A Garden Bunny

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Friday afternoon, Seth, Keats, Larkspur, and I stopped at the farm stand on the way home from piano lessons.  As I was standing in line, I noticed some friends of ours pull up.  I waved hello, and Kris walked over and asked me quietly (so Larkspur wouldn’t hear and get her hopes up), “Do you guys want a really nice bunny?”  I told her that actually I would like a bunny if I wasn’t having a baby in the next couple weeks.  Kind of bad timing.  Normal people don’t get bunnies right before they have babies.  But either way, I wanted to see the bunny.  So I walked over to her truck to meet the bunny that Kris and her husband had actually just picked up from a relative’s (a college student that didn’t want the bunny anymore) house near us.   Kris keeps rabbits, so she had volunteered to take him, though she hadn’t been looking to add to the bunnies she already had.  This little guy was so pretty, very sweet and laid back, and I was really tempted to say, “Yes, we’ll take him!”  But I knew that was nuts.  And I didn’t want to show up at home with another animal that Jonny would have to drop everything to build housing for.  We have kind of a lot going on right now as it is.

But then Kris showed me the bunny hutch in the back of the truck that belonged to the bunny.  And all the supplies necessary to take care of him.  And I had three kids surrounding me at this point who naturally, wanted the bunny.  So I said to Kris and her husband, “Meet us at our house?”

Jonny and the rest of the family were out on an errand, so the bunny was a little surprise when they returned.  When he saw it on the front porch, Jonny had almost no reaction at all.  Just kind of a, “Hey, there’s a bunny.”

“Yeah, I got a bunny.  And, guess what?  He was free!!!!!  And look at all his stuff!”

Did you know that bunny poop makes a great fertilizer and you can put it straight down in your garden without composting it first?  Yes!  That is a big part of the reason that I’ve been asking Jonny for a bunny for five or more years.  I used to buy bags of rabbit droppings from a local guy to put on my garden, until this one time when the bags of poop had been sitting for too long and we almost couldn’t go outside for days after I dumped them in the garden because they smelled so bad.  Now I will have my own fresh supply, which I realize sounds kind of weird when I put it in writing like that.  But also, this bunny has so much personality!  This definitely isn’t just about the poop.  Larkspur named him Benjamin Bunny, and he will spend his time both in and outdoors and sometimes on a leash hopping around the garden, I guess?  We’re working out the details.  He’s super sweet and curious and everyone in the family loves him.

And while this all might seem a little crazy timing-wise, I totally know it was meant to be because we had planned to stop at the library before going to the farm stand, but I decided that I was too tired to walk from the car into the library, so we skipped it.  Had we not, I would have missed running into Kris at the farm stand and we wouldn’t have ever known about this bunny.  See?  It all makes sense!  (Riiiiiight, Ginny…hee hee)

p.s. Larkspur’s beautiful garden sign was a gift from Jeff and Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots!


  1. Benjamin Bunny is just the sweetest and his harness looks like a vest and so what could be better than a dressed bunny!?! Larkspur must be beside herself with happiness! It WAS meant to be!!

  2. Amy DelaTerre says:

    I am so in love with your bunny! It would have been silly not to take him home, he looks like a perfect additional pet for your family. I want a bunny now!

  3. I love reading about all the adventures you have with your sweet family!

  4. Oh dear, I’m afraid you sealed the deal for me with your bunny post. Actually, it was the bunny leash! We have been talking this past month about getting my 7 yr old daughter an angora rabbit (or two) for her birthday next month. I had no idea there were such things as harnesses! Oh my…bunnies are popping up in our world all over the place just now…that’s a sign, too, isn’t it? heheheh

    Welcome home, Benjamin Bunny.

    xo Jules

  5. A perfect bunny! Really, he looks like the ideal rabbit. I just want to pet him!

  6. Samantha Lehmann says:

    And that’s what we call… Divine providence… don’t you love looking back at the end of the day, seeing God’s path just walked, and thinking, “Wow!” Even if only to save you a walk and buying smelly fertilizer… both very good things….

  7. super cute!!! God bless you and all your kids and lovely animals! 🙂 and baby! that garden sign is so dear!

  8. It was worth it just to have the bunny as a photo prop! Haha! He is adorable! Your pictures of him are so much fun.

    Your kids will take good care of him and you can just care for baby. 😉

  9. this is not crazy at all 🙂 congrats on your own fertilizer maker!!! he looks like a sweet family addition and I love his bunny harness for walk abouts in the yard.

  10. this is a lovely story and great providence that you decided that. I think thats as great a reason as ever to welcome Benjamin Bunny into your home 🙂 perfect name choice as well!! jenny xx

  11. That is definitely a crazy cute bunny! I know several people who have rescued a puppy or kitten just weeks before giving birth themselves (to their own human, I mean, lol)…we can’t resist the tiny ones that close to end, I guess! xx

  12. Congratulations on your newest addition.
    We got a dog right after my 7th baby was born. We’d gone to a family day at my husband’d work. I knew they would have some dogs from the animals shelter and I told the kids, “DO NOT GO NEAR THE DOGS.” They went near the dogs, and then they drug me over to the dogs, and talked me into bringing one home. Lola is the sweetest BEST dog I have ever seen and I will miss her terribly when she is no longer with us. Sometimes – those *awfully* timed things turn out to be so SO good. Welcome, Benjamin Bunny!
    (the girls’ room looks great, btw)

  13. Melissa N says:

    He is super sweet! And what a great invention, a bunny harness, who knew?

