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Spring Distractions

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We’ve reached that time of year when I notice that most everyone is behind in math, but the weather is so nice and there is so much to do outdoors that I’m afraid cracking down in the math department isn’t going to happen.  Everyone is caught up in their own projects, and it’s hard to interrupt.  Larkspur is very busy in her garden and I need to get focused on mine.  I have to beg labor from all the boys, and that makes it a little tricky, but preparing soil for planting isn’t among my current abilities.  I wish at least one of them shared my love for growing things so I wouldn’t have to beg, barter, and bargain.  I have a little box of dye plants just waiting to go in the ground, and I’m very excited about transitioning into growing more dye plants.  Jonny started working to get a few beds ready for me this evening, so tomorrow hopefully I can do some planting.

I’ve been working hard to distract Silas from a little winter addiction I enabled, and he fell into:  watching children’s shows on the computer (we’ve never owned a t.v.)  It is so easy to fall into the habit of saying “Yes” to “watching a movie” far too often when you’re tired, it’s cold outside, and the one asking to watch is incredibly persistent.  Sometimes a mom’s got to do what she’s got to do, and allowing a little video watching is a sanity saver.  But some kids can’t seem to watch in moderation, and they essentially become little t.v. addicts and it’s all they want to do.  When Silas asked for a movie recently and I told him, “No, you’re about to go fishing with Daddy,”  and he replied that he’d rather watch a movie, I knew he had a problem.  I discovered a long time ago that quitting cold turkey results in a long, whiny week, but eventually a much happier child, one able to occupy himself without constant movie begging.  Right now I’m reading tons of pictures books, supplying plenty of paper and art supplies, encouraging the building of block houses and train tracks, pulling out the play dough, and of course now that the weather is warm, saying, “It’s a beautiful day.  Go outside and play.”  Together, I think we can beat this.  If we’re lucky, Silas might not even need a twelve step program.

My newest distraction is sock knitting.  I’ve only knit one pair of adult sized socks, and they didn’t excite me enough to encourage the knitting of any others right away.  Maybe the timing wasn’t right.  I have knit lots of baby socks, but those are pretty quick, not to mention super cute.  I blame my new near obsession on Instagram.  There’s a lot of sock knitting going on there.  For some reason the cute little project keepers that people post their socks in progress stored in started to really appeal to me.  So I ordered a few.  (Red foxes here, feathers and blue with gray foxes here).  I also bought a new set of double points.  And while I have plenty of sock yarn, I did buy one more skein, inspired by this photo.  Now I’m knitting socks, and planning for more socks, while my little girls ask when I’m going to finish the baby projects I have going.  Soon, I tell them.  Soon.  But right now, I’m knitting socks!

p.s.  The cake picture:  they made it together–triple layer butter/vanilla cake–gluten free-with caramel frosting.  It was huge and they ran out of frosting, but it was really good and they were proud of it.  However, this pregnant lady is begging, “No more desserts!”  I’ve got to get these kids interested in making dinner!