Making and Doing (and Snowing!)

At just over two years old, Job has started to talk a bit more, and call himself by name.  His voice, a little on the gruff side, is particularly cute when he says, “Job,” and we are always trying to get him to say it.  “What’s your name?  Who are you?”  The other day, I found some books that I recently received in the mail from my Aunt Genie, scattered all over the kitchen floor.  I had left them upstairs in a stack on my dresser, and didn’t understand how or why they made their way back down.  All the kids were eating breakfast, and Job happened to be sitting on the kitchen table (naughty).  I asked, “Who scattered my books all over the floor?”  Without hesitation there came his gruff little voice, “Job!”  Since then he has started to call himself Jobeez.  And then there is Mommeez, Daddeez, Gabeez, etc.  I love when little ones invent their own names.

Saturday’s weather was so warm that the bees were flying.  I finished my Settler Shawl, and then dyed yarn with indigo for most of the day.  By Sunday we were having our first snow of the season.  It didn’t stick, but we are expecting more this weekend.  Maybe a lot of it.

I’m planning on a shop update by Thursday or Friday, next week.  I’ll post some previews early in the week to share some of what I’ve been working on and nail down the date and time of the update.  I’ll have madder dyed yarn, and of course indigo, and a few others.  I even have some poke dyed yarn from berries I froze in the fall.  I’m really happy with some of the colors I have come up with this month.  The other thing I am really excited about is stitch markers!  I got this idea that I wanted stitch markers with saints and other religious themed images, and couldn’t find any, so I started making them myself.  I’ll have some sets of those in my update as well.  I have been having so much fun making them.  It’s fiddly work, but I find it strangely satisfying.

The only other thing I should mention is that I did a little work over on Ravelry, and now have all my yarns entered into their database.  You should be able to pull them up when you upload your projects knit with my yarn there.  Here is a direct link to my yarn page.  If you are adding a project, to get my yarns to pop up in the yarn section of your notes, you have to type G. Sheller, and then the hyperlink button, and the list of all my yarns will appear.  I also created a Ravelry group as a place to share projects knit with my naturally dyed yarn, and I don’t know what else.  I might use that as a place to call for test knitters as well, as I plan to release patterns here and there using my yarns, as I am able.  Tania is going to help me moderate, because I kind of stink at this sort of thing.  Feel free to add yourself to the group!  Thank you all for your support these past few months with all of this.  I had no idea how good this would be for me!

(p.s.  The books that Aunt Genie sent are by Margaret Epp, called the The Praire Adventure Series.  They look really sweet.  I am excited to read them with my younger children.  And my little boys’ brown wool jackets are these.  They are the best!)


  1. kelliinkc says:

    I can’t wait for the stitch markers!! Wonderful idea.

  2. Gris fleur says:

    Oh ! These colours !!!! I wish I lived closer than Europe !

  3. The yarns are beautiful. I love your magenta yarn. That’s my favorite color. I joined your ravelry group. I can’t wait to see all of the projects!

  4. I am so excited for your shop update! And your snow! We are woefully short on snow this winter here in the Midwest…have to live vicariously through others.

  5. Awww…your pups are so cute, and they look like they’re taking advantage of the winter weather to do some good resting 🙂 Also, your indigo yarn is absolutely beautiful. I love all the variations!

  6. I am so amazed when super busy moms have wool clothing/diapers etc. I am being serious. I tried cloth diapers with wool covers for 6 months and it drove me crazy. All that hand washing. It took forever and drying took forever. I love the idea of natural fibers, but really how do you do it? I am throwing my kids winter coats in the washer every week, because lack of snow here in upstate NY means a lot of dirt here still when they are playing outside. How often to you find yourself hand washing these beautiful wool coats? We are trying to transition to natural fibers here, and wool is such a great option in the cold, I just got totally turned off by my cloth diaper experience. (We have 5 kids, the 6th due in August).



  7. So pretty Ginny. I need to get back in the swing of things with knitting as I miss it so much. I just seemed to have stalled since the holidays and getting homeschooling up and running again. But, you always provide so much inspiration! I also love the boiled wool jackets- do you just wash them with wool soap by hand?

  8. Dyeing with indigo is definitely on my wishlist, now!
    Your yarn looks so beautiful.

    We had a bit of snow last weekend,too. I love it!

