The Making that Happens

This weekend was kind of nuts.  We spent Friday working on Larkspur and Beatrix’s room re-do (Last minute crazy pregnant lady project.  So much painting involved.)  Friday night Jonny set the alarm for 4:30 a.m. so he could travel with Keats and Gabe (Silas and Job in tow) to an out of town baseball tournament for the weekend.  We fell into bed close to midnight, and I woke up shortly after with a nasty headache, and that stomach bug feeling.  Thankfully, the bad stomach passed, but the headache remained.  I was still awake when Jonny and the boys left.

Saturday was meant to be spent working on the girls’ room, but I was feeling kind of terrible so instead I did the logical thing and started a new cross-stitch project.  (Alicia Paulson’s Florabella from the first issue of Making Magazine.)  I think this was just my natural reaction to having Lark and Bea’s stuff exploding all over the downstairs and feeling too crappy to deal with it.  Hide from the mess, make something pretty.  (There are so many pretty things to make in that magazine!  I already have yarn for three of the knitting projects.)

Saturday night things went downhill as Beatrix started feeling sick and Weasel felt like he needed to bark non-stop, I assume because Jonny and the boys weren’t here and he was nervous about that.  I emailed Jonny at 2 a.m. with the subject line, “Horrors” after getting Beatrix situated after a puke session.  He replied around 7 a.m. letting me know that Job was now throwing up in the hotel room.  Such good times.  Who needs sleep?

Anyway, despite the fact that my habit is to start cross-stitch projects and then spend ages actually getting around to finishing them, Florabella was completed over the course of the crazy, sick, bedroom re-do, menfolk traveling weekend and it’s hanging on the wall over my desk now.  Such a lovely manageable project and maybe the reason that I didn’t lose my mind over these past couple of days.

I ordered the linen called for in the pattern, in antique white, along with Weeks Dye Works floss in Bluecoat Red and a 4″ wooden hoop from

Oh, and that red yarn!  It’s a skein I dyed for a friend with madder root.  It matches the cross-stitch!  The photos of Bea (in hot pink lipstick–maybe she’s attempting to graduate from markers to real make-up?) and Silas are from last week.  They were painting with these paint sticks that Silas got for his birthday.  They have been very popular with my kids.  And, some of you asked about the colored pencils in Silas’ birthday post.  We’ve used these pencils for years and I recently restocked.

Girls room details soon.  It’s such a tiny little closet of a room that photos are hard, but I will do my best!  I’ve been painting bunk-beds on our disaster of a front porch for two days.  Almost finished.


  1. Anne Marie says:

    I can’t believe you’ve already COMPLETED a project from Making! Mine is sitting beside my desk screaming to be paged through, but I’m forcing myself to clear the desktop first!

  2. I cannot wait for the baby to arrive 🙂 sending you lots of prayers for a safe and relatively painless delivery…. Oh and a SHORT one as well!

  3. Hi Ginny

    I have been reading your blog for years.

    I love how honest your words are.
    In blog world so many people paint such perfection and it just makes me feel like such a failure, bad mom, poor housekeeper. Thank you for keeping it real.
    I am so inspired by all you accomplish and by your faith. And I love watching your beautiful family grow. Thank you for sharing it all.

    I am thinking of you in these last weeks of pregnancy and wishing you a smooth and uncomplicated labour.
    You are not alone.

    God Bless you and your family.

  4. You tell it all with such humour. Poor dear. At least it happened before baby’s arrival. Can’t wait to see the girls room. The bed looks inviting. All the best.

  5. My goodness, you are one powerhouse, lady! Well done on all your works and hope everyone is on the mend soon.

  6. I love cross stitch. I think your finished project looks great and will be a centering thing to look at when one needs centering. 😀

  7. Love that cross-stitching project you did, and I don’t even usually like cross-stitching! It looks very cute.

    I’m sorry you and some of the kids got sick…I hope it didn’t spread to anyone else (though that might be too much to wish for) and that Beatrix is feeling better :(.

    Oh, and in response to your previous post, which I missed: I LOVE that little Sproutlette dress and I have never seen Larkspur smile that big before! Adorable!

    All the best to you this week!

  8. anniekitching says:

    The cross stitch is so pretty. I love cross stitch and I love embroidery, but something in my nervous system absolutely does NOT ALLOW me to do it. One pillow twenty years ago was the limit.

  9. Pregnant nesting is a mighty thing!

  10. I’m sorry to hear you are all so sick but I’m glad your family is dealing with it before the new baby arrives. Hope you all feel better soon and your cross stitch is beautiful! Hope you can get some rest.

  11. It sounds like quite the weekend, lots going on and lots being done and hectic! Hope everyone is feeling much better now! jenny xx

  12. Stomach bugs are so bad with lots of children. Seems like it takes forever to finally leave the family, at least that’s how it is with us. I hope you’re all better quickly.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished room, as much as you’re able to show. We expanded a bedroom last summer for our Littles to share but I still haven’t finished it, and they don’t seem to mind. Now we’re on to the next project (build while the weather’s good, yes?), so it may need to wait a bit longer.

  13. Sorry to hear that you were all so sick. I hope you are over it now and having some great weather. Looking forward to seeing another of your beautiful projects completed. I always smile when I see the pictures of your children playing. Such innocence. Wish some times that mine were little again and still playing outside.
    Nice job on that cross stitch! 😉

  14. Disaster porch? Honey, you ain’t seen NOTHING.

    Check this out:

    If you find the pictures eating at our picnic table you’ll see a disaster of a porch. And that is when the two bunkbeds were apart in a pile on top of an old rug that someone recently gave us (and I have not had time to empty furniture out to put it in) or the pile of lumber for the walls to our closet-of-a-boys room or the boxes of flooring. And since my husband works so much and only has time enough to work on these projects on the weekend- it has been MONTHS of this!

    Oh- it has been BAD.

    I totally understand that feeling of clutter and chaos and general unsettling of moments like these but in the end you have happy girls, a homeward husband, settled bellies, a beautiful cross stitch to remind you of that weekend and hopefully a feeling of great accomplishment for getting through and getting done!

    Praying for you in these final weeks of belly baby!

  15. That sounds like a crazy few days, I hope you’re all completely better very soon. Love the cross stitch, so delicate and pretty. Good luck with the decorating. CJ xx

  16. Oh dear, hope the rest of the family is spared the awful stomach thing. You must be exhausted, hope you get some rest soon!

  17. loved this post! yes, I know all about the wanting to make things right spontaneously like you are doing; can’t wait DV to see pictures of the girl’s room! sounds great, even in the midst of the chaos of it. So sorry for the stomach bug. 🙁 That sampler is so dear and I love it in red!!!

  18. That is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I’m glad you could complete it quickly.

  19. its absolutely beautiful – all of it – even the mess!!
    I hope everyone is feeling better? sending healing hugs from africa xxx

  20. Sounds like you are nesting!

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