A Shawl that Stays Put


My Monday plan involved sitting all the kids down first thing and conquering math.  Then we would go on and conquer the entire day on a wave of productivity.  As it turned out, not everyone even finished their math.  I did end up tackling a list of other things, though.  Mainly, making phone calls.  I hate making phone calls and scheduling appointments and I procrastinate terribly in that department.  But today I scheduled three appointments and had a long overdue talk with a homeschooling advisor about my high-schooler.  I’m not sure why I was putting that off.  I guess part of it is that there is no quiet time or place to take a phone call in this house.  To make one appointment I typically have to apologize or say, “Just a second” to the adult on the other end multiple times.  I rarely talk to my friends or family on the phone anymore either.  This is just not that time of my life, the talk on the phone time.   And that’s okay.  But, I’m glad that I faced my phone anxieties today, because the “I really need to make those appointments” anxiety was actually getting stronger than the other.  Little John (the goat) will have the long put-off surgery to have his un-descended testicle hunted down and removed next week (you wanted to know that, right?), those who need to see the doctor will, and my hair will receive some needed attention near the end of the month (I think it’s a good sign when you have to wait three weeks to get in with your stylist?)

I also asked Jonny to take some photos of my Tess Shawl, because I am really excited about how it turned out.  I started working on it in March of last year, wanting something kind of mindless for working on during school days with my kids.  It went weeks at a time without being touched.  But then with the recent snow, for some reason I started knitting furiously on it.  Near the end I decided to use some leftover bits of yarn to add some stripes.  I panicked about the orange a little, but was encouraged to keep it, and now I’m so glad that I did!  No, this won’t really match anything, but I don’t care.  The stripes made the knitting fun and I like how they look.  Alicia Paulson mentioned in her project notes about this shawl the idea of using a button to hold the shawl in the back instead of ties.  So, I tried that.  I added a buttonhole near the last few rows of knitting, and a button on the other end.  Wearing it this way requires the shawl to fit exactly, and I am not sure that it will fit me exactly when I’m not pregnant.  Right now it fits kind of funny and is a little too tight in the back.  So, I’m hopeful that next year it will be perfect.  I’m going to put it away until then because I don’t want to stretch it out.  It’s hard though, I really want to wear it, because it stays put!  It seems so practical.

Gabe was watching as I went through the photos Jonny took of me wearing the shawl this morning, and he asked what the pictures were for.  I told him they were for my blog and my Ravelry page.  His reply was, “Then why are you wearing pajamas?”  Oh.  Oops!  Because I’m pregnant.  That’s why!


  1. Beautiful shawl! And I didn’t even notice your pajamas… but maybe that’s because they look so much like my daily outfits, haha. 😀

    You’re not the only one who avoids talking on the phone these days. I don’t like trying to juggle watching a toddler (and I only have one child!) while maintaining a conversation. I feel like all parties suffer, so I just try not to do it. You’re not alone.

  2. I was wondering what this pattern was when you asked about the stripes. It looks wonderful on you and wouldn’t it go back into shape if you washed and blocked it?? Well, you would know better than I would but I sure do hate you knitting it and then packing it away. It’s so beautiful. I’ve been working on this pair of socks too long. Just need to get an OTT light and some bifocals so I can enjoy knitting again, :/

  3. A shawl that stays in place! I have been thinking about starting one, but now I have to. I wonder, maybe two or three button holes with a couple of buttons so it wouldn’t have to be so precise? Love the color additions, by the way!

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