    I can’t believe how big the guinea chicks are.

    I knew right away who made the lovely garden sign ;o)

  14. I totally want a bunny on a leash now!

  15. Congratulations on your bunny. So many of your blogs remind me of me and our family with the homeschooling and accumulation of all types of animals. Just beware that bunny urine reeks so if your bunny comes inside and is not house trained…beware.
    Take care and be well, and I looked your blog from yesterday.

  16. Ruth Bendig says:

    Benjamin is adorable. I am VERY amused by the expression on the cat’s face.

  17. His fur just looks so soft!!

    In all seriousness, maybe an alpaca one of these years? Their fur makes such soft, beautiful yarn.

  18. Jennifer says:

    He’s adorable and I totally would have brought him home too!

  19. I’m just going to sit quietly over here in California, shaking my head, and giggling. Seriously, the goats and chickens and cats and dogs and children weren’t enough, so you’re adding a bunny right before the newest baby. Crazy lady 🙂 Keep on keeping on 🙂

  20. Every time you have a baby or get a new animal, I just love this blog and more. And I don’t think you are crazy, I think you are AWESOME! 🙂

  21. Rebecca says:

    You think the way I think, Ginny😀 i wanted get our little boys a bunny before our little girl was born in May. But my husband has more sense…. Enjoy your bunny. He looks so sweet.

  22. When you have that many children and animals, what’s one more to add to the mix? LOL He is adorable. Prayers for you in your last weeks of pregnancy.

  23. He is so cute and it was meant to be!!! I love him on the leash and I love the picture of the kitty with the suspicious expression.

  24. Well, hello there, Intruder! :))

  25. a bunny on a leash.. i never….. he? is like a little peter rabbit in that beautiful garden of yours – so I am guessing a leash would be a good idea.

  26. When I first saw his picture my first thought was, goodness thats exactly what I imagine Benjamin Bunny looking like (minus the harness…of course). How funny that its his name. Must be meant to be. He is beautiful.
    I am thinking a garden bunny is in our future too.

  27. Oh I love this story! I love how you are so good about saying “yes” to your children! Mine want bunnies too (well, all sorts of animals, but bunnies are the latest!) and I told them we’d look into it after we move this summer…..I’d rather not move again with animals if possible! You’re such an amazing mom!!

  28. Oh my, he is SO cute! I love bunnies! And if all the “equipment” comes with it, how can you say no… 😉 Larkspur’s garden sign is beautiful, too.

    On a totally different note…thank you for posting something about Orlando yesterday. This attack hit close to home for me (both literally – I’m in Florida – and figuratively). I read multiple blogs, and literally no one said anything, which hurt a little. Of course, people can write on their blogs whatever they want, but it is weird to see so much pain go unacknowledged. Thank you for “standing still” for a moment. I appreciate it.

  29. A bunny on a harness! Well, why not – we put our cat on a harness. Will your cat try to attack him? (hope not) It does seem meant to be. 🙂

  30. Ginny, I just love you! And I love that that little bunny has a leashed vest 😊

  31. He is GORGEOUS! What a nice story about his “adoption.” I’m sure he’ll be very happy! (And so will your garden… and your kids!)

  32. A garden bunny sounds like so much fun, and I’m sure that bunny with get lots of love. (A good life getting walked all around the garden!) We have a chicken leash and have only used it a few times, but I want to get it out again and give it another go. I smiled seeing Larkspur’s sign. 🙂

  33. a bunny on a leash, that fertilizes your garden for you, is not a commitment, it’s an investment.


  34. This is exactly why I avert my eyes when I see a puppy or other small furry animal. It’s impossible to say no to such cuteness.

  35. Such a beautiful bunny! Oh you guys are living the dream!

  36. Such a sweet bunny and I did laugh at your reasoning because hey……I do that all the time 🙂

  37. Hi Ginny,
    Enjoyed your story about your new bunny! We had a pet bunny several years ago. My husband built a big cage for it in our basement, complete with a litter box, which Bun Bun did use, just like a cat. We would let her out of the cage each day and she would roam around the basement and often hop up the steps, go through the cat door, and hang out with us on the main level. The two cats were deathly afraid of her. We had her from the time she was a baby until she died around age 8. We even had to get her spayed around 6 months as even though there weren’t any other rabbits around, she became very “frisky” and a bit smelly. I would never get another rabbit because they are a lot of work, but we did enjoy Bun Bun’s antics over the years.

  38. love it!
    but, i will tell you one who doesn’t seem to thrilled is the kitty sitting near the potatoes. that glare! ha!

  39. A friend raises meat rabbits and gave us some droppings – I threw them straight on the snap peas and they did SO well, despite our poor soil! Now the kids all want rabbits of our own, of course…

  40. Stefanie says:

    Oh my!

    Hahahaha …

    Yep, slightly crazy and but very cute.

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