How Much

This time of year is so, so full in the very best way.  Just how much can we accomplish in the last couple weeks of a pregnancy?  I definitely feel an urgency to get as much done as I can.  Not in a bad way, but in a these are things that I love doing sort of way. I know that I will be completely shifting gears as soon as our little girl is born, and I’m kind of trying to cram everything in.

Last week we took our first honey of the season, maybe about 3 1/2 gallons.  There will be more ready in the coming weeks, though not as much as we originally expected owing to late frosts and lots of rain.  Still, this will be our best year yet.  I’ve made two more batches of goat milk soap, and I think I am getting the hang of things.  I’m pretty excited about the soap.  We’re using the batch I made in early May now, and it’s like real soap!!  Actually, really good soap!

The girls and I participated in our annual children’s market on Saturday.  They have been preparing for it for an entire year, and I worried that we wouldn’t be able to make it because the date was so close to our baby arriving.  I’m so very glad that everything worked out for them to do it, because Larkspur especially was incredibly excited about it.  One of her best friends, Josie,  participates in farmer’s markets every weekend with her family, and Larkspur (well, all of us) love her family, so to do what they do for a day feels extra special to her.  And of course it just feels good to make and grow things and then share them with others.  Josie stayed by Larkspur’s side for most of the day while Beatrix goofed off with her friends.  Larkspur sold Beatrix’s things for her, and Beatrix promptly spent most of the money she made there at the market.  She saved eight dollars, telling me that she plans to buy guppies or mollies (fish), breed them, and then sell the babies on Etsy.  Ummmmm….

Larkspur on the other hand did a much better job of not spending any of her earnings and she has a similar plan, but with pet rabbits, and the local market.  Oh man.  I don’t know about that either.  I’ll help her save the money, but all these business ideas that involve the multiplication of critters are kind of freaking me out.  Maybe we could invest in more beads for bracelet making instead?  How about it girls?


  1. Oh Ginny, you just always make me laugh out loud, smile big times, get me into tears, give me a whole day of thoughts… You are a wonderful person and I’m so glad I found you.
    Lena xxx

  2. the stand sounds like it was a big success! My daughter always spent money earned and my son always squirrelled it away forever. He has a hard time spending money!!

  3. ekaterina says:

    I would like to see you, dear Ginny, on a photo at this last month of your pregnancy, please.

  4. I had a baby 3 weeks ago and I remember that same urgency the last couple of weeks before birth!

    How wonderful your market has a children’s day!

  5. Haha, I’m loving the pet business ideas, although if they were my kids I would probably also feel a little apprehensive! 😉

    I’m glad they had a chance to participate in the market. It sounds like fun!

  6. Melissa N says:

    Lovely table. Congratulations on your soap turning out well, and for your honey harvest. My little girl keeps wanting to look at your bunny photos, she wants one. Your children are blessed to grow up with a menagerie of cute critters.

  7. We bought rabbits for my 5-year old son when he decided he wanted to “breed cats.” He loves on the babies and cares for them, and then (with our help) harvests them for meat. This year, our local children’s farmer’s market is going to include meat rabbits, baby bunnies for pets, rabbit pelts, and plant-dyed rabbit’s foot keychains (definitely not the most politically correct item, but no one can argue with a 5-year old using the whole animal!)

  8. I especially like those knit headbands! Do you all follow a certain pattern or tutorial?

  9. I follow your blog closely but I don’t usually comment. I just have to say that I love your family, Ginny! Thanks so much for sharing the stories. I often retell the stories about your family to my 4yo daugther at dinner. She loved hearing about the pet rabbit and goats staying in the house.

  10. MotherOwl says:

    Hi Ginny. I just love the comment about your soap reaaly being soap – really good soap even. I so remember that feeling. It’s pure wonder and magic. Keep it up. Good luck with soaping, honey, markets… and last but not least the baby.

  11. anniekitching says:

    I see Farmers Markets in your future, somehow. I think the lovely things you make – yarn, soap, honey, pickles….well, it would sell, certainly. And the girls are only going to become more accomplished with their crafting and growing.

