For her tenth

Tenth birthdays are a big deal: two hands, two digits.  I really wanted Larkspur to feel like the day was special.  We planned a party with friends, actually her first.  And then of course we had a plumbing disaster the day before, I can’t quite kick this sinus thing, and I’m just plain tired.  Kids don’t really understand those things though, and it was important to me that Larkspur know that she was worth the effort.  I was a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but Jonny and the older boys worked hard to get the house put back together and cleaned up.  The day of the party I was way behind and running on very little sleep.  Thankfully, I had friends that jumped in to help chop fruit and frost cupcakes and manage the small crowd that gathered in our kitchen.  Larkspur had a wonderful time, and I do think she felt special.  She told me later that it was her best birthday ever.  That was what I wanted for her, and I’m so grateful to the friends who helped make it happen.

As her guests prepared to leave I buttoned little Bestie bracelets on their wrists, the party favors that Larkspur had requested that I make.  Over the week leading up to her birthday, I spent a little time each evening knitting them, and I’m glad that I did.  She was proud of those little bracelets.  I think she’ll remember them.

Thanks to your help with suggestions of where to buy overalls, I did find them.  Funny, most years she receives a birthday dress, but this year she wanted birthday overalls.  She also received a knitting basket like mine (only smaller), seeds for her garden, and a beautiful St. Kateri figure that I custom ordered from Sue Dow.  She loved it all.  Her friends all gave her really thoughtful gifts as well. Lark’s friend Josie made her a feather pen, walnut ink, and a stack of homemade paper and that gift inspired a flurry of paper making at our house.  I wasn’t involved at all, so I don’t even know how they knew how to do it.  Seth helped, so maybe he looked up directions, or maybe Josie told Lark how she had made the paper.  Even Silas and Job participated in what was a messy, but very fun project.

It has been a happy few days around here.  And now that Larkspur has all her seeds for this year, I guess it’s time to get outside and start getting the garden ready.  That is a very happy thought.  Lark will be growing vegetables, and I am planning to focus more on dye plants this year.  Speaking of dyeing, I am planning a shop update for the end of the week.  Honestly, I am not sure which day I’ll get it up, either Thursday or Friday (edited: It might be Monday) and probably in the evening rather than the morning.  I will put a blog post up here with details in advance, so you’ll have at least a few hours notice.  As always, thank you for encouraging me to continue with this endeavor!


  1. I remember turning 10 or 11 and ONLY wanting overalls for my birthday. A well meaning friend of my mother’s bought a pair, wrapped them up and gave them to me on my special day. They were yellow. Bright yellow. I was devastated. I can only hope that I was kind and gracious in return (I’d like to think I was) to the lady who meant well. I learned to ask specifically for what I wanted after that. 🙂

  2. Oh, happiest of birthdays, lovely young lady. You grow in grace and beauty every year. (Sorry I’m late in wishing this Ginny — I am so behind in all!) Xoxo

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Larkspur!

    Love, love the photo of Bea admiring her big sister. Sweet

  4. Watching your Easy shop diligently. Really want to buy some of the pink madder yarn. So pretty.

  5. Kathleen L. says:

    Happy Birthday, Larkspur! Such a special day to remember!
    Garden time…yeah “Spring”!!!
    What kind of plants will you be planting for dying yarn?

  6. Just adore the picture of Beatrix adoring Larkspur, you’re doing it right, Ginny! HB Larkspur!

  7. A lovely post. I hope that you are feeling a lot better now.

  8. Happy Birthday to Larkspur! All the pink and green makes me think of my beloved alma mater Sweet Briar College. They’ve been educating strong, smart, spirited girls like Larkspur for over a hundred years. I’m not sure where you are in Virginia, but you should visit their campus if you’re ever over that way. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  9. She looks so much like you in the last picture:) My 5th (youngest and only girl) turned 10 in December and the 4th turned 13 so I was thoroughly depressed to have another teen and a double digit “tween.” My babies are too big:)

    I don’t see them using the blender for paper but I lost two over the years when my kids made pulp. It can really kill blenders so fyi.

  10. I am so glad for such a nice birthday for her! what a blessing! Will light a candle for you. It’s hard being so tired. God bless and uphold you!

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday to Larkspur! It looks
    and sounds like so much fun! I just love the overalls and what
    a sweet knitting basket and seeds…Wow!.. already for Spring!
    All she needs now is a big straw hat!
    ….it is so wonderful when friends step in to make life a bit
    easier……blessings to you Ginny!

  12. anniekitching says:

    What an absolutely lovely event! It was heart-warming reading about it. Also, so nice to see a little girl’s party that isn’t all about pink and purple plastic stuff.

  13. I LOVE Larkspur’s smile in these pictures! I think the last picture pretty much sums it up and with how she was glowing, I’m sure she felt very special indeed. 🙂

    Happy belated birthday to Larkspur! Looks like she planned a wonderful party.

