Fast and Furious

Late last week I made an afternoon run to the Amish feed store we visit, across the bridge and into beautiful southern Maryland.  I had Larkspur, Beatrix, Silas, and Job with me.  We had the back two seats out of the van, and my plan was to fill it with as much hay, straw, and feed as I could.  When I saw the sign that said, “guinea keets,” Larkspur assured me that Jonny wanted some.  So while it wasn’t part of our original plan, we came home with ten little guinea keets as well.  We’ve debated them for years.  Some of our friends have had good experiences, and some bad, so we’ve been hesitant.  Lately we have been discussing again trying them for tick control, just to see how it goes.  I think guineas are ugly birds, but the little keets are quite cute.  I hope they work out for us.

The following day, another packed to the brim, ended up including a hive swarming.  We knew that particular hive was planning to swarm, so we weren’t surprised, but laughed at their timing.  Nevermind how much we already had going on, swarms are always exciting.  Jonny and Gabe captured them successfully, and all was well.  Until today, when I was outside with the kids and heard the unmistakable sound of another swarm in progress.  I thought to myself, “I hear bees swarming,” and continued to do whatever it was I was doing, kind of spacily thinking to myself what a lovely sound all those airborne bees were making.  A few minutes later I snapped to, and thought, “Wait a minute…a hive is swarming!”  It turned out to be a sneaky one that we had not expected to swarm.  We watched to see where they would settle, and thankfully they landed somewhere easy to reach, and Jonny caught them too.  I guess we need to be on constant swarm patrol right now!

Our happiest event of the weekend was Beatrix’s First Holy Communion.  She had been counting down the days beforehand with great anticipation.  Really, we’ve been counting down for months.  This was such a big deal for her.  Her godmother, my friend Lori, met us before Mass to help with her hair and veil (I’m kind of hopeless at that sort of thing).  When Beatrix and I slid into the pew next to Jonny, he whispered referring to her appearance (poofy, beaded veil and dress, crown, satin gloves), “If there’s such a thing as the top, she’s definitely over the top.”  That’s our Bea in every way!  She shared her special day with several friends, also receiving their First Holy Communion at the same Mass.  She was nervous and excited, and all went perfectly.  The day was absolutely beautiful.  She’ll never forget it.

We have about five weeks till our new baby girl arrives.  Everything is moving so quickly that I know those weeks are going to fly by.  And I don’t think the reality of a new baby coming has sunk in yet!  Which must sound ridiculous, but the miracle of a new baby is always nearly impossible for me to wrap my mind around until I am holding him or her in my arms.  I think it’s time to start getting ready…  Spring, slow down!!!


  1. Congrats to Be a on her first communion. My 2nd daughter was the over-the-top one, although the baby may surpass even that. Haha. I’ve been reading your blog a while and this is my first comment but I love following your adventures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. congrats on Bea’s first holy communion! she looks so grown up and beautiful. Love the photos of the little boys, they seem to be growing fast as well.

  3. Congratulations to Beatrix! My younger daughter made her First Holy Communion on Saturday! She too was so excited and had been counting down the days. It was such a beautiful day and mass!

    Keeping bees is so fascinating to me – I’m so impressed that you can tell they are about to swarm! And to catch a swarm – amazing!!

    Hope these last few weeks of pregnancy go well and you are able to remain comfortable!

  4. Congratulations and many blessings to your daughter on her first Holy Communion!

  5. Beatrix looks so beautiful! My daughter also just had her first Holy Communion and it was so nice and special that some of her closest friends were with her. Silas and Job are getting so big! So much going on at your house, always sounds like fun.

  6. Congratulations to Bea. You look beautiful. <3

  7. Bea looks just lovely. Silas and Job look like a dangerous duo if I ever saw one!

  8. Cindy in NC says:

    Beatrix looks lovely. Congratulations to her on this very big step.

  9. Beatrix is beautiful. That can’t be the same kid who lived with marker on her face for years.

    Praying for you and yours.

  10. Ginny, you say that every year! 🙂 “Slow down, Spring!!”
    🙂 hahaha

    Yes, I think so, too.

  11. Ohh, you can just tell from the pictures how important that day was for Beatrix. I love how you captured her mixed excitement and anxiety. Very lovely :). I’m glad it was such a wonderful day!

    On a side note, I never really noticed before but I think Job looks so much like your husband in that picture of him and Silas! Awesome!

  12. I am so excited for you new arrival too Ginny. It’s nice to hear you are feeling better and taking care of yourself.
    Love the newest yarns coming out of your pots, they are beautiful!

  13. So glad your pain is better, Ginny, and congratualations to Bea! So much joy for your family this season, especially of course the new baby!

  14. anniekitching says:

    Calvin made his first Communion that weekend as well. I am not sure how they do it there – perhaps you witnessed it? I was so sad that I couldn’t be there. The irony! I was back here running a first Communion retreat.

  15. You guys are getting really good at catching swarms! Beatrix looked so beautiful, glad her special day went so well for her. Oh, and I’m curious how the guineas go for you guys because we’ve wondered about them too. (Or rather I have, not so much Jeff.) Can’t believe your baby girl will be here so soon, the time sure flies by.

  16. so glad both swarms were caught! I am going to light a candle for you now! 5 weeks! wow! Will be praying. much love!!! so happy for Beatrix, how perfectly wonderful!!!

  17. This is our first year having bees. We had a hive swarm a few weeks ago and it was an awesome experience.

  18. I am so glad Beatrix’s first communion went well and went how she’d hoped. What a blessing! I am praying that the next five weeks give you room for rest and preparation. I am with you on wanting spring to slow down a bit. I don’t want the summer heat yet. And as much as I wish I could get my hands down into the dirt and garden, we are getting ready to move in a couple weeks, and so the garden will probably be limited to a couple plants. I do think God heard my request though. The heat has disappeared, and a cool rain over the past couple days has been keeping spring weather around.

  19. Congratulations to Bea! What a beautiful gift! I’m so glad you’re pain is better this time. I’ve been thinking about you, too. So very soon she’ll be here!! The weeks seem to fly faster and faster these past years. Our baby will be ONE this weekend and I really don’t even understand how that makes sense.

    I’m amazed at the swarming and how you recognized it right away and took care of it. Unfortunately, neither of our two new hives made it through winter. We have no idea why, especially because this winter was so much milder than normal. I don’t think we did anything wrong but I feel awful that they both failed. The one we kind of expected because it just didn’t seem to be growing and healthy but the other one seemed great. It’s kind of a bummer and now we have two empty hives sitting in our yard that I’m not sure what to do with!

  20. We celebrated a First Communion this Sunday here too! Many blessings to Bea!

    Glad to hear your pain is ‘better’. Prayers for the last stretch of pregnancy.

  21. Congratulations to Bea! You looked so beautiful for your first holy communion! Best wishes for peace and comfort as these five weeks come and go Ginny!

  22. Barbara says:

    Bea is so beautiful. I am so happy that she was exciting and the mass was so meaningful for her. I hope your new critters work out for you! You have not mentioned how the pain is lately…but please know you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Barbara, I’m doing really, really well pain-wise. I’ve mostly learned what I can and can’t do, and so far these final weeks are going so much better than they did when I was pregnant with Job. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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