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This weekend’s giveaway is from Nova Natural, one of my family’s favorite shops!  Nova Natural is a small, family-run business based in Vermont. It was created around the mission of providing natural, wholesome products that encourage every child’s individual spirit to flourish. We practice sustainability by working with small businesses and artisans to offer high quality, long lasting products with a high play value. That means they don’t get used once or twice and then tossed aside. Rather, they’re made to last, sometimes for more than one generation.

We’re lucky enough at Nova to spend summer in Vermont. As a small, family business, we like to carve out time to enjoy the gorgeous weather and bounty summer has to offer. For our children (and yours!), we try to have toys that spark the imagination, foster outdoor exploration or stir them to action.

Nova Natural


An active day can lead to a restful sleep, so it’s good to give children new challenges that get them moving. Younger children still delighting in imitation will enjoy “mowing” the grass accompanied by the clackity clack of the tumbling wooden beads in the classic lawnmower pushtoy. The motion of a tree swing, as well as the balance necessary to stay on the wooden seat, can be a challenge that a child might spend a summer perfecting, as they learn just the way to keep it in free motion without sliding off the seat. The sturdy stilts bring a child to new heights as they master propelling themselves while staying atop the wooden blocks for their feet. Another fun challenge for the elementary aged child is jumping rope; those rhymes you probably remember from your childhood can help a new rope skipper to find the rhythm that will lead to success.



Other toys might help children find the quiet that nature has to offer. They can look more closely at the wondrous world with a microscope or press leaves or blossoms for a summer souvenir. And of course, there’s the peace brought about by water play. A good ship and a bit of quiet water can occupy almost any young sailor. For moving water, children will be enthralled by the water­powered machine that will move the trout boat upstream. So, with the wind calling their names, send them outside to jump, run, learn and dream.

Nova Natural

This weekend, we’d like to offer one Small Things reader a $50 Gift Card! For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post. And don’t forget, when you sign up to receive our newsletter, (scroll to the bottom of our homepage, and you will see the place to enter your email address), you will receive a coupon for $7.00 off your order.

Comments are closed and the winner is Heidi who commented, “We love our wooden walking blocks from Nova Natural! The jump rope book looks equally awesome… Thank you!”

Thanks, Nova Natural!


  1. This would be awesome!!!

  2. I would love the gift card to spend on my little ones!

  3. Caroline B. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! These products look wonderful!

  4. Great toys! Thank you for the chance!

  5. Kristin Z says:

    Beautiful toys!

  6. Lovely toys! Great giveaway 🙂

  7. I have a little girl that is at the age to begin learning to jump rope; she would love this!

  8. Sarah K says:

    Just in time for the summer birthdays at my house! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. My littles would love the jump rope rhyme books! Thanks for the opprtunity!

  10. We love our wooden walking blocks from Nova Natural! The jump rope book looks equally awesome….

    Thank you!

  11. Rebekah Stark says:

    These look fantastic, we’d love to try them.

  12. The ring sling for a baby doll is adorable!

  13. so many special treasures! My trio of little boys would enjoy so many of these wonderful toys and games! 🙂

  14. I have been purchasing wooden cars for our toddler. He loves them. It would be delightful to purchase one for when he gets older. These are beautiful toys.

  15. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Love Nova Naturals, thanks for the giveaway!

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  18. Wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  19. Perfect toys for my sons to enjoy for years to come!

  20. Becky Vaagenes says:

    Oh my goodness, such wonderfulness!

  21. Mary Beth says:

    This is an exciting opportunity with beautiful stuff! Thank you~

  22. Beautiful things!

  23. Nova carries some really beautiful treasures. My kids and I love getting their catalog in the mail!

  24. Wow, they have so many things in their store that I could see being loved and enjoyed here!

  25. BarbaraMae says:

    Their all-natural sandwich wraps would be great for packing a summer picnic!

  26. Beautiful

  27. Melissa N says:

    We have so many lovely things from Nova, there is always a wish list going!

  28. Katie N says:

    What fun looking toys; I’ll be adding some to my baby registry.

  29. I love Nova Natural’s toys as much as my kids!

  30. My neice would enjoy these toys! Thank you ginny and Nova naturals for the chance to win!

  31. Melanie says:

    I had forgotten all about jump rope rhymes! How fun!

  32. Love Nova! We have loved everything we have ordered from them.

  33. Thanks for the opportunity; my son would love these toys!

  34. I’d love to pick out a few things for summer activities with my kids!

  35. ikkinlala says:

    So many great choices!

  36. We love Nova Naturals! Thank you!

  37. Laurajj says:

    Oh I have never heard of them before. What awesome toys for the kids! So unique! I LOVE that weathervane kit! Our little one would go nuts! Their birthday rings are so precious too! I love that you can use them year after year!

  38. Yay! Thank you so much for the chance! I have three grandchildren that would love to have something from your store. 🙂

  39. We love Nova Natural! And I love all these outdoor play ideas!

  40. I was thinking of ordering some items to help wean my kids from too much tv!

  41. I love Nova Natural!

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  44. I love that little microscope and the swing is lovely.

  45. Jennifer says:

    I love everything from Nova Naturals! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  47. Melissa says:

    I love nova naturals, and my youngest has a birthday coming up!