  14. Happy belated birthday Lark! What a special celebration. Nice of Seth to spearhead the paper making/recycling for her. Loved all her gifts. Blessings on your garden this year!

  15. Such a beautiful, happy girl and great party day! I love her gifts, so sweet:)

  16. I adore the tulips! And the friendship bracelets are a grand idea! We are trying to decide what to do for our daughter’s first birthday. Some friends from church had a huge (straight-off-pinterest-perfection) 1st birthday for their daughter, but we decided that’s not our style. We want something simple, but fun for her. Since Rebekah loves being outside and swinging at the park, and because she has lots of friends at church (but our place is small), we will do something causal at a park with low-sugar muffins made with strawberries that the kids can top with whipped cream and gluten-free muffins for some of our friends.

  17. Darling Bestie Bracelets and I am so glad it was Larkspur’s Best Birthday Ever. We all deserve that.

    I am almost finished with knitting up your pretty pink yarn you dyed from pokeberrries. Everyone is impressed with your dying job when I tell them you did it.

    Have a better week, and hope that sinus thing gets better.

  18. Happy 10th birthday Larkspur!
    I love to make homemade paper, did you know you can add dried leaves and flowers? They make
    very pretty paper.

  19. Happy, happy day to your beautiful young lady. That sounds like a perfect day all the way around and so many friends to share it with!

  20. Happy Birthday Larkspur! What a special day you had. Those bracelets are just adorable.

  21. Gwendolyn says:

    Beautiful pictures of a lovely event. What neat ideas. I’m going to have to remember that when my grand girls turn 10. I don’t know how you always think of the best gifts…centerpiece of tulips, tablecloth, seeds wrapped in seed catalog pages, knitting basket. I love all of it! My granddaughter that is 5 just started cross-stitching. I am beyond excited. I know you will do well with your selling of items. Those stitch markers I got from you are so pretty to use. I think of you every time!

  22. I read about paper making years ago. And it wasn’t really paper making, but paper recycling.

  23. Happy 10th Birthday! Wow. 10 always felt like a big deal to me and as a parent it’s still my favorite age. There’s something so refreshing about a 10 year old. Looks like she had a great day. Glad the plumbing issue worked out. Had to crack up at the idea of showering outside in the hose. So funny. Hope you’re feeling well!!!

  24. I love that she got seeds for her birthday! How wonderful! I am looking forward to your shop update, Ginny! Maybe this time, I’ll be able to score some yarn! I received the stitch markers you made and have been loving using them. They make my knitting feel so much more special. 🙂

  25. What a beautiful birthday celebration. Larkspur looks so happy and content. Lovely presents and give-aways. Honestly, Ginny, you amaze me that you find the time to get such thought-filled things accomplished, including knitting bracelets for party favours. I think the rest of cyberspace would probably agree with me that we feel like reaching through the screen and giving you a great big hug (and one for Larkspur and her 10 years.)

  26. It looks like a very happy birthday! I love that little basket, just perfect for a 10 year old knitter 🙂 Simply beautiful day.

  27. What a girl–Happy Double Digits!

  28. Happy Birthday Larkspur! Your birthday sounds absolutely lovely hun.
    As a child I loved making my own paper with added bits and pieces from the garden – you have inspired me to this again. Thank you!!!
    Have a blessed day xxx

  29. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Larkspur. Good luck with your garden, your knitting, and your paper making. Don’t forget to stalk the garden and the woods for little things you can add to the paper to make it even more special in the future.

  30. I love Sue Dow’s makes. That little treasure is so special. She’ll keep it forever.
    I have a knitting basket like that.
    Larkspur is a little pearl. What a birthday you guys gave her!

  31. Cindy in NC says:

    Working with fourth graders means I get to see lots of kids make that magical transition from single to double digits. Always exciting and joyful. I’m glad it was a special and happy birthday for Larkspur.

  32. Larkspur is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to her from me!

  33. Melissa N says:

    She is looking so grown up! I love the bracelet party favors, I will have to remember that idea.

  34. Ginny,
    What dye plants are you thinking of growing? I’d love to plant some too!

  35. Love seeing her sister look at her with so much love/interest. I have three children and all their birthdays are in December. That makes it hard to make every party special, so I understand. By the way, the last time you did shop update, I missed it by a couple hours. Everything was sold. My problem is that I then couldn’t see how much things are sold for. Is there anyway to get a list of prices so that I’ll have a better idea if I can afford to stalk your shop?

  36. I love seeing shots of your family birthdays–such beautiful, simple, creative giving and decorating. I love love love the party favor bracelets and just all the values your photos reflect. Such beauty and thoughtfulness and kindness abounds!

  37. Happy birthday, Larkspur! Sounds like a wonderful party, and I adore those baskets!

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