Spring Things

Small Things-1829 Sometimes lately I feel strangely frozen, all the while there is so much moving, growing, and happening all around me.  I guess it’s just my state of mind, as I carefully measure my every sloooowing move, while the world continues to spin as fast as ever.  I started seeing a new chiropractor, and she is helping me!  She has me doing lots of stretching, which reinforces what my body was already telling me.  I stretch my body, while taking note of what a mental stretch this time is for me as well.  Because, spring!  There is so much to do right now!  And while I could very well mean that in an urgent sort of way, I’m talking more about all the things I want to do, but don’t necessarily need to do.  The things I have to step back from because I’m just not able to do so much as I wait for my June baby.

Beatrix will receive her First Holy Communion next month, and she chose her dress last week on what felt like one of the most special nights ever.  A friend of mine makes FHC dresses from thrifted wedding dresses, and they are really beautiful.  Beatrix wants a fancy, poofy dress with plenty of beadwork, and that is what she will have!  She’s extremely excited, and so am I.  Her joy is completely contagious.

Larkspur has her first flute recital in less than two weeks and she is NOT excited.  She’s only been playing for a few months and she’s awfully nervous.  I think it will be a great experience for her though, a good growing and stretching experience.  It still makes me happy to watch her play my old flute.

We are taking lots of short goat walks, and anxiously watching Agnes and Greta for signs of impending birth.  Greta looks pregnant,  Agnes doesn’t.  But from what I understand, with first time goat mamas sometimes they don’t look pregnant till the last minute.  We’ll know soon enough.  Based on our calculations, babies (baby?) could come anytime after the 18th or so of this month.  Our other baby, Ivanhoe, is growing up.  He makes us all so happy, everyone’s darling.  We think he’s the cutest goat that ever walked the earth.  But the best is how he and Robin have become such perfect companions for each other.

In other spring baby news, our broody hen hatched three eggs over the weekend, so we have three sweet fluffy yellow chicks now!  I hope that all goes well with them.  Mother hen is a good mama.  There is something so endearing about her clucking to her chicks, fluffing her feathers, and gathering them all in.  All mamas have that instinct…we cluck at or chicks and then spread our wings so that our little (and big!) ones have a safe place to run to.  So much work there is in being a mama.  Good, good work.

p.s.  That rainbow sock!  I’ll pull together details for my Yarn Along this week, in case you are wanting to knit little rainbow socks too.


  1. Busy, little home!!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. You sure don’t sound like you’ve slowed down in your post! lol
    What a great idea to make communion dresses from wedding dresses! Wedding dresses seldom (now days?) get more than the one use and it certainly will make the young lady special.
    Take some slow breaths, you deserve them!

  3. I cannot believe she is making her First holy communion!!! Gah, I’m getting old. It seems like yesterday you were weaning her (and that took quite some time). Glad you are having progress with therapy!

  4. I love all these bright photos. Your little girl is so sweet in that beautiful dress. God bless you all! Liuba x

  5. That dress is amazing…and no wonder, to read that its made so thoughtfully and with so much story built into it. What a special business your friend has.

    I love love love that you have a goat named Ivanhoe. How perfect.

  6. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says:

    Its nearly two o’clock in the morning (Tuesday the 12th) and I just finished reading your wonderful, soothing Monday blog posting. Life does spring eternal doesn’t it? A really nice way to wind-down before heading off to bed. I’m sure life is whirling around you as you stand in the eye of the storm watching and taking it all in. Glad to hear that you have found relief with the chiropractor. I am in awe of your sock; that yarn just glows like Christmas lights!

  7. Beatrix you are so incredibly adorable. I hope you have a wonderful communion. My daughter has her first Holy Communion on April 24th and she is very excited about it as well.

  8. Cindy in NC says:

    Though it was a few (ahem!) decades ago, I still remember the thrill of coming home from school one day and finding my FHC dress (which I still have) laid out on my bed. I can tell from the photo that Beatrix has that same special feeling. Both she and the dress are beautiful. My Newborns in Need group recently received a couple of wedding dresses which some members are turning into burial wraps, but this is a much happier repurposing of a wedding dress.

  9. Wow. That’s a lot going on.

    If Larkspur wants some advice from someone that had major stage fright at her age: fake it till you make it. In other words, if she screws up, no one is going to notice so just. keep. going. The five seconds where she loses her place in the music will feel like an eternity to her but it will literally be five seconds and all will be well.