  9. I grew up with ‘Sarah and the Pelican’! Thanks for the memory! Don’t remember much of the story but it was my Christmas book from our church one year. I should try to find it for my daughters.

  10. The stitch marker are a great idea! I’m knitting a project on a circular needles right now and I keep dropping my markers (I’ll blame it on the cold weather), then it seems like forever to find them (or I get a new one which means my stash of makers is dwindling). I thought it would be nice if they were a bit more noticeable in the search. Your idea would definitely make them stand out. Maybe you should have one with St. Anthony, patron of lost things.

  11. SO excited about those stitch markers!! 😀

  12. Hi Ginny!
    I love the stitch markers! Another thing you could do (nonknitting but still in your shop) would be prayer beads. There aren’t many on Etsy.
    I love your dyes and the yarns look lovely!
    So cozy, the sheep skin on your chair. I love sheep skins.
    Take care, good mama. Put your feet up EVERY DAY.

  13. Oh, what a lovely idea for stitch markers!

  14. Your yarn is gorgeous! I love those colors.

  15. So excited about your stitch markers. Genius!! Will be stalking in hopes of more of your yarn and now markers! Blessings today!

  16. I love your yarns! They are just as beautiful and soft in person. Even though I’m not Catholic, the stitch markers really are pretty and I can’t help but think the saints might just bless my hands and the future wearer at some point!Congrats on your lovely store……..I joined the group too😊

  17. I love the shot of the bee checking out your yarn.

    Can you recommend a book for beginning yarn dyeing? Not necessarily natural dyeing although I would like to get into that someday.

  18. I love the Job stories! The photo of him in the blanket is precious!
    Random Q, but: What’s your recommendation for circular needles? I’ve been admiring the ones from Knit picks but I can’t decide between harmony, caspian, or sunstruck–ideas? I know Elizabeth D. loved harmony. 🙂 I can’t knit with metal needles, at least not yet. All my stitches fly off and I become very sad.

  19. Oh I love the idea of the stitch markers with the religious medals! I will definitely get some. Great gift idea for a friend as well! Also sign me up for help on the test knitting!

  20. What a lovely idea for stitch markers!

  21. Those jackets are the best. My daughter wears one under a waterproof she’ll for playing on the snow here in ontario. And that’s a great price, they are more than double that here, yikes!

  22. I’ve been pretty curious about hand-dyed plant based yarns… how is the color retained? How do you care for them? Can they be washed? Does the color fade with time/washing?

  23. Very excited to hear you are now doing yarns. Very exciting!! Will keep an eager eye out.

  24. Good Luck with all your endeavors, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. 🙂


    • I just remembered, I bought a little baggie of old religious medals like the ones you have at a flea market. A dollar for about 20 of them. I was waiting for some inspiration as to what to do with them. Just last night I was thinking that I needed some new stitch markers and maybe something pretty, and today you posted this. Now I know what I can do! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  25. I was seeing the photos of the stitch markers and thinking “Maybe Ginny will be selling those… overseas!” 🙂
    My baby boy is talking a lot lately as well. He calls us both and his brother, Granma and Granpa and aunt Nana. He doesn’t refers himself though, even though he knows what his name is!

  26. I tend to miss your sales because I am always working but for those stitch markers I might have to call in sick and camp out in front of the etsy shop. So lovely! And the yarn…

  27. Stitch markers are addictive. I decided I’d make some for the Stitches West Stitch Marker Swap, never having made any…..I now have plenty for the swap and I started making sets and I’m pondering whether I should sell them or……..

  28. Just lovely yarn colors!

  29. Ahh! The stitch markers! What a great idea!

  30. I am so excited about your stitch markers! Last week I was using paper clips thinking, wouldn’t I be better off using miraculous medals or a blessed saint medal?
    So thanks for doing the hard work for me! 😉

  31. Ginny, so much goodness here. But it is the photos that grab me and take my breath away. All of them! Just amazing! And your stitch markers are so sweet. I am not Catholic but I want some of those!!!! And of course, you know how I love your dyeing. I have a vat sitting and cooling right now by the stove. It is addictive!
    xo Jules

  32. I’m very excited about your stitch markers!!!

  33. Love your yarns, Ginny!

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