{Today} Last Shop Update Before Baby!!!

G.Sheller Yarn-5766 G.Sheller Yarn-6106

My shop will be updated today, Tuesday, May 31st at 11 a.m. EST. There are lots of mini skeins this time around, and some really fun colors! Jonny and I worked together on much of this update because I am one big pregnant lady!! He is also offering ten made to order shawl pins this month. He didn’t have time to make them ahead because in his free time (does he really have any?) he has been helping me with the yarn, and building a house for those guinea keets I brought home.

This will be my last shop update before the baby comes, and I’m thinking the next one will not be until late summer. We have been working in the garden though, planting and planning for more dyeing, and I am working to source new yarns. Oh, and maybe I’ll have goat milk soap to offer this fall! So many possibilities, but so much unknown as well. I do know that I absolutely love dyeing beautiful yarns for you. Thank you, all!


  1. I’m so sad … I. He Jed several times but I missed the sale … Maybe next time. Hope you have good labor and that your baby is healthy. I’m sure she will be just the cutest princess and a perfect Addison to your family. ๐Ÿ˜˜โฃ

  2. How didi it go? The yarn is so pretty, it must have all sold!

  3. I can hardly believe the fantastic range of colors you’ve come up with. Those blues and corals especially are pure delight. Alas, I’m a day late and everything’s (quite understandably) sold out. I will certainly be looking when you have your next update.

    Meantime, I wish your family all the best. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading about your adventures together. Hoping you get some good rest in there somewhere…and happy baby!

  4. Marilyn F. says:

    Amazing, you have dyed some of my most favorite colors.

  5. This yarn makes me wish I knit.
    Julie C

  6. Stunning colours as always!

  7. Best wishes, Ginny! So exciting xx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Sally Summerfield says:

    Beautiful yarn… But gone before I got there. Another time (sigh). Best wishes on the delivery of your new baby.

  10. Ginny, the colors of your yarns are so vivid and rich. Lovely!

  11. Call me crazy – and I am sure my husband will – but I just had to but that Alpaca/silk/cashmere Fingering weight in Tickseed Sunflower + Indigo. Yes, we raise Suri Alpaca, yes, I have entire stockroom full of all things Alpaca fiber related, but that was just too luscious to pass up!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely love the jewel toned rainbow, but was late, so all the yarn was gone. Best wishes for the remainder of baby prep. (sjn821 on Rav)

  13. yay! so great to work at a team!!! so lovely!!!! love and prayers for you all and for the birth of your little one!!!

  14. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  15. Susan M says:

    Can’t believe that I missed the sale again!!! Aghhhhhhhh

  16. DIANE OCONNOR says:

    Exquisite Yarns …. and best wishes and prayers to you and your family on the birth of your daughter.

  17. I wish I had seen this earlier, but I did get some of you work. Stay cool this summer. I’m sure your children will help you out.

  18. I am hopelessly uncrafty, but the yarn is beautiful! Hope the remainder of your pregnancy is as easy and enjoyable as possible, at least you have lots of fun stuff going on while you wait!

  19. Yay! I love your yarns and they’re usually all gone when I get to the shop. I missed out on the shawl pins, but I’m excited about the cochineal skeins I got!

  20. Gwendolyn says:

    Hot Dog! I was able to secure one of Jonny’s shawl pins and some beautiful yarn. Ginny, I’m going to try your gradient yarn on the Bounce baby blanket from Tin Can Knits. I’m hoping it will work out. I’m going to knit a hat/mittens with the Worsted Merino. By the way, on the Superwash Merino, is it more like fingerling or DK or worsted?


  21. Really nice. I’m going to do a bunch this summer, I hope. Your yarns really are beautiful.
    A friend of mine just showed me this morning some yarn she dyed with jewelweed.
    Take care!

  22. awesome colors. love that Jonny helps. congrats again on your new little one. cant wait to see what comes next for you and your family. I am a huge fan of goat milk soap. Was a little weird at first on my skin because all my life I used store bought soap. WOW what a difference, a good one. I love the way I feel after a shower. actually feel clean and fresh and not like I have a layer of soap still on my skin. maybe you could teach on your blog how to more natural living and chemical free. I am learning. Still trying to make good choices for myself and my family. Still loving those dish cloths…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Eveline says:

    I cannot wait to see the new baby pictures. Gods love and lots of happiness

  24. Hi Ginny,
    Where can we buy the yarn?

  25. Beautiful ~ off I go….

  26. Your yarns just get prettier and prettier!

  27. Ginny – may you have a safe and easy labor!

  28. Praying for a good labor and delivery for you and baby.

  29. Melissa N says:

    So much loveliness!!

  30. okay, that rainbow set has convinced me. *runs off to stalk shop* ๐Ÿ™‚

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