Beautiful Day

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Today was, quite nearly, a perfect day.  I’ve been feeling pretty good this week, so I took our kids on an all day excursion:  fishing, fossil hunting, castle building.  Job cast out his little plastic fish dozens of times, then reeled it in shouting, “Fishy! Fishy!” like it was the first time, every time.  The older boys helped out a good bit, but were able to spend a few hours doing their own thing while the littles and I hung out on the beach.  Everyone got wet, some cried, but mostly everyone had a great time.  They all thanked me on the way home.  I stopped and bought them ice cream.  I had gelato.  Once we got home, I took an epsom salt bath, and now maybe a bit of knitting, then bed.

p.s. Thank you for all your encouraging words and your prayers.  I feel them and appreciate your kindness very much!


  1. Lovely blog, you have a beautiful family. (Also, when I read your ‘About Me’, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you’re in Virginia, also. I live in Fredericksburg.)

  2. I love all your family photos. God bless you all!

  3. I have to ask where you are able to find ‘play dresses’ for your girls? It seems that style disappears around size 8 🙁

  4. Oooh! What is that teensy flower in the top photo? I’ve got them popping up all over and I just love them!

  5. Susannah says:

    I love the girls dresses! They are just so beautiful. It is such a joy to be out in Spring, even if there is not as much sunshine as hoped.

  6. Ginny…Your family is so cute. your photos are so lovely.
    I love a sock knit because they are so portable!
    I love your Yarn alongs. I often click through all of them during the week at some point!

  7. Oh m look how big Job is getting! Looks like a wonderful day out, I love those sorts of days.

  8. Ginny! the yarn I bought from you arrived today. It is more lovely than I had imagined and worth every penny (I had to pay import tax). I didn’t know what I was going to make with it but now I have touched it I know just the right baby pattern. Thank you x

  9. So sweet of to see your kiddos loving on one another and being such great helpers. Some of the most tender and cherished moments are witnessing my kids taking care of each other.

  10. P. Gerhardt says:

    Very wise of you to set aside time for such a day. And oh, how I miss those days with my once not-so-long-ago wee ones. Savor the days making memories together, good for the heart and soul.

  11. These are so lovely. Your daughter Larkspur seems like such a gentle soul and so kind to the little ones. I bet she is a comfort and a joy to you!

  12. heart warming . . so glad it was a beautiful and special day! xoxoxo

  13. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says:

    So glad to hear that you and the family had a near-perfect day. I hope your Easter celebration was just as good. Do you know the name of the flowering shrub that you took a photo of? I believe it is in the Laurel family but I have never known the name of it. Have a great week, Richard.

  14. Barbara says:

    Wonderfully beautiful day making memories. When all is said and done that is all we are left with. Everything is transient. My goodness, Larkspur looks so much like you! Beautiful.

  15. Lovely day! It makes me miss my kids and weeks spent at our lake house. My husband and I really enjoy going there alone now but it is just not quite the same.

  16. Jillian J says:

    You have such a beautiful family. I am glad you all had such a good day!

  17. So very beautiful! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

  18. Thanks for the inspiration Ginny! My kids need an outing like this. Can I ask what you do for food on excursions ? Being GF I struggle so with this so badly.

  19. I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again, your kids have the best life! The life that a lot of us used to have but not the kids of today. We can’t let our kids wander the neighborhood like we did. No one has time to take their kids on these kinds of adventures. They all are stuck inside playing too many video games because it’s not safe outside. Your kids are living the dream. Your blog gives me such peace and happiness in a world full of strife and stress. Thank you for taking the time to post these ordinary but magical moments of your life.

  20. What a treat! That does sound like a nearly perfect day. Glad you are feeling well!

  21. The joy of a perfect day can carry us through many a hard day. You are a wonderful mama. 🙂

  22. You can tell by the look on everyone’s faces that it was a day of contentment. Such beautiful pictures.

  23. I am so glad for this nice day for you! we call the week after Easter “Bright Week” and you are doing yours in such a wonderful way!

  24. Christine says:

    Love your pictures. Your children are so blessed to grow up together.

  25. Wow. We live in the wrong state (MN). It’s spring here, but we are still far from beach weather…still far from t-shirt weather. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

  26. awe sounds like an amazing day… good for the soul kind of day. glad to hear you are feeling better…. I am definitely ready for warm weather myself… here’s to another day of good stuff for the soul

  27. whenever you are stressed or doubting yourself, check this post again and again, look at their smiles and see a very happy childhood 🙂 Lovely photos of just enjoying nature, family and “being”.

  28. What a lovely day. That picture of Larkspur and Job (where she’s holding him and looking like a proud sister) is my favorite :). Happy for you!

  29. Alice R. says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I do so miss those days now that my little ones are independent adults.

  30. Just lovely as always. Sending up prayers for you.

  31. Where do you guys do your fossil hunting? My 5yo girl is currently obsessed (hallelujah!!! After nothing but ballet and princesses for ages, she’s branching out!) and is begging for a trip to go fossil hunting 🙂

  32. Lindsay says:

    That does sound like a wonderful day!!! I think we need one of those. Your pictures are beautiful, too! I would love to know what lens you have!

  33. What beautiful photographs and what a perfect setting for an outing. The outdoors certainly do their job to blow out the cobwebs and restore our energy levels. We (in the south east UK are promised a fine weekend and I am so looking forward to blowing out my winter cobwebs!

  34. Beautiful pictures! They all radiate love.

  35. Hi! Am am glad to hear good things about you!
    Wish you a easy pregnancy!

  36. What a beautiful day! And especially I like the part with bath and knitting:)

  37. I feel like I just started reading your blog, though I’m sure I found it around when Silas came along…and it always amazes me how big all your kids are getting! Seriously. I feel like Job was born yesterday and you swore up and down he was your last….and now you’re having another one (which you, again, swear will be your last!)…and Silas doesn’t look like a baby anymore and Lark is looking more and more like her older brothers and Bea is looking more like Lark and……

    ::sigh:: I need to take my boys to the beach. Too bad the beach around here means the 50F Pacific Ocean, with some of the biggest waves in the world. Beautiful but cold.

  38. This looks like my idea of a perfect day. Great job, mom!

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