Start all the projects (and hopefully finish some soon)

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I worked on updating my Ravelry projects page this evening, adding all but one of my latest works in progress.  Casting on seems to be my favorite thing lately, and I have six projects on the needles, three of them started in the past week or two.  I couldn’t help but cast on for a new shawl after buying myself a few skeins of yarn for Mother’s Day, including one skein of Fibre Co. Meadow, in Bergamot.  (I also bought myself a yarn bowl from Stephinie, and pretended that it was a surprise from all my kids!  Between the yarn and the bowl, my gifts were so nice this year! Ha!)  There’s a new sock on the needles, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  And a pullover in some of my indigo dyed wool, the result of an urge I had to work through a set of raglan increases and divide for sleeves.  Either Beatrix or Silas will have a new sweater next winter.  I did finish one project, my wildflower socks!

Right now there are baby clothes in tubs and bags all over the floor of my bedroom, and I need a place to put them.  Today, I bought an old dresser from a friend who visits estate sales regularly, and we’ve started to clean and sand it.  Hopefully, I can get it painted tomorrow.  I’m starting to feel anxious to make all the final baby preparations.  I was kind of worried that the urge wasn’t going to kick in, but it has.  Meanwhile, Jonny is building a little home for the guinea keets.  It will serve as their brooder until they are ready to start roaming free, and eventually just be their nighttime nesting spot, if they choose to use one.  I am going to miss their sounds coming from their current spot in our kitchen.  The adults are loud and a little obnoxious, but the babies make such pleasant little peeping noises, different than chicks I think, quite soothing and nice.

I’ve been dyeing yarn, hoping for one last shop update before the baby is born.  There will be madder root gradient mini skeins, amongst other fun things!

p.s.  The beautiful embroidery was created by Olivia, and is the start of the collection of needlework that I would like to have hanging on the wall over my desk eventually.  I have four cross stitch projects in progress that I hope to add, but I can’t seem to make time to work on them.  Eventually it will happen.  Maybe.  In the meantime, I really love Olivia’s work!


  1. Danielle says:

    Hi Ginny,

    I was trying to get Olivia’s embroidery patterns…buy them, but I don’t know how to send a message to her. Is there an e-mail or some way to contact her?

    Thank you,


  2. Where did you go to purchase the flower embroidery projects?

  3. I love seeing all your works in progress!

  4. I bet the dresser will look beautiful when it is complete! I am the same way with projects. It is so fun to start a new project!

  5. Cassidy says:

    I can’t tell whether it is pregnancy or the occasional project ADD I get – but I have so many knitting projects going, I’m trying to hand hem a maternity dress since my sewing machine cord is MIA, and we currently have furniture EVERYWHERE except where it belongs because I needed the carpet gone before the baby gets here. I love those embroideries you bought!! So pretty! I’ll have to check out that shop for sure since apparently this pregnancy nesting means renovate all the things, haha!

  6. Ginny,

    Have you ever heard of chalk paint? I hadn’t until recently and I bought myself a can of it since we moved cross country and found lots of Craigslist furniture. I must have painted half our house will that stuff in the last month. Anyway, it makes furniture painting easy and there is no sanding or priming. Love it and thought I would mention it for you.

    After our cross country move with five and starting homeschooling again and trying to make our new house a home, I haven’t been doing much crafting. But I need to unpack my yarn and get busy making some sweaters for my girls for winter. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Such a beautiful life. It soothes me to look at your photos.

  8. Wow! I love your Mother’s Day yarn. Gorgeous colors! But oh my gosh, that blue sweater…. that blue is my all time favorite color.

    I also want to thank you for blogging about starting All the projects. Thinking about you will All the projects started and a baby on the way…. suddenly my life doesn’t seem so chaotic. Suddenly, my life feels like I’m on a sunny beach vacation. 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

  9. beautiful craft stitching Ginny! I hope the new hens do keep the ticks down, I’ve read that they are supposed to do that. What color are you painting the dresser? Looks lovely and perfect for baby stuff. take care!!

  10. much love to you! great that the ‘nesting’ has set in! hope the dresser is an easy paint job etc! looks nice! love your posts and pictures. God bless you and baby! and all the others! 🙂 … your yarn is always lovely and those two things from Olivia are just darling!

  11. I really need to get back to the knitting. I’ve been so slackerly lately!

  12. Anne Marie says:

    I love the picture of helping Dad with the big chunk of watermelon!

  13. Oh that madder root is lovely! Can’t wait to see what you paint the dresser with. I always love watching your furniture makeovers…… in other news my big hive swarmed while I was at work yesterday, my oldest texted me frantically…. I said just watch and see where they go. 50 feet in a tree!! Oh bees……… you just never know…..

  14. It seems I always have a burst of creativity at the end of my pregnancies! 😉

  15. I love that indigo dyed wool, what a beautiful colour! I’m in a furniture buying mood too. I have printed loads off the IKEA website so I can start measuring spaces. English houses have no built in cupboards which makes storage a constant struggle.

  16. Let the nesting begin!!! So much love coming your way, dear friend! I can’t wait to see what fruits your nesting brings. That is my favorite time of pregnancy <3

  17. i cant wait to see what you do with the dresser. i am also looking for something similar for when our new family member arrives in october. so, inspiration (i always find here) is going to help immensely. i wish i could embroider – i have tried, i can barely sew a button on for the boys school blazers. probably best i stick to knitting.
    waiting in much anticipation for your new arrival… love from africa xxx

  18. Ravenna says:

    I am in love with the daisy embroidery! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow, times flies, I can’t quite believe your new baby is almost here already
    How big Job will seem when she gets here!!

    Keeping you in my prayers for this special time

    Much Love from Maine xoxox

  20. Hannah Cousar says:

    I, too, also love the embroidery. I went to the site you linked to but couldn’t figure out how to find the pattern for the sweet simple embroidery pieces. Is there a way to purchase the pattern?

    • I don’t know if Olivia follows patterns, or if she draws them herself. You could send her a direct message on Instagram, and ask!

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