Making Some Things

A few weeks ago, Gabe requested a new hat.  I didn’t have any yarn that suited him colorwise, so I ordered a skein of Tosh Vintage in the Nebula colorway, per his choice.  When it arrived, I looked at it and thought immediately that he wasn’t going to like it.  I showed it to him, and while he said he would wear it (being a good sport, and knowing that he had chosen it) I knew he was disappointed with the color.  It was too green.  I told him we could send it back, or try over-dyeing it, shifting it more towards a blue.  He voted for dyeing, so that’s what I did.  I used Greener Shades dye, adding a good bit of blue, and a little black as well.  The resulting yarn is really pretty!  Gabe has a new hat now, and we are both happy with how it turned out.  The pattern is just an improvised one, and I typed it out in my Ravelry notes.

In other knitting news, I finished and blocked the Henny hat, and knit a little bracelet this week as well.  The bracelet was knit using part of a small skein of indigo dyed homespun yarn that I won thanks to a friend over on Instagram.  The pattern is called Bestie.  It’s quick to knit up, though wool yarn is not what the pattern recommends.  I ordered some Quince Sparrow to try next (it’s linen).  I’m excited to knit more bracelets.  I’ve also been making stitch markers and dyeing yarn.  I’m not sure when I’ll be ready for a shop update.  Hopefully in the next week or two?

Larkspur has been focused on feeding the birds lately, and followed a recipe in My First Bird Book to make homemade suet.  Jonny helped her make a hanging wooden feeder full of holes stuffed with the suet mixture, and she covered some pinecones as well.

Several of you have asked how I am feeling, and I think that I feel pretty good considering this is my seventh pregnancy and I am 38 years old.  I’m tired, and I have my aches and pains, but I expected those things.  I am carefully guarding my poor unstable pelvis and taking good care of myself.  We weren’t actually planning for this pregnancy because I didn’t feel ready, either physically or mentally, to face pregnancy and birth again.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would ever be.  So when I realized that I was pregnant last fall, I made the decision to have a positive attitude (after a wee, scared cry session), knowing that would make all the difference.  It’s not hard to accept another child, that’s the really good part, but it can be a little daunting to have a pregnancy ahead that you know is going to be difficult in some ways.  I am just about 23 weeks along, and trying to stay in the moment, not worrying how I might feel in a couple of months.  One day at a time.  I feel very blessed to have another baby to look forward to.  It’s funny how something that I was trying to avoid (pregnancy) feels too good to be true (that’s the someone part).  She’s worth every uncomfortable minute.


  1. I love the way Gabe’s hat turned out. And his sweet smile while he’s wearing it! The color turned out beautiful.

    I really enjoy knitting bracelets and have worked on some patterns here and there for some. Curious about that linen yarn, would be fun to try.

    Sometimes the biggest blessings come as a surprise, don’t they? I have such a special feeling about this sweet baby girl on the way. Lots of love your way!

  2. You look beautiful and glowing! I pray that everything will be smooth from here on out!

  3. 38 years old is not too old to have babies 😉

    Our daughter, at 40 years old, after having one ovary removed – blessed us with our first grandson … 19 years after she blessed us with our first granddaughter, his older sister 😀 Azariah was a complete surprise for everyone! But very welcomed when we heard the news. Stacey was told at 16 that she “would never have natural children of her own”: the doctors were wrong!!

    Babies are a gift from G-d, and midlife babies are true blessings. Praying about your concerns and total peace of mind.


  4. Beautiful yarns! I love that you are reading Heidi–I have such fond childhood memories of that book! I just posted about it: 🙂

  5. The hat looks wonderful and so do you! I love your new haircut. So glad that everyone has a new goat to love.

  6. Ginny where do you order your yarns from when you buy them? Especially Madeliene Tosh? There are so many company’s to buy from I never know who’s reputable.

  7. Richard from NC says:

    You look happy and healthy at your mid-point in pregnancy! My best wishes for continued good health and a smooth delivery. I love most any shade of Blue but your over-dyed yarn color came out an impeccable deep Blue. The yarn, the hat, the goat and Gabe all look wonderful. Let Larkspur know she is doing a great job with the bird feeding.

  8. I am happy to hear that you are feeling good. I can tell this is going to be a beautiful little girl from the way you are glowing. You look so much like my sister in that picture where you are holding the book by my name!

