Welcome to Lent

Little John’s surgery was scheduled for Ash Wednesday.  Keats and I made the hour and a half trip to the vet together, just as we did last time.  The surgery was lengthy and a bit involved, but in the end all necessary parts were removed, and we returned home with our drowsy goat.

Jonny spent that day replacing our broken kitchen faucet only to realize after installing the new one that it was itself broken, and he would need to start over.  “Welcome to Lent,”  I joked.

We ended up making the decision to keep Little John indoors to recover, at least until the current cold snap we are in passed.  The vet agreed with our decision, as did Little John.  He never forgot his early days inside.  We joked about our “house goat” and were amused at the way he would head straight back to the front door to be let in after his potty breaks.  Once inside, he would settle down in front of the woodstove.  But, as he lost his appetite we began to worry.

I feel like I have spent most of the last four days watching Little John and wondering what else we should do, willing him to eat.  I spoke to the vets multiple times.  We tried so many things to bring him back, but nothing worked.  No one expected it, but he died this evening in our living room, surrounded by many, many tears.  I am so tired after all the worry and intense focus on him.  Everything feels a little odd and off kilter.  But this is the way it goes.  Goats, we have learned, are delicate creatures.

This week promises to warm up and I have already seen daffodils blooming.  I know that we’ll all feel much better in a few days.

Rest in peace, Little John.


  1. Sorry for you guys! We lost some very sweet goats before and it was never easy. Love to you all <3

  2. so sorry! I hope you and the whole family find some comfort soon.

  3. I am so sorry. How wonderful that he was able to spend time with all of you inside by a warm fire. Little John was well loved by his family.

  4. Oh no, no. I’m so sorry, Ginny. He was so darling. Aw shoot. I’m sorry. 🙁

  5. Lots of hugs your way & to your family. I am a wreck when a pet passes. So sorry, Ginny. And I do hope you have been able to overcome your plumbing problems. What a week. I’ll be praying for you & for Little John. I hope he’s at peace now. I’m certain he is. xx

  6. Sorry to hear about Little John. Always sad to lose a pet. I was hoping to read that he was recovering. God bless.

  7. Oh Ginny I’m so sorry for you! It’s so heartbreaking when you lose an animal, especially when you care for and love them. Having to nurse them too makes it harder, in my experience, as the emotional strain of the worry and doubt takes its toll.
    I hope those daffodils brighten you all up.
    Hugs xxx

  8. It’s just a hard week all the way around, I’m sorry Ginny. I lost my mother in law Sunday and am heart broken.
    Much love to you and your family.

  9. Oh I’m so sorry Ginny. Sending you all much, much love. Xo ❤

  10. Ginny, I’m so sorry for all of you. Your ending of the post surprised me and had me letting out a sad sigh for you all. How loving you are to have comforted Little John like that in your home for his last days.

  11. Oh my goodness! I had this post up for a few days, read part of it (and kept thinking that I had finished it) and just came back to it now. I am so sorry that you lost Little John. Prayers for you and your family. <3

  12. Ginny,
    I’m so sorry to hear this. He’s so cute. Praying for brighter days for you and your sweet family. Pamper yourself now:)

  13. This is totally off subject, but I wanted to let Ginny know about the mittens I’m making with her yarn and her markers. I picked up the Knit Simple magazine that had a bunch of mitten patterns in it and decided to use Ginny’s Tickseed Sunflower yarn with her 3 Cross stitch markers to make the plain mittens. I don’t know how to take a picture and post, but if you can just see the beautiful golden/yellow colored yarn with the pretty stitch markers…it’s quite a sight! I’m having so much fun knitting these simple mittens with items that come from someone I know. I had previously knit a Barbie blanket for my granddaughters and when my daughter saw the pretty yarn, she wanted something made out of them….so she gets the mittens. Hope you and your family are having a better day.

  14. So sorry for your family’s loss. 🙁

  15. Ginny and family, so sorry to hear about little John. You folks are so kind and loving, acceptable and flexible with God’s little creatures. Imagine, some people would die at the thought of letting a goat convalescent in their home, bless your heart! It brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I take turns sleeping with our 17 year old dog because her bladder rarely makes it to the morning, often several times throughout the night, and she can’t lift herself any longer. I realize through these sad stories that it won’t be forever and I’m doing what needs to be done. How animals can bring such heartache! God bless your lent!

  16. I am so, so sorry {{{hugs}}}

  17. I’m so sorry, Ginny! That is a miserable beginning to Lent.

  18. So sorry to hear about Little John, so sad.

  19. Dear Ginny
    I am so sorry to hear about Little John. I am quite sure he knew he was loved by you all and would have appreciated his care very much.
    Kind wishes

  20. Yes, Goats are fragile little creatures indeed. So sorry for your loss. We started Lent off with a sucker punch in the gut too. God goes before us and we will find our way.

  21. Ohhhhh, so sorry to hear about Little John 🙁 Hugs to you all!

  22. So sorry, Ginny. 🙁 He looks like he got the very best treatment possible all the way.

  23. Ginny, I am so so sorry. I add my tears to all of yours.

  24. Oh, Ginny! I am so sorry to hear about Little John. So sad for the children. Hugs.

  25. Ginny,

    I’m so terribly sad for the loss of your beloved goat. It is so truly difficult to lose any member of the family.

    It’s so wonderful that you were able to have him indoors these last few days. You and the children made some additional good memories. I pray that you can all focus on those good memories during the coming days and weeks.



  26. Cindy in NC says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. Over the weekend I attended the funeral of a friend’s mother-in-law. This dear 91-year-old lady was an animal lover who was buried (in her comfy pajamas!) with the cremated remains of her last ten pets. Little John was lucky to have such a loving family while he was here on Earth.

  27. Oh, sad. Welcome to Lent, indeed. Death is even harder to take in when you’re pregnant. I’m praying for your peace.

  28. Oh, no! You all are such good stewards. He was well cared for until the very end. And he left behind some wonderful family memories…


  29. Oh my gosh, Ginny. I am so sorry. Wasn’t expecting that news when I first started reading the post- how terribly sad. Hope the kids are doing as well as is possible 🙁

  30. Oh this breaks my heart 🙁
    I am so sorry to hear about Little John.
    Praying for you all.

  31. I am so sorry. Praying for your family, and that you will all cry as many tears as needed.

  32. Oh, no! I am so sorry! Sending up prayers and warm thoughts for your family.

  33. Oh no! I’m so sorry! 🙁

  34. I’m sorry to hear about Little John. We used to have goats, so I know how much personality they have. It’s hard when they die.

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