Archives for June 16, 2016

Quiet Little Stitches

Jonny looked over at me the other night, sitting on the bed, quietly focused on my cross-stitching (familiar scene lately), and he asked, “So, are you pretty obsessed with that project?  Is it all you want to do?”

“Do I seem obsessed?  Maybe a little…”

I remember when I was working on Winterwoods (nearly four years ago!), I did feel obsessed with it.  There was something so satisfying about finishing each letter, each motif.  I finished it, and went on to start several more cross stitch projects, most of them designed by Alicia, because I love most everything she comes up with.  A little over a year ago, when she released My Sweetiepie ABCs, I started a little stitch along similar to what we did with Winterwoods, but I only made it to letter ‘d’ before I stopped.  I was having to strain my eyes too much to make those tiny little x’s.

Over the past year I have only cross stitched sporadically, because I needed bright daylight to be able to see well enough, and I don’t actually have time for cross stitching during the day.  But then I completed this simple little piece in a weekend (Jonny was out of town with most of my boys) and I got all fired up about stitching again, really wanting to finish some of the projects I have in progress.  I posted a photo on Instagram of my work in a little wooden hoop, and one of you mentioned Q- Snaps,  saying that they made stitching much more pleasant.  I ordered one in the 8 x 8 inch size, thinking it was worth a try, even though I really love the look of wooden embroidery hoops.  I have to say, this thing is a total game changer for me!  I love it!  Now I have a system for cross stitching that is really working and doesn’t make me feel like I am going cross-eyed.  The Q-Snap does an excellent job of stretching and holding the linen tightly, making counting easier, and it is very comfortable for me to hold my work this way.  Thank you so much for recommending these, Arlene!!  I also bought a nice bright hobby lamp, and that has made a huge difference as well.  I can sit in bed at night and cross stitch comfortably with plenty of light, and I am finally making progress again.  My goal is to finish My Sweetpie ABCs, and then start on Alicia’s latest kit, ‘Night, Neighborhood, which I received as a gift from a reader (thank you, Gwen!!)  I think it will look great in my girls’ newly redecorated bedroom, so I am pretty motivated to get started on it.  And then I will get back to some of the other cross stitch projects that I have going (Midsummer Sprigs is the one on black linen, and the other one with all the little green sprouts is from this book.)

Lots of quiet little stitches seem like just what I will need in the coming weeks.