  9. Cindy in NC says:

    When I was pregnant with my “bonus baby” (a title one of my older kids’ teachers wisely gave to my much younger youngest) I happened to see an episode of the TV show “Roseanne.” She was trying to assure her son that he was a surprise rather than an accident. When he asked what the difference was she replied, “An accident is something you don’t want. A surprise is something you didn’t know you wanted until after you got it.” As hard as it is to think of Roseanne Barr as the Great American Philosopher, those words were, and continue to be, very true to me.

    I hope you feel as good as you look because you look beautiful.

    • I really like that quote. Just to reframe a thought, to put a different frame around it or look at it from another perspective can transform everything!

  10. Congratulations and blessings and good health to you. Your blogs are so uplifting.
    Marion and Family

  11. Your hair looks so nice, have you had it cut? I love the hat – yarn is a gorgeous colour.

  12. I am 15 weeks pregnant with our “surprise” Number 6 and our 4th boy. Your exactly right, it’s not the who, it’s the means. I am 36 and it is harder this time around. So much to keep me busy, so many needs to meet. I think my kids are so tired of the phrase “not right now, mommy isn’t feeling very well” 🙂


  13. I understand. The person is not the problem, ever. It’s the making it to the end to receive the person. Sigh.

  14. your son looks handsome in his hat and I love how you changed the color. Praying that you have an easier pregnancy this time around.

  15. You are beautiful!
    Soon we need to discuss your shower because just thinking about it makes me happy and I need happy thoughts.

  16. Gabe (& the goat) look so great in that photo. The chickens in the background are a nice extra touch, too

  17. anniekitching says:

    Imagine how I felt about Monnie’s arrival! But God knew better.

    That yard is a glorious color, and perfect for Gabe!

  18. I echo Erin on our later babies! I had 2 little boys 5 years after my first 5. I am 41 today and they are 4 and 2. I love being a mature mama! I think I am more thoughtful, peaceful, and contented.

  19. I love your decision to have a positive attitude toward this pregnancy. Yes the baby is always a joy, but pregnancy can be scary when you have so many others to care for and you have reasons to worry for how your body will fare! I am praying that you stay in good health throughout and have a very smooth delivery! And I love the color of the yarn after you changed it! Wish I could knit. I feel like I should have learned before babies because I am way too distracted these days to learn!

  20. You are a beautiful person in so many ways. I would really love to be have been pregnant 7 times, and be a Mama of 8, honestly you are very blessed. This is sounding very corny, because you don’t know my side, but in earnest I do mean it in all of it’s simple truth.

    Gabe, the hat, and the goat- beautiful!

  21. I love the photo of you reading “Heidi” with the goat listening in! Perfect! 🙂

  22. I really like Gabe’s hat! The color looks great and it fits very well!

    I am enjoying your peace lately. You have a lot going on but your posts have this calmness about them. I am glad you are taking care of yourself more this time, in the past I have cringed at what you were up to right before and right after birth.

  23. That’s such a great idea to over dye the yarn to a color that you wanted! Nice hat and nice modeling 🙂 I hope that your pregnancy goes well and that you’re able to take it easy when you need to.

  24. Larkspur’s bird feed looks beautiful, I hope you might let us know is her recipe is successful in a future post. I’ve started putting out seed and dried meal worms for the birds and it keeps Robin and I joyfully entertained during his mealtimes. Gabe looks fabulous and very handsome in the pictures and his hat is a gorgeous colour. And you? Wow, you look 28 not 38! So glad you are taking care of yourself x

  25. Thank you so much for giving and sharing so much of your family and yourself. I am a childless pensioner , a bit lonesome, in the UK but have so much enjoyment from hearing about you all and enjoying the photos as well. Will look forward to meeting you all in heaven. You are truly blessed.

  26. living in the present hour and moment is wonderful. that hat is a great colour and very handsome on your son! God bless you all this day and give you His mercy and peace!

  27. Love the color and style….. I just love your photoes and giving us a peek into your world. Praying your pregnancy goes well.

  28. Right there with you, Ginny. We absolutey did not plan on having a fourth child, but he’s here now and I know with such certainty he was meant to be…I guess God just knew. I experienced much more of an initial “freak out” at discovering I was pregnant again then it sounds like you did…I’m a bit ashamed of myself for that. I’m 34 now and don’t think my body would do well with a fifth pregnancy to term, however, it seems like at this point, adding another baby wouldn’t be the be of the world…love love love those pink skeins of yarn & Gabe’s hat color. You truly have a gift for color. You also look wonderful at 23 weeks!

