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The shop update is scheduled for today, Friday, March 11, at 7 p.m. EST.  I am switching things up a bit with the evening update, hoping to give some of you who can’t get to the shop in the morning a better chance at snagging yarn.  I am always shocked that it all sells so quickly.  That makes me a mixtures of happy, grateful, and sad for those who haven’t been able to buy any yet, and want to.

There will be a good bit of my single ply dk weight yarn listed in the shop update, in quite a few different (naturally dyed) colors.  That’s because I designed a hat pattern using that yarn base a couple of months ago.  I meant to have it ready much sooner, but things didn’t work out that way.  Part of the reason that it took so long is that after knitting my first sample, and giving it to Larkspur, she lost it before I could take measurements and really study it (Crazy, two minutes after typing this sentence, it was found in the trunk of the car.  Hooray!)  Next I knit one for myself, which thankfully I still have, and then I knit one for Beatrix in that precious prickly pear yarn.  She got it mixed in with her laundry and it was felted within days of being finished.  “Don’t be sad, Mommy!  See, I can still wear it!” (See photo below.) Definitely sad.  Anyway, Seth noted that the texture of the hat reminded him of hackberry bark, so I named the hat…Hackberry!  I really like this pattern and have worn the hat a ton.  I am hoping that I won’t be the only one to feel that way.  Jonny took some photos of me wearing mine a couple days ago for the pattern page, and when I sent it over to my friend Lori for her approval, she commented that I looked, “Serious and dignified.”  I am neither, but I guess when modeling a hat, it’s good to look that way?  Anyway, right now, and until the end of March, Hackberry will be a free download on Ravelry.  But be warned, it hasn’t been test knit!  You guys are my test knitters!  I just couldn’t get my act together and figured just putting it out there at no charge for awhile might be the best thing.

Also in this shop update are lots of sets of stitch markers!  Several of you mentioned Celtic crosses, so I made some sets featuring those.  St. Lucy, Our Lady of Fatima, and several others are available this month as well.  I LOVE making these stitch markers.  I have no idea why really, but it’s deeply satisfying.

And finally, for years Jonny has been making little bird shawl pins and talking about selling them.  (You can see one he made for Larkspur at the end of this post.)  I think he will have a few that he made from cherry wood ready for tomorrow’s shop update.  Now he can feel all nervous with me when the update goes live. 🙂

As always, thank you all for your support!!!

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  1. Why can’t I download Hackberry hat pattern for free until March 31, 2017 which is today?

    Thank you,

  2. I really like your style! This hat is a very good example – just the right amount of romantic playfulness and innocent simplicity. Thank you so much for offering the pattern for free!

    *Sigh* – the yarn and shawl pins are just lovely, such a shame I missed the shop update! Well, better luck next time…

  3. All your yarns are so lovely. The gentle colours! The shawl pins will sell out I’m sure. Just gorgeous

  4. LOvely looking blog- I love your Cross stitch markers and bird hair holders. I’ll remember them and pinned your site to remind me.

  5. You look like a model in that picture– Johnny must be proud of his picture taking abilities too!

  6. The photo of you is stunningly beautiful! You are definitely glowing. So very pretty.

  7. The shawl pins are beautiful!!! I’ve been lucky to snag some yarn the last couple updates, but I missed this one. I do hope he makes more!

  8. Oh, how sad; I missed it! I calcutlated the hour here in Switzerland when your shop would open and saw it would be 1 a.m here… But shortly after midnight I fell alseep … 😉 Thinking there would surely be some of your pretty things left in the early moring (at our time here in Switzerland I mean)- silly me! Your shop must be emptied only a few hours (minutes?) after opening! Amazing!
    So I’ll stay tuned- for the next time 😉
    There will surely be some of those stitchmarkers and a single little skein for a little hat from your pattern for me some day…
    Warmly; Bora from Switzerland

  9. Kathleen L. says:

    Thank you so much for the yarn and lovelies sale!

  10. What a lovely blog. I happened upon it via someone else’s blog, which linked to the Wednesday book & project KAL. I also happened to see your hat pattern on Ravelry. Well done! I will look forward to stopping in again.

  11. Your yarn is gorgeous…makes me wish I knit. And absolutely love the shawl pins- simple but stunning. I wish I knit because I live your stitch markers too!! Hmm perhaps learning to knit needs to be in my future…

  12. Your posts have had me wanting to learn how to knit for quite some time now… But those stitch markers! I logged into your shop just now and all that was left was one set of stitch markers. Even though I have no idea how to use them I was SO tempted to buy! I definitely need to learn before the year is over. Please keep making them! 🙂

  13. Pamela R says:

    I missed the little bird shawl pins. 🙁 Oh well, the stitch markers that I bought last time around are WONDERFUL! Thanks so much. I’ll keep watching for more updates. Thanks!

