Larkspur began flute lessons in December, using my childhood flute.  Friday night was her first recital.  Being shy, and being so new to playing the flute, she was not excited about playing in front of an audience.  Our plan was for just the two of us to attend her recital.  It could be a special night for us, a little date.  Jonny needed to be home to put younger children to bed, and Larkspur was afraid of her older brothers teasing her.

Friday afternoon, Larkspur made a last minute change of plans, inviting one of her friends to join us for the evening.  Dominique helped Lark get ready, painting her nails to match her dress for the evening, and then acting as her adoring audience as she played through her piece a few last times.

I had to park several blocks away from the recital location, and as I am slooooow, watched from behind as Lark and Domi held hands and giggled their way down the street and into the church.  I thought to myself, that this was so much better than Lark and me going it alone, both of us nervous as can be.  We followed the sound of the flutes as we searched inside for the room where everyone was warming up.  When we found the room, full of older children that were mostly strangers to us, I think both Larkspur and I felt a little lost, not knowing quite what to do.  A friend’s older daughter saw us and immediately walked over, took Lark under her wing, and told me she would take care of her.  (I will love that sweet girl forever.) Domi and I headed back to the sanctuary to find seats.  We had been waiting for a few minutes when Domi told me she would be right back.  I assumed she was going to the restroom.  Several minutes later she came back, telling me that Larkspur had forgotten her glasses.  So she hadn’t gone to the restroom, but had gone to check on her friend one last time.

Larkspur, being the youngest and newest student, was the first to play.  She played Twinkle the best she ever has, and I had a hard time not crying, seeing her standing up there so brave, knowing how nervous she was.  Afterwards I took the girls to our favorite milkshake spot.  Dominique was the ultimate encourager, telling Larkspur over and over again how she had done such an amazing job.  They laughed and acted silly and had a great time.  I thought of the change that is taking place, as Larkspur moves towards a time in her life when friends begin to play such an important role.  I’m so thankful for the relationships she has, for the sweet friends in her life.

I think there’s a gift in the fact that these little girls have watched their mamas grieve the loss of friends.  I believe that it has helped them have a deeper understanding of  the precious gift of friendship, even if they don’t realize it yet.  And I know that Larkspur truly felt it this weekend.  She will always remember her first recital, more for the friendship in that night than in the performance itself.  Good friends have a profound impact on our lives, one not quickly forgotten.




  1. Jessi Roullier says:

    Such a gorgeous post. Being a 9 or 10 year old girl is a beautiful, sweet, vulnerable and exciting time. This post brought lump to my throat. My girl just turned 9 and I can see things blossoming for her as she grows and changes. God bless our girls.

  2. JUDY FOREMAN says:

    PLEASE update on Andrea/Sharla

  3. JUDY FOREMAN says:

    I’m very touched by your writing, and extremely proud of Lark. She remains so beautiful..I can see her playing the HARP.

  4. she looks more and more grown up and somewhat like you 🙂 I love that you two are the worriers and yet can calm each other down. She is beautiful !!

  5. What a beautiful story! Larkspur is so lucky to have such a good friend- it is one of the most important things in life, I guess. She looks so lovely and ladylike in her blue dress.

  6. Congratulations Larkspur on your flute recital!! Being first is tough duty, but allows you to enjoy the rest of the program. My 13 year old daughter play the piano and sings and I always have tears in my eyes because I know the courage it takes for that shy little girl to share her talents in front of people. Thanks for the upcoming yarn shop update. I love your yarn.

  7. anniekitching says:

    How lovely.

  8. This post just warmed my heart Ginny. How sweet her friend was to be helping her prepare for the recital and checking on her, and bringing her glasses. All those little things that make you feel loved (and less nervous.) Your words are a good reminder of the importance of friendship.

  9. A beautiful post and I’m so pleased to read your proud moments and the pictures are delicate and wonderful 🙂 jenny xx

  10. lovely. in a world where the societal hurdle of “mean girls” practically expected, this is a beautiful testimony to female friendship. larkspur looks quite grown up and so confident, even if she was nervous. good work mama!

  11. What an absolutely lovely friend 🙂 Larkspur’s lucky! I’m very happy her recital went so well. Thanks for this post, Ginny.
    Thinking of you as you think of Sarah. Much love.

  12. How precious to see photos of Lark and her friend in the same spot as your photo of your precious friends. What a gift friendship is.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Hooray for Larkspur on her first recital! Congratulations! What a blessing it is to have a friend to share it with!

  14. How nice, and meaningful, and how important that you are able to recognize its importance.

  15. I’m crying. This post hits close to home. I remember the death of your sweet friend, Sarah, and have found myself praying for her intercession this last week, as I watch my good friend decline in the icu with pneumonia. She was 34 weeks pregnant. The baby was born Saturday by c section and seems okay. They hoped it would help her. It helped slightly, but not dramatically. She is a wife, mama to 5, friend to many, cantor, funny, sweet, and beautiful. Please pray! Implore Sarah to pray! Their situations are similar. We’ve also found Bl. Stanislaws popcyzski as intercession, as his 2 miracles are so similar. We are desperate for prayers for Andrea!

    • I’m so sorry! I will pray for Andrea, her new baby and their entire family! 💜

    • Sharla, I am praying for Andrea, and I am asking Sarah’s intercession for her too! Thank you for sharing with us, and please keep me posted.

    • Sorry to post something so heavy in the combox. Feeling desperate. Her right lung collapsed this morning, which I guess is not uncommon for people on a ventilator. Her vital signs actually improved throughout the day though, so that’s some good news! Keep the prayers coming!

  16. Beautifully said. I am tickled to see her playing the flute. I play the flute once a week in a large community concert band and it means the world to me to have the gift of music in my life. It is something I can do forever. I hope she sticks with it and enjoys it as much as I do. And yes…nothing better than a good friend by your side. I loved this post so much!!!

  17. So beautifully expressed in words and photos. She is growing up so fast. What a precious things those friends & memories are. Hers and yours.

  18. You’re right, Ginny, friendship is one of the best things in the world. Larkspur is very pretty (her smile is yours !) and that little blue dress is so chic.

  19. Oh Ginny! How precious! She is growing up so beautifully! What a little lady! My daughter just got her driver’s license today! Such a precious milestone in their lives! Now I have butterflies! 🙂

  20. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful night for you both! And what wonderful friends you both have!

  21. that’s really beautiful, as are the pictures. Yes, friendships are so dear and important; so easy to forget sometimes, in the midst of busy. how lovely about both the friend’s daughter helping and Lakespur’s friend with her. How lovely, including the after milkshakes!

  22. I often forget, as I am so very solitary and self reliant – more out of necessity than choice – that the greatest blessings come with good friends; they’re family that you choose, aren’t they? And whilst some things would be quicker and more expedient alone they are so much sweeter with company. Congratulations on your first recital! So very brave.

  23. Ginny, this post is such a beautiful way to remind oneself why friendships are so important. Thank you!

  24. Melissa N says:

    So sweet! Isn’t it great when things work out better than our own plans? What a special memory this will be.

  25. This is so heartwarming and precious! And those two girls helping Larkspur the way they did, what a treasure! All we ever read about nowadays is how awful teenagers and kids are to each other. You all are so very blessed.

  26. Ok, this made me cry. Beautful Ginny.

  27. My mama heart swelled with joy as I read your words Ginny! Everyone needs that one special friend and I’m so happy your Larkspur has her’s. It sounds like it was a wonderful night for all three of you 🙂

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