    Does your family participate in Cornell Lab’s Feederwatch program? I bet Larkspur would love it.

  29. Gabe looks great in that color! Very nice hat for improvising….Such beautiful yarn.

  30. You look so beautiful in the photo above! What a joy! And Gabe’s hat is fabulous – my guy will only wear fleece right now which is such a bummer. My husband, however, still likes a good hand knit! Happy weekend!

  31. You’ve said a whole lot in that phrase, “trying to stay in the moment.” Thanks for this reminder to do so. You look fantastic, Ginny! And you do, too, Gabe! Love the hat.

  32. Ginny,
    I love that blue! The depth of color is exceptional. I am so happy there is so much making going on at your house; February is so much nicer when we craft.
    My 6th child’s birth was awful. I had so much anxiety when I became pregnant with #7 (a little girl). Somewhere in my second trimester I had a revelation- I didn’t have to do things the way I did them in the past. I ended up having an epidural, my first one ever. It was a peaceful magical birth. It was the perfect reset! I went on to have twins (at 40) with no harm done to my body.
    I agree with the sentiments of Heather & Erin. We will all be praying for you & your wee little lassie.

  33. I completely understand your attitude about your newest pregnancy. My last baby (our ninth child, now nine months old) was utterly unexpected, though in no way unwanted. I was delighted at the prospect of a new person, but not sure I would be able to walk through the waiting weeks with joy knowing what aches and pains and other inconveniences awaited me (at 41!). I’m happy to say that I made it to the finish line no worse for the wear, and this little man is the healthy dose of sunshine (seriously– he is ALWAYS smiling!) that our family didn’t know it needed. Praying the same for you!

  34. I have some merino wool/possum blend yarn in an almost exact same shade as your dyed yarn for Gabe. I knitted a hat for myself which dear husband claimed but thankfully have some more to knit another for me. I do love your stitch markers and just wish shipping to the UK was a bit more reasonable. I think us crafters should start a petition for no tax duty and cheap shipping on all craft goods!
    Take care and keep well

  35. I really love your stitchmarkers, Ginny! I would love to buy some, but Germany is a bit far away for the shipping to make sense, isn’t it?

    What kind of rings to you use there?

    I love all your beautiful pictures. And your cute baby-bump. Mine is a bit bigger now, but we only have two months to go. So – there is still a lot of knitting to be done! 🙂

  36. You’re so clever turning that green yarn into such a gorgeous shade of blue! I would really like to try my hand at dying one day soon.

    I have no pregnancy/parenting advice but I just wanted to say you look gorgeous and I’m glad to hear you’re taking care of yourself. Everything happens for a reason

    Sarah xx

  37. I love how the yarn turned out–that’s a great shade of blue (though I think the original green is pretty, too).

  38. Ginny,
    Love to hear your update 🙂 our second last baby was at 38, actually that was one of my best pregnancies, we followed a Primal diet for a couple of years in that period and I had so much energy. I can assure you there is something just extra special about our babies in our late 30s/early 40s that just bring an extra component of joy. We’re more a peace with ourselves, we just savour, you’re initial emotions are normal, truly, but the joy this baby brings will amaze you. I know I’m constantly amazed at how I savour our youngest two children in a way I never did before. Hard to express, but excited you will understand 🙂 Can’t wait to hear you share that you get what I mean when the time comes. xx

  39. You look great, and I know the last few months are always harder physically, but you are past halfway, YAY!!! one day at a time you are getting closer and closer to your bundle of joy arriving

    I wish I could bring you dinner…………..

  40. You look like a teen in that photo! Cute hair. I was 38 when I had my last baby, way harder than my first at 22. The body does change so much. But the reward is worth it. I love love love the pinks you are dying. So pretty! Gabe’s hat is gorgeous, great save.

  41. I love your stitch holders, Ginny, and look forward to buying some (when I can get my hands on a few!) I hope your pregnancy will be a smooth one.

  42. Beautifully put about pregnancy. Thank you for being so open with us. It really means a lot to hear about how you’re doing on this next beautiful baby girl coming your way. Praying for your pelvis!

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