Larkspur is way ahead of me in the gardening department.  She has seeds sprouting in her bedroom window, and more in little greenhouse boxes outside.   It’s so warm, and I keep thinking that I better start coming up with a garden plan, but I can’t seem to make time for it yet.  It’s crazy the way I mostly long for spring all winter, but as soon as it hits, I quickly switch gears, “No!  Wait!  I’m not ready!”  All of a sudden there are a million things to do, and I am reminding myself that it’s not the end of the world if the potatoes aren’t in by St. Patrick’s day.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever planted them that early, though I’ve heard the old-timers at the feed store mention that date as one to aim for.

And of course the travel baseball schedule just kicked into gear.  There go our weekends.  Well, most of them.  I always forget how much time the baseball actually occupies, from the hemming of pants to the shopping and making of food to pack.  And then Gabe tells me that he didn’t eat any of his on Sunday, the food I spent an hour or so preparing the night before.  He doesn’t really eat on game days.  It drives me crazy–doesn’t even want to eat breakfast.  “You must have food!  You need energy!  You can’t skip breakfast!”  I’ve figured out that while he doesn’t like to eat eggs, he will if I first fry some potatoes, then scramble the eggs, mix it all together with cheese and salsa, and roll it up in a tortilla.  I think he would eat everything wrapped in a tortilla if I would let him.  It works well to make these breakfast burritos the night before, so the boys can grab them and go on their early game day mornings.  Other than that the menu is pretty boring:  sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, some sort of homemade oatmeal bar.  Keats eats between games.  Gabe eats in the car on the way home.  Their team won their first tournament of the season last weekend, so a good start.

Beatrix got to use her bow for the first time at her violin lesson today.  She wasn’t expecting to quite yet, so it was pretty thrilling for her.  At one point her teacher had to take a quick call and she took the opportunity to turn to me to whisper, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  She was hilarious and adorable about the whole thing.  She claims that she is going to start practicing twenty-five minutes per day now.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow, a start in the garden…maybe?

p.s.  Thank you for all your orders on Friday!!!  Everything shipped today, so you should have your yarn, stitch markers, and shawl pins very soon!  Jonny really appreciated your enthusiasm over his birdie shawl pins.  He says he will make more.  I will remind him. 🙂


  1. Looks like a great time for reading Little Rat Makes Music, if you haven’t already. We just got it out of the library. So sweet. The practicing 25 minutes a day reminded me.


  2. I feel the same way about spring. I long for it, but it brings such busyness with it that when it hits I want to go back to the quiet days of winter. I love how excited your daughter is to garden! That is so cool!

    There are few things as wonderful as a beautiful spring day–and we will be enjoying most of the days outside. We are hoping to move when our rental lease is up because this old rental, surrounded by trees is a haven for spiders. We have seen several brown recluse spiders–which blend into our carpet–a scary prospect with a mobile baby! I am trying to be proactive and keep my anxiety in check. Hopefully many spring walks will help with that! 😉

  3. I look forward to your posts each week! So curious though … How do you have time for all the creative things you do? Even the homemade oatmeal bars? I have eight kids just about the same ages as yours (and homeschool) and I can barely scramble an egg in the morning. I used to cook from scratch with five kids but now hardly ever except for dinners. And I never have time to bake anything anymore. Maybe it’s because we have two year old twins and a seven month old among my eight. Wish I knew your secret!

    • It’s not really a secret, but my house is a wreck and I am always behind on laundry. But I’d also say that two year old twins plus a seven month old would keep me from accomplishing much… As far as these latest bars go, I made them late at night, they were quick, and they didn’t turn out very well. Kind of gross really. Too healthy. Plus, Jonny works from home and makes breakfast most days. That really helps! And lunch is usually a peanut butter sandwich for the little guys, and whatever the older ones can scrounge. There’s really no magic here. My girls are still in their pajamas today at noon (so am I) and no one’s had their hair brushed. 🙂

    • I only have four, but in my opinion twins make everything harder! And with a baby to boot. You get a (silent, unacknowledged) award for getting through the day, mama.

  4. How about a protein shake for Gabe ? My Peter wouldn’t eat before a game either, but every once in awhile he would drink a shake.

    It’s hard to believe it’s spring, although here if feels like summer with temperatures in the high 80’s. Alex just came in from the first of many grass cuttings!

