Snowy Weekend

We’ve just had the most perfect snowed in weekend.  I’m so grateful that we never lost power, and all of our animals fared well.  The kids have been in an out, and it’s been messy.  But I learned that by bribing the older children with the promise of watching a movie, they could have everything cleaned up in minutes.  I did a lot of cooking and baking in the day or two leading up to the storm, so I didn’t have much work to do in the kitchen.  In fear of losing power, I also washed all the laundry in the house ahead of time.  That meant that there were huge piles of it to fold, but Jonny did all of that for me.  So, I have had a bit of a break to knit and to work.  We’ve watched the neighbor’s tractor drive up and down the street at regular intervals clearing the snow, and a car here and there, but we haven’t ventured out.  It’s been such a relief, knowing that there’s nothing to do but take care of the kids and the animals.  I think we’ve all done our best not to think ahead to this week and a return to regular life.  Not that it’s bad, it just feels like the end of a vacation, and I don’t think any of us are ready for that. Maybe we can stretch it into Monday….

p.s.  I’m all set for a shop update on Friday, 10 a.m. EST.  There will be lots of colorful yarn, and stitch markers too!  I’m pretty excited about this one.


  1. It was a lovely storm, wasn’t it? We’re a little west of you in the Piedmont between Warrenton and Culpeper. Our power stayed on and the wind stayed relatively calm through most of the storm. It’s mud season here right now as all the snow melts, but there it is! I enjoyed your snow photos.

  2. I hope it’s okay, I saved that picture of the blue yarn as the home screen on my phone! It’s so soothing!

  3. Oh, you’re so lucky! It’s al melting away around here again… Best regards,

    Caroline from NATURKINDER

  4. Jean G. Woodhouse says:

    Thank you Ginny for the beautiful photos of the snow. I live in Houston, Texas and today was a high of 55 degrees. Winter is my favorite so looking at your photos put a zip in my walk.

  5. I’m in CT so we got about a foot is snow. Great fun to play with, on Sunday -after church.
    Love the pic of Lark reading to her siblings. I’m teaching myself to knit in the round. Stitch markers your making looks awesome and cute.

  6. awesome snowman… we were snowed as well. the past two days we have had no school…. Going a little insane with the kids wet gear and feel like no where to put it… thinking I have done more laundry this weekend then in a month’s time…. yea big praise we didn’t lose power either. glad to hear all your animals fared well.

  7. Your snow days sound much the same as mine except my husband had to be at UVa pushing snow for 12 hour shifts starting Friday through yesterday and I was on the farm alone for the most part. We prepped the farm on Wednesday and Thursday after work and I spent Friday cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and shoveling paths to the three barns to stay on top of access to the Alpacas and chickens. We were fully prepared for a loss of power which thankfully never materialized, and I was able to spend yesterday at home and even did my taxes! I was blessed to have my son plow our road and driveway three times during the storm, so all I had to shovel (hahaha, all) were the paths for access around the farm. I have decided that between Friday and Saturday, the amount of shoveling I did will suffice for the entirety of this winter season and perhaps the next.

  8. How fun! We just drove to another part of Oregon so Bracken could play in the snow. 🙂

    I think it is fantastic that you found a way to inspire the kids to clean up all the mess in a few minutes!

  9. Bribery is so useful, isn’t it?!? And I love watching movies during snowed in days (well, certain ones that is!) Your pictures are lovely.

  10. I love the stark difference in snow levels from the previous getting ready post to this one. The poor goat was in snow up to her belly! I can’t figure out what knitted items you have in your baskets in the one picture. Is that of a picture of shawls you’ve knitted? I just downloaded the settler’s shawl pattern. I also just knitted a puppy sock pattern from the Kid’s Knitting book out of some of your yellow yarn. I had secretly bought that book for myself and was surprised when you featured it here!

  11. you are making me want some of those religious stitch markers 🙂 Love your snowy photos and the kids all bundled up. When we lived in the UP of MI they treated the roads with salt and sand, which made for delightful beachy clean up in the house. Here in PA they use salt and cinders. NOT beachy fun at all to clean up at all.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Just my kind.

  13. What a perfect snowy weekend! I love the picture of your kids reading together! When preparations are made ahead of time and you can relax and enjoy something, it is quite wonderful!

  14. I love the picture of Lark reading to Job!

  15. YAY!!

    sounds perfect.

    the best thing about Homeschooling in Maine (well one of them) is that the public school kids get the storm day off from school and then have to go back on the snow-play-day.

    Where as we tend to do schoolwork on the storm day and then enjoy the snow for the next few days afterwards

    snow-volcanoes are science ………

    enjoy it while you can

    we didn’t get any here in Maine – NONE!!!

    kind of sad and glad at the same time

  16. Our daughter and her family enjoyed the weekend too. They ended up with 26 1/2 inches of snow. Our big concern was losing electricity, but it stayed on. Glad all is well at your home, I really enjoyed all of the pictures.

  17. This is so perfect. What beautiful photos. Being snowed in sounds cosy. We’re meant to be getting this cold snap soon in the UK, we’ll see! xxx

  18. Looks like you all had a wonderful, snowy weekend! Here near the west coast, it was all rain. =)

  19. We have been following this storm that missed us up here in Maine. Looks like you all did very well. I love the picture of the chicken. Our chickens hate to step on snow even up here where it snows more often. It is funny to watch them. Glad you got some relaxation time. It sounded so cozy.

  20. Looks like you stayed cozy. Ginny, I have been reading here just over three years now and I realized last week that I had never gone back to the beginning to read, so I started doing that just before the weekend. I’ve been carrying my kindle around from room to room, reading while I knit or cook dinner. I never knew about Jane, or Ezra, or the first time you got chickens (which we did a year ago so it all was so fun to read your experience). I am still working my way through the archives, inspired to do so initially I think by using your yarn to knit my heathered cardigan. I just want to send you an extra big hug and let you know that your words are valued. Melissa (aka raminthethicket)

  21. Glad you made it through the storm OK! Don’t know about your goats, but mine view snow, rain and wind as a personal insult (which means here in upstate NY they spend most of the winter glaring out their door at the weather outside.) Maybe your goats see the snow as more of a novelty?

  22. I hear you… because we live near NYC, my husband was able to use public transit to go to work. I miss him! We kept power on, had such fun walking in deep drifts to a friend’s house and having a really restful day yesterday! A blessing of a time!

  23. I’m glad you all made it through the snow storm without any big troubles. It’s fun to see the snow piled on top of the hives and out buildings. We haven’t gotten very much snow here in Minnesota this season. I live in the city, so snow is a big hassle. I grew up on a farm – my dad had a tractor to clear the snow – so snow was always a fun event there. (( for us kids )) extra work for my parents. This post reminds me of that. Beautiful yarn!

  24. With that much snow , “snowed in” should last all week. I would just not look at the cleared road or cars going by. Lol. I love being snowed in. My husband said he wishes we were there. Our Colorado weather was sunny and 50. Love your photos.

  25. You got a lot of snow! Glad to hear that you didn’t lose power and it all felt like a vacation. I love when we are snowed in here as well…so long as the power doesn’t go out! Did you hear about the snow Mass that was held on some snowed in highway? They made an alter out of snow and held a Mass! Truly amazing! Keep warm and enjoy the mess!

  26. That was a lot of snow, but you certainly faired well. Stunning photos.

  27. Beautiful. What a lovely, cozy family time.

  28. I love all the photographs! Looks like you did get a good drop of snow…over three feet? Enjoy your extended snow day! The shop update looks to be exciting.

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