrew, have been in town since mid-week.  Abby is helping me with some small organizational tasks around the house with the goal of making my life easier (I’m a disaster, house is a disaster, etc.) She’s also reading lots of books to Silas and Job, and gave them much needed haircuts.  I usually cut their hair, but I am not good at it, and hate doing it.  I’m kind of grossed out by hair, so that’s a problem.  This is why my kids are typically a little (or a lot) shaggy.

Seth made his first quadruple batch of quickest pickles from Canning for a New Generation this week.  He didn’t process them.  We like eating them as refrigerator dills all summer.  They should be ready to eat in a couple days, and then will only last for a couple.  I’m so glad that I have a big kid motivated to take care of the pickling for me!

Everyone is staying up too late at night, and every day I declare that this is the last day of late bedtimes for the younger kids.  But so far nothing has changed, and I’m just trying to be flexible.  We’ve had more company in the last few weeks than we have in the last few years.  It’s been really good, and it’s natural for routines to be thrown out the window for a little while.  Right now the evenings are full of games. Last night it was Bird Bingo.

I finished Mae’s Violet Bonnet last week, but can’t remember if I posted it here, or only on Instagram.  It’s a sweet little hat!  I put the linen scarf I am working on now on hold for a day or so as I received a bunch of samples from a new fiber mill that I am working with.  From here on out I will only be dyeing and offering in my shop eco-friendly yarns that are produced entirely in the U.S.  This has always been my goal and I am excited to be making it happen.  The only yarn I have offered previously that I will still be working with (though not till the fall) is the heavy worsted U.S. sourced Columbia Targhee that is milled here in Virginia.  Everything else will be brand new in the next shop update.  I’ve chosen two fingering weight bases, two sport, a dk, and a worsted, and I LOVE them!!  I have dye plants in my garden nearly ready to go, and I am hoping to have a small yarn update by end of the month.  It’s going to be good!

I think that’s it…  Wait, new baby carrier.  It’s a K’tan breeze, and I think I really like it, though I haven’t been ready for much baby wearing yet.