April Shop Update!

G. Sheller Shop-3408

I have a shop update ready for tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27th at 12 p.m. EST!  I had lots of fun getting ready for this one, and I think it’s a good one!  There is a bit more yarn than the last update, including a few sets of pastel rainbow mini skeins, all naturally dyed.  They have a generous 522 yards of fingering weight yarn, so I think there is lots you could do with them!  There won’t be as many stitch markers sets, but I did make about a dozen sets.  And while they aren’t pictured here, Jonny promises he is going to have some shawl pins ready.  He says he would have been finished yesterday so I could get a photo for this post if I hadn’t made him stop and help plant the potatoes. 🙂  As always, thanks so much for your support!


  1. Gris fleur says:

    Did you do the shop update or everything is already gone ?

  2. Seriously beautiful!-Julie

  3. Oh Ginny! Another lovely update! The bird stitch markers are so pretty. I my stitch markers I previously purchased from you all the time. They are my favorite.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the top yarn and the 4 skeins of pale pink. What weight are they? That would be perfect for a coming home outfit for my newest baby.

  5. it must be hard to part with such beautiful yarn. i would be too tempted to keep it for myself. i made a little shirt with your first batch of the aran pokeberry for my then newborn. it was such a lovely shade of coral.

  6. Gorgeous! Love every single skein…

  7. Your yarn is so beautiful. I am woefully still struggling to find the time and the technique. Does your yarn mat ever so slightly after you dye it so that you have to reskein it? That happens to me and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or it just happens.
    Good luck tomorrow.

    • I use pretty low temperatures, and I am careful not to agitate my yarn during the dyeing process. Some yarns are definitely more delicate than others, and I am super careful with those! But I still reskein because it just makes the skeins look nicer, and that way I know for sure I am not sending out tangled skeins!

      • Thanks, Ginny. When I try it next I will keep my temperatures even lower and see how that goes. I actually have to knit something with the yarn I have. I want to do a sort of Faire Isle hat. If I ever get it done I will send you a photo.
        FYI…my goat is 18 years old now, I believe. I didn’t know they would live so long! And my remaining chicken is 7 or 8 and still laying. Amazing. They keep each other company. they are a motley crew, to be sure.
        Take care, and thanks again for responding.

  8. Hi Ginny, do you ship to Europe?

  9. super excited and can’t wait….. colors look fantastic….. all nice and springy…..

  10. So gorgeous! Can’t wait! Hopefully I can sneak online in time! I’ll be out to lunch with my mother-in-law, for whom I hope to nab a shawl pin. 😉

  11. Beth J. Beal says:

    I love the skeins at the top! Can you tell me what you died them with? The color is very vibrant and the yarn has a great sheen.

    • Yes! I love those too! They were dyed with the last of my frozen pokeberries followed by madder root. The yarn is 50% silk, and that gives it that sheen!

      • Beth J. Beal says:

        That is wonderful! I have a huge bag of Pokeberry fruit in the the freezer that I have been saving now all I need is the madder root. Or, I could just buy one of these skeins but I never seem to make it to your shop in time! You have a very dedicated group of followers. 😉

  12. Darlene P. says:

    So, so very beautiful!

  13. looks lovely!

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