Two days for five

We started celebrating Silas’ birthday on Wednesday, and his plan for the day included a morning bagel run with Daddy followed by opening presents.  For lunch he wanted my risotto, or “yellow rice,” as he used to call it, before he turned five.  When I called it “yellow rice,” yesterday, he corrected me.  “Mommy, it’s called risotto.”  So I guess he’s all grown up now.  Five!!!

Nothing happened on schedule and by the time we finished eating what was meant to be lunch, it was nearly four o’clock.  Time to start cooking spaghetti and meatballs and making frosting for the cake.  But instead we threw all plans out the window and headed to the lake for fishing and swimming, per Silas’ request.  We ate junky chips and hot dogs and the kids had a great time.  On the way home Silas tried his hardest to stay awake, but he couldn’t.  By the time we pulled in to our drive, it was ten p.m. and he was sound asleep.

This morning when he woke up he came to me and asked (with big, big eyes) “Mommy?  Since I didn’t have any birthday cake last night with everybody else, can I have some now?”  I could have cried.  I quickly told him, “Oh sweetie!  We would never eat your birthday cake without you!!!  It’s still downstairs wrapped up, we haven’t even made the frosting yet.”  He smiled with relief.  Dear, dear Silas.

So, on day two of his birthday we had smoothies and popcorn, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, and spaghetti with meatballs.  He played his new game, and worked on puzzles.  He did lots of art.  All the Silas things.  Seth took him on a long explore in the woods.  He walked the whole way himself, because he’s five now.


  1. This made me tear up too! What a special little boy.. I am entering the competition of who has been reading you the longest, if there is one 😉

  2. What a fun, sweet story! Happy birthday to your big, big little man. 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Sweet birthday story! My DD will be 4 (!?) on June 26. (sjn821 on Rav)

  4. This actually made me tear up. Sweet Silas. Happy birthday big boy

  5. Andréann says:

    So I’ve been reading your blog for more than 5 years now! How does the time fly?
    Bonne Fête Silas!!

  6. These pictures are precious and bless his heart that he thought he missed out on his birthday cake. Happy Birthday to Silas!

  7. Cathy B. says:

    Happy Birthday Silas! What wonderful pictures…so much happiness and love!!! My Mom always made my favorite dinner and cake for my birthday. I miss her so much and those wonderful birthdays. You are a great Mom and do such wonderful things for your family.

  8. Ohhhhhhh my, Ginny. Where has the time gone!? It seems he was just born! He’s so special he needed two whole days to celebrate! What a perfect celebration! Happy 5th year Silas!!

  9. tears in my eyes. Happy Birthday to a big boy of 5.xx

  10. Julie Zilkie says:

    Where do you get your colored pencils? I love the natural coloring of them!

  11. Happy Birthday, Silas! Sounds like a beautiful birthday, too much fun to fit in one day!

  12. That is just the sweetest question ever. My son is 5, too, and being 5 means that in many ways, the world revolves around them. It’s just how their brains work. As Mom, I’m always trying to teach him to think beyond himself. To think of others. Every now and then, though, my son will make a comment or ask a question like your Silas did, that is is so beautifully heartbreaking. Proof that they ARE aware of their tiny place in the world, and how privileged we are as adults (in their eyes…we could declare that we are going to eat the birthday cake without the birthday BOY!) Though they can be sad, I kind of relish those moments of sweet humility from him. It’s a sign of innocence not yet lost! Which we gotta hang on to…because they are FIVE!!!

  13. so sweet.. Happy Birthday dear Silas….

  14. Melissa Nichols says:

    So pitiful, thinking you all ate cake without him. What a dear memory that will turn into. Sounds like a great celebration.

  15. What a sweetie. Happy Birthday Silas! Always love your pictures.

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS. Wishing you a year of blessings.
    Marion and Family

  17. Penelope says:

    I just loved reading every word of this! Happy happy birthday, Silas!

  18. What an awesome birthday celebration! Spaghetti & meatballs is our family birthday meal choice and a 4-layer chocolate cake. And we always save some for breakfast the day after – cake that is. Nothing in the world tastes better than birthday cake the day after – yum. Happy Birthday

  19. Beautiful. Seeing how much they grow and mature is wonderful–and yet sad because those young years just fly by!

  20. What a beautiful way to turn five. 🙂

  21. Beautiful pictures and memories! Happy birthday to your little guy! 🙂

  22. Every Birthday joy be yours

    Fortune, Health and Wealth,

    I wish you everything that’s good

    That you could wish yourself.

    And may your LUCKYSTAR above

    Shine brightly down to bless

    All your cherished dreams today

    And crown then with success.

    Happy birthday from Germany!

  23. Happy Birthday, Silas! Gosh, they grow up fast.

  24. happy birthday!! I cannot believe he is five (I cannot believe any of your children are aging…). How sweet and wonderful that you went out for a lake run and ate junk food and had FUN!!!

  25. It seems we both have children born on the 25th May! Belated Happy Birthday to Silas!

  26. that’s so sweet! We have a Munchkin in our lives who we are like godparents too and I helped him learn to swim by getting him over the fear of water that was deeper than himself. It reminds me of what Silas is doing: ‘I am grown up 5 years old now, I can now do bigger things’ that just come naturally, like calling something more formally or walking all the way without being carried. For the Munchkin to my delight, after a few days of working with him in the pool, he said politely to me, ‘Aunt Elizabeth, please excuse me, I have to go swim now’ 🙂 I will always treasure that memory! Many years to your growing up Silas! God bless him!!! Sounds like a delightful 2 days!

  27. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy birthday Silas x

  28. Sweet little boy! Happy Birthday Silas!
    This story of a two day birthday made me smile with tears and read aloud to my husband.
    We relate to the timing thing – we scrap plans for something more fun or that fits better more often than we should.
    Silas kind of looks like Christopher Robin. Seth is a good big brother to take him on a long explore.

  29. I feel like he was just born! Happy birthday to the sweet boy! I’m glad your family saved you some cake 😉

  30. 5 year old little boys. Sunshine and warmth. We have a 5.5 year old boy at the moment and he can do everything because he’s 5 now. 😉 Oh, I already miss this age.

  31. It seems like only yesterday I was holding a 6 month old Little Man in my arms, reading about Silas’ birth! Have I really been reading for that long?! Have we been around that long?!

    I love that he thought you ate his cake without him. So sweet. Totally something Little Man would have said, as well. ::sigh:: Five year olds.

  32. What a sweetie! 5?!? How is that possible? Happy birthday, Silas!

  33. Jennifer says:

    So sweet:) Happy Birthday Silas!
    I really like hearing about your family’s birthday celebrations.

  34. Happy birthday, Silas! What a wonderful two day celebration. Love your crown!

  35. oh bless him… where does the time go? happy birthday from africa Silas xxx

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