  5. Good for Larkspur! She is ahead of me, too, although I have been picturing those little pots on my window sill in my mind. Apparently it doesn’t actually happen unless you DO IT! 🙂

  6. Oh, please, please, please more shawl pins!!!!!!!!!! Mine was “snatched” from my basket before I could check out because I wanted yarn too! I got most of the yarn-not the pin-DARN! I guess that will teach me not to be greedy!

  7. Spring sort of arrived hugely, with a bunch of thunderstorms, here this week. It’s been in the 60s and 70s. We’re going back to a more normal Ohio spring (meaning 40s-50s) for Holy Week. I’ve noticed the farmers starting to till the fields, but I think planting will hold off until the fields have dried out a bit.

  8. Ginny, would you mind posting your recipe for your homemade oatmeal bars??
    I would love to make some 🙂
    Enjoy reading your posts everyday 🙂

  9. My father-in-law (80yo, German) always tells me to plant potatoes on Good Friday, but I doubt I will make that date this year. I try to aim for no later than April15, but I’m in the Midwest and we’re probably a different zone than you. I love the story of Beatrix and her bow! What a cutie and a such a cute story! I had hoped to start my 4yo on the violin soon, but I also wasn’t planning on having a newborn right now, so not sure if I will–one more place to drive doesn’t sound fun at the moment. So glad the shop update was another success!

  10. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says:

    Yes, Spring has sprung here too although it is not official by the calendar. I have planted some spinach in two urn-type planters and if any of it survives the squirrels I will be amazed. They are digging in everything and everywhere! Your Forsythia is beautiful and your chickens must be quite contented as well. I am procrastinating with the rest of garden planning and planting too so don’t feel bad. I hope B’s violin practice doesn’t drive you bonkers; I played trumpet from the 5th grade up until the end of the 9th. That was the extent of my musical instrument years. After that I had ROTC and then Auto Mechanics in High School. Congrats to your boys on the Baseball tournament win. Nice to know they are occupied with something they truly enjoy. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. another budding violinist 🙂 We haven’t even started thinking of planting but we should because we skipped last year due to the wedding planning. Now there is nothing to stop us, nothing except laziness!

  12. wonderful beginnings! so cute about B! and so many good things. God bless! wonderful about the win in baseball! love the pictures!!! God bless you!!! and your family!!!

  13. Oh Ginny! I get the same way with the garden stuff. Although I’m a bit farther north than you so I do have a bit yet before I have to worry about getting things in the ground. Love the forsythia in your yard! It’s one of my favorites!

  14. Potatoes by St. Patrick’s Day? Well, we’re behind too, then! The company I ordered from won’t even ship them to us for a few more weeks 🙁 I’m shockingly ahead of where I usually am with garden planning, solely because I know if I wind up pregnant soon I’ll lose all will to do anything, so I *had* to get those seeds started and onions planted early!

    And bowing! So exciting!!! My oldest is desperate to start playing a string instrument (he says viola, but I’m trying to talk him into violin or cello because who really wants to play viola?) but I’ve been dragging my feet because it, the sound of early learners on string instruments!!!

    • Bea wants to play viola too! She’s just so small, I couldn’t get one small enough for her, so she is starting on a violin, but will switch in a couple years. And honestly, potatoes in March seems way too early. I planted them early one year and they all rotted…. I don’t know what those fellows were talking about!

  15. Yum, breakfast in a tortilla is a great idea. They are a great way to eat breakfast while camping too. No plates so less washing up.
    So glad your yarn shop update did well!

  16. I probably shouldn’t mention that we got our garden going in January…but, we live in San Francisco, where it doesn’t really get cold enough to worry about frost and everything is in a little green house anyway. It works for us…for now. We’ll see how things turn out.

  17. looks like a nice round pinkie on that bow hold 😉
    I feel the same way about Spring coming; total panic! But I do love the light. The other day I was reading, “A New Coat for Anna” with my girls, and I thought of you and your beautiful family; they dye wool like you do

  18. I’m in the same gardening boat :-). I’ve planted nothing, but my 11 year old daughter has started. Thank goodness for her eagerness! Yay for more shawl pins – can’t wait for my stitch markers!!!

  19. Spring is almost here…thank you Lord.
    All your children are precious and talented.
    Keep up the good work mommy.

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