  14. Such a lovely shop Ginny. Can you ask Johnny to make more shawl pins please? : ) I missed out and I’m sure lots of others did too. No pressure xxx Katie

  15. Stephanie says:

    Wow! Just barely got some stitch markers just now – I’m so happy! I totally forgot that 7pm meant EST…I’m on the west coast where that would mean 4pm. Yikes – but it worked out o.k. Hope to get the Celtic cross set next time….thanks for such beautiful stitch markers! And the lovely free hat pattern!

  16. That photo of you is gorgeous. And your yarns, markers and shawl pins are works of art!

  17. Lynn Reed says:

    yay!! I remebered and got some stich markers! loved all your yarn, just not in the budget right now.
    Thanks so much!!!

  18. Gorgeous photo of you, Ginny!

    I am so happy that I was able to jump online when you updated your shop. I’ve always wanted a shawl pin and now I will have one!

  19. This may sound dumb, but if I could have any other life, I would love to do what you do! Dyeing yarn, knitting, I love it! (and yes, I realize there are hard things too, this post just makes me wishful!)

  20. You look wonderful! And the pins are very nice. Good job!

    Regards from Austria

  21. Emily T. says:

    Oh I can’t wait. I have a drop-off at 7pm, so I hope I can get home before your shop is sold out!

  22. good luck with your sale Ginny!!!

  23. Loving everything on this page – and laughing at the felted hat. We’ve lost several that way too!

  24. Most adorable! Everything! And everyone. You just look like one of those beautiful women in ancient artwork….

  25. mary louise says:

    jonny’s .pins are awesome! and it looks like you got a haircut, tres chic

  26. jennifer bauman says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I love lost hat, felted hat story. Such is life. The picture of you wearing it is stunning. I’ll look forward to the shop update

  27. The colors in your yarns make my heart happy!

  28. Thank you for the hat pattern. I would love to buy your stitch markers and your green yarn is so beautiful. Going to a fish fry and stations tonight. I’ll get back just after 7. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Either way I’ll keep trying. God bless you and yours.

  29. Oh I love the shawl pin. It is so very pretty!

  30. Jillian J says:

    Love the pins, love the crosses, love the hat!

    Hopefully I can snag some this evening!

  31. Thank you for the pattern! I’m looking forward to making it!

  32. Everything is beautiful as always. Tell Jonny he is going to be very busy making those pins, they are a winner and I hope I can purchase 1 or 2…or 3… of them along the way.

  33. I LOVE the shawl pin! I might just have to log in from my seat at the ballet and swipe one. 😉

  34. Thanks for the hat! I love the shawl pin. I make stitch markers too and they are fun and peaceful to put together.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous hat pattern. Oh my goodness!!! Those bird shawl pins… Jonny!!! They are like perfect little Robins. I really hope I can buy one. You are looking great and please tell Lark she looks lovely in the Ravelry hat pictures

  36. Gwendolyn says:

    Ginny, thanks for the hat pattern. Love all your new things you are offering. Not sure I’ll be home in time to log on and get something, but I’ll try. I love Jonny’s bird shawl pins. You are looking beautiful as usual. How do you do that with such a house full of children?

  37. well done as usual! Johnny’s work is lovely! Pretty hat pattern! So funny about the felted one. That’s how it goes. You are making beautiful things. 🙂

  38. The yarn is beautiful. I plan to continue on my dyeing also. Are you using powdered dyes?
    I’d love to hear.

    • With the exception of powdered natural indigo, I haven’t used any powdered dyes. I think using whole plant parts is more fun!

      • I agree but and thinking I have to wait a few months until the plants are back. I have a few powdered natural dyes I want to try. I wish we could do it together. It would be fun. Any way, good luck with it. I bought some yarn at NY Sheep and Wool Festival last October from this man in Maine. Good luck with your sales!

  39. Oh and I meant to add that if the hat has felted enough to cut, you could make little baby shoes for the new arrival!

  40. The yarn, as always, is beautiful. I love the blue! And that shawl pin is so lovely. You could have a cottage industry (do you have that expression in the US?) going soon. One day I will be lucky enough to co-ordinate a yarn shop update with a visit to the US and be able to buy. I’m sure this lot will be snapped up real quick

  41. Thanks Ginny for accomodating us West coasters! I’ll be at the ready for 4pm our time. Everything looks beautiful!
    xo Jules

  42. Ginny. You’re looking younger in every photo! I’m serious. For real.

    And I can’t get over how gorgeous your yarn is – just love it!

  43. I thought of you yesterday Ginnie. We are in Oaxaca, Mexico and visited in the mountains with a Zapotek family that makes amazing carpets. They have sheep and dye their own wool using all natural plants etc. She showed us the indigo process and we were amazed that it comes out yellow but as the wool hangs, it turns green then blue. Science magic:) That and the red ones made with little bugs off the cactus. Lovely day of learning.

  44. Gorgeous – love the Celtic crosses and the green tonal yarn. Thanks so much for the beautiful hat pattern, also!

  45. so beautiful……….!!!!!

  46. Oh, I hope I remember this tomorrow evening! I do love those stitch markers!

  47. That Shawl pin😍 And you look beautiful!

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