  12. Sometimes, I strive to be like you. I have plans to can/preserve all the things (okay, we did pickles a couple weeks ago)…but we don’t have the storage space for it. I think we need to clean out the garage and build some proper shelving so I can can all the things (and somehow manage to shelve them safely in an active earthquake zone – perhaps boxes rather than just shelves). No one uses their garage for cars here in California (mostly because they’re too small to fit a car). We’ve also contemplated bees. We have a perfect spot for them, outside our fenced in portion of our yard, and I know at least one of my kids isn’t allergic (don’t know about the younger one – and I’m guessing he isn’t either…

    And then I remember that I already don’t do well with our chaos.

    I shall watch you from afar, for now.

  13. Oh I love this Ginny! Your kiddos are going to be such well rounded adults, with entrepreneurial endeavours! I love watching your life unfold there, and all the homesteader projects. I’m glad you were able to squeeze in the market day before your sweet baby girl arrives. Looks like it was a lovely outing for all of you.

  14. What a great post! It’s so awesome to see girls involved in local business operations– even if they’re small, handmade operations. 🙂

    Benjamin Bunny is a real cutie too!

  15. If you didn’t live 3,000 miles away, I’d bring over the two empty rabbit hutches languishing on our property. We’ve never had good luck with rabbits. Some died inexplicably and others were stolen from their hutch by a predator. My husband’s original idea was to raise them for meat and I think that’s where most of the demand is for rabbits. That might be hard to break to Larkspur. And rabbit bucks often aren’t very pleasant guys. I know one person that doesn’t eat the rabbits she keeps – she’s a “foster mom” to rabbits from shelters. Kind of crazy, but she has a soft heart and no kids.

    I had a chuckle with the bead option. I’d rather have animals than beads any day. Beads and all those small crafty things end up all over the house! I’ve made peace with the boys’ Legos, but I stop there.

    I’ve thought of making soap from our goat’s milk, but I’m afraid of the whole lye thing. Ivory is cheap anyway.

  16. Your soap looks beautiful Ginny; is that herbs mixed into the second batch? Looks like your husband made you some beautiful molds!

  17. Maybe you could discuss with Larkspur that there are already a ton of bunnies in shelters and rescues that need a good home and not all bunnies that are sold go to people as lovely and nice as she is. They won’t have a loving home as her bunny does. Bunnies are social and need friends, lots of attention and love. Most are stuck in ill suited cages and never played with or loved. Beads would indeed be a much better choice.

  18. Beautiful Swiss Chard!

  19. Oh, summer is so nice. Fun to see your girls so excited with their adventure. I love your soap! It looks divine. Do you have a recipe, a favorite website? I have been wanting to try it myself but it is hasn’t happened yet.

  20. Beautiful photos of your girl! She reminds me of my oldest daughter-so responsible and creative and helpful. Enjoy the waning days of this pregnancy, Ginny, and, yes, cram all the things! My last pregnancy ran up close to Christmas so I remember this feeling well from just six months ago. Wish I had crammed more! 🙂

  21. So lovely that the girls are learning crafts and making some money from them! This is what community is all about x

  22. lovely post! so glad that worked out! lovely pictures! Lighting an all day candle for you today! God bless you and baby! Praying for you!!! God’s mercy and protection!

  23. I’m so glad you were able to harvest some honey. It seems like nobody has been able to do so for a while with so many hives dying. The soap looks beautiful. I made a whole bunch two years ago and I’m just starting to see the end of it. Time to make some more. What wooden molds are those? Do you like them?

  24. It sounds like Seth is volunteering to teach his little sisters how to breed animals and then list them for sale online. You have such wonderful helpers in your family, Ginny! Bless you. 😉

    Peace be with you and all your endeavors.

  25. Little sisters should not be allowed to do either as they have absolutely none of the knowledge required to do them.

  26. Frankly, we’d love to know where to buy fish that were bred well and healthy. The last few that we bought at a chain pet store died and took over half the existing tank with it. We haven’t replaced any of them out of fear.

  27. Oh Ginny! This post just warms and delights my soul! I love seeing all of the honey and soap and your girls being so industrious!

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