The snow is coming down quickly now, and this bit of weather is supposed to develop into a blizzard.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a blizzard, though we’ve had a few hurricanes.  I guess this will be similar, but with snow instead of rain with all the high winds.  We’ve spent the past few days preparing:  cleaning up the yard and porch, and making sure all the animals are tucked away.  I made fondant to feed our bees.  So far we haven’t lost any hives this winter, and we are hoping to keep things that way.  We have food and firewood, and are hoping that we don’t lose electricity, though we likely will.  This morning the little boys were mostly parked in front of a movie while the rest of us made last minute preparations.  Larkspur and I realized that two of our older outdoor cats, Silas and Winifred, might best be brought indoors.  That required a last minute trip out for cat litter.  I pulled up to the house and decided that I really wanted more straw as well, to wall off the area on our side porch where the other outdoor cats come to eat.  I switched cars, and headed back out.  Right now, things feel mostly under control indoors, which is the way I like it when the weather is feeling a little out of control and unpredictable.

I hope that those of you in the path of this storm stay warm and cozy!  I’ll be back in this space in a few days, I hope!

p.s. Ravelry notes on my pink Settler Shawl are here.


  1. Such a lot to do before the snow! Well done for getting everyone organised. Your animals look very cosy in their reinforced homes. I love that shawl, such a pretty colour on you.

  2. I just can’t wait for FRIDAY!!! I am so excited for saint stitch markers!

  3. Family snow photos are priceless.
    Did the bees and cats do okay?

  4. Hey Ginny, hope y’all are staying warm.
    I ran across this article about metal detecting and thought of your boys. Cheers.

  5. your shawl is beautiful and so are you! We got about a foot of snow yesterday and I was in my glory!!

  6. Prayers for safety. Lovely shawl.

  7. I hope that you don’t get hit too hard with the snow and that you have a cozy time snuggling in with your family and animals. You seem well prepared. Can’t wait to catch up with you after the storm passes.

  8. I love how you make the most simple, seemingly mundane slices of house-holding and homemaking, and turn them into something sacred and beautiful. Thank you.

    (Oh, and why bother folding the laundry? It’s just going to get worn and tossed again 🙂 Getting dressed off the pile is such a time-saver!)

  9. Collyermum says:

    Fingers crossed you don’t get any more and your electricity stays on -it makes such a difference! Thinking of you from here in North-East England – mostly just wet here, of course!

    I love your shawl – the crossover stitches are really something special and the yarn is beautiful.

  10. anniekitching says:

    The shawl is breathtakingly lovely. So perfect with your coat and complexion.

  11. woke up to feet of snow this morning. Everything is so pretty, covered in snow. Went to the store and picked up what I thought we made need. made some snacks for the kids today for when they are done playing in the snow. I have no plans other than working on my blanket (learning to crochet) and watch movies with the kids…. they want to watch Christmas movies since at Christmas time it was 60 degrees… enjoying a nice hot and fresh cup of coffee and catching up on emails…. enjoy yourself….

  12. Enjoy the time inside and stay warm en safe. I love your blog. How are you doining about your pregnancy?

  13. I live in the foothills of the Great Smoky’s we had what locals would call a blizzard yesterday and last night. We do (soon to be did) have an inch of snow and it is a bit slick in spots, but for the most part it’s just plain pretty to look at! I tend to laugh at our locals because I lived in 8600 ft, in the winters I was alone except for my dogs. I rarely went into town as it was a 37 mile trek on a winding dirt road. It was a wonderful adventure, I learned who I am and my abilities to survive. Is also where I taught myself to knit! I do miss my place there, but as I’ve aged I’m kinda glad to be in the flatlands, LOL. I keep you in prayers, love your blog, I know you will fare well in the conditions, take care, stay warm!

  14. Hope you are warm:) Can you explain the hay around the porch and the tires for the goats? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Yes, we still have power and we’re staying warm! We were concerned about high winds blowing the little goats’ shelter over, so the tires are just to weigh it down a bit. We added extra weight on top of each of our beehives as well. We have several outdoor cats who eat on our side porch. Within the straw bale walls are a couple of straw filled houses and an electric water bowl along with their food. The straw bale walls are helping to keep some of the blowing snow out.

  15. I love how even your pictures of kitty litter are pretty.
    And your cheeks match your shawl.
    Stay warm.

  16. Maybe start reading “A Long Winter” again just for some perspective and commiseration. 🙂

    peace be with you!

  17. Stay warm and safe! Will think about you all! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  18. Stay safe and warm. I hope you can enjoy the snow, when everything calms down!

  19. Stay safe….and warm! We are in Fl so are familiar with hurricanez, no snow.

  20. stay warm and safe! here in ca it’s just a whole lot of rain, I have to say all that prep work and anticipation looks quite exciting!!!

  21. It looks like you are all ready to “hunker down”…safe and warm.

  22. I hope you weather the storm well. Here on Long Island we are also expecting the blizzard with 12 to 18 inches of snow. We are bundled in and waiting.

  23. I hope you get just enough snow for fun

    Getting ready for one of these storms is kind of like nesting before you go into labor, I cook a lot and do all the laundry and then I can relax and wait to see what comes.

    I bet your goats will be funny in the snow

    • That’s exactly what I did: lots of baking and lots of laundry. Of course, all I did was wash all the laundry, I haven’t folded it yet. 🙂

  24. Beautiful new shawl! I hope the blizzard is more fun and less scary…and results in lots of good knitting time! Stray warm.

  25. In the midwest here too and no winter so far to speak of. The little white dusting of snow we got has mostly melted away and was only here for a day or two. It sounds like your all set up and ready! I love when we are prepared and then we get a nice big ol storm. I can enjoy it knowing everyone…people and animals…are safe and sound! Stay warm and safe!

  26. Definitely glad to hear you & yours are all safe & tucked up ready for the storm. Living in the Midwest we get quite a bit of winter weather like you’re expecting, but have had nothing much at all this winter…I must admit I’m a bit envious! Ha! I always enjoy a string of snowed-in days spent by the woodstove…my husband would definitely not agree as he’s the one who has to plow us out.

    You look lovely in your new shawl!!! Your rosy cheeks are a perfect match. xx

  27. Be safe <3

  28. well done!!! it’s an adventure! you all work together very well and wishing you a safe and warm time!

  29. Here in northern CT I fear we’re not going to get much of anything. I don’t like a blizzard, but a real snowstorm would. be. nice. And then I can really take down the tree. 🙂

  30. Stay warm! We’ll be getting hit tonight/tomorrow. Shawl came out beautifully!

  31. Oh how I miss those Nor-easters! I moved from the MD/PA/DC , Delmarva region 3 years ago . I so miss the snow, and the change of seasons. My son is always taking about eventually us moving back up. I am sure we will, just now, there are other responsibilities.
    Hope you and your family stay safe and warm!

  32. Oh! We live on the coast so snow doesn’t last very long for us. Hope the storm passes quickly for your family.

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