    I’d say that she should picture everyone in their underwear but that doesn’t really work.

  10. A beautiful dress on a beautiful girl. Good luck Larkspur on your recital.
    Marion and Family

  11. I’m soaking in all that beautiful Virginia springtime in your pictures. I so miss that! I feel like I can practically smell the sunshine in your pictures. Thank you!

  12. One should never have “favourites” of course, but Ivanhoe really IS the cutest goat to ever walk the earth!

  13. Beatrix looks beautiful and excited. So lovely! I have a question….I was trying to find your post recently about Larkspur’s FHC, but I can’t find it. My younger daughter is making her FHC as well next month. I remembered loving the flower headpiece you had made for Larkspur and wanted to see a picture again. Could you share that link? Also, was there anything particular you told the florist? Thanks so much!!

  14. I like all your animals, but Ivanhoe is my favourite!!

  15. Thank you for sharing your life . I enjoy reading your stories of different happening’s of what is going on with you and your family. It is nice to see the picture’s of the chicken’s and the goat’s.

  16. Hope your baby girl vibe spreads to all your animal offspring 🙂

    I have my own Wedding dress stashed away, but with three boys none of them will wear it.

    I love the idea of making it into a FHC dress. That would be a wonderful idea for reusing it

  17. I don’t know which goat the back and white one is but I LOVE that one. So adorable!
    Everyone gets nervous before recitals. Everyone. It’s a Thing. The nice thing about recitals is that usually it’s just friends and family and they’re there to be supportive, and not throw tomatoes. 🙂
    I adore Lark’s First Communion dress. That second picture of her is precious!

  18. Jillian J says:

    There seems to be such a peace lately to your posts. I think it is beautiful.
    I am glad you are seeing a chiropractor, I hear it is great for pregnancy and beyond!

    And Bea, she cannot be old enough for this!

  19. I’m so glad the chiropractor is helpful, Ginny!
    Aw, Beatrix looks so pretty! What a cool idea, making thrifted wedding dresses into FHC dresses!
    The flute is a beautiful instrument. Yay for Larkspur!
    Goats are very peppy and cute and I bet the chicks are a true joy every day!
    Take care. God be with you, good girl.

  20. so beautiful! so much life! and how special about the first communion and the dress! joy is contagious! have a blessed beautiful day today!

  21. Ginny, so many good things happening! I’m glad you’ve found a good chiropractor, that helped Jeff a lot when he was struggling with such bad sciatic pain. Then he found some stretches and exercises and that helped a lot too. I’m also glad Beatrix got a dress just like she wanted- her smile is so sweet! And three chicks hatching out? That must be so fun to see! Love to you all over there.

  22. Oh Ginny, What a lovely way to start my week by reading your sweet and gentle words! I love your blog! So glad you are getting healing help from your new chiropractor. Beatrix looks so beautiful and grown up in her Communion dress. What a lovely way to repurpose wedding dresses–as the Mom of six, let me tell you–you’ll blink and it will be time for the real wedding dress on your gorgeous girl! Looking forward it seems like time can move so slowly, looking back it just zipped by!! Enjoy your Spring days. Sending hugs to you and yours!! Renee

  23. Gwendolyn says:

    I love your garden area. It looks like something out of an historical house garden. The pictures of the kids are just precious. My granddaughter that lives with us turns 5 on the 19th and we had an early party for her. She’s such a little mother to her 3 year old brother, so I bought her one of those interactive baby dolls and some preemie clothes, socks and hats from Walmart to outfit it. I’m hoping the love of taking care of a baby will spread around and the kids will think of others more instead of their selves. Also ordered 16 pullets to arrive around the end of the month. My husband was all excited for the kids to experience taking care of chickens. So we’ll be cleaning out the hen house to prepare for their arrival. Our bottle fed calf, Fernando, is doing well. Hoping to put him in with the other cows/calves when he’s a month old. Love your socks!

  24. all of the growing and moving and speeding along for you is on the inside. so important, and hard to remember as the outside can feel like walking through sand, those last couple months of pregnancy. perhaps it’s a chance to be like the eye of the storm rather than caught up in it yourself. there certainly is a lot of new life in your pictures. beatrix looks lovely. what a special day.

    p.s. my shift key is still broken. please insert exclamation points where you see fit. – smiley face-

  25. Beautiful pictures, I love seeing all the green! Our snow just melted; everything is still gray and brown here. So glad the chiropractor is helping!

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