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Shop update:  Friday, January 29th, 10 a.m. EST

***The shop is sold out!  Thank you so much.  This pregnant (and emotional) mama is crying.  I’m so thankful to you all.***

Stitch markers!!!  That’s how I feel about the little stitch markers I’ve been making this month.  There was a lot of trial and error at first, and some sets I made more than once, to get them just how I wanted them.  My little girls received lots of new beads for their own jewelry making as it took me a few tries to find the ones I liked best.  Of course, they were pleased about that.  And I am really thrilled to be offering these this month, in sets of seven markers in little storage tins (padded with a bit of wool so they don’t bang around too much during shipping).  There are quite a few different sets, and I welcome your input if there is a particular saint or medal you would like to see in the future.  Most of the stitch markers are for needles up to size 9 (medium stitch marker section), but I did make a few sets to fit needles up to size 11 (large stitch marker section).

I focused my dyeing this month on U.S. sourced, Virginia milled targhee columbia wool.  It’s nice and wooly, heavy worsted weight, perfect for mid-winter knitting!  The colors are mostly bright, though there are some nice grays and taupes as well.  You’ll find a handful of silk/merino fingering weight skeins, along with some sport weight skeins.  All in all, I think this may be my brightest shop update yet, and I hope it brings some cheer to your winter!

I’ve opened up worldwide shipping, and I am sorry that it is so expensive!  But, it is what it is, and I promise to refund shipping over-payments that exceed a dollar.  Finally, don’t forget to join my new Ravelry group, and remember that all of my yarns are in the Ravelry database now under the brand G. Sheller.

Thank you and happy knitting!!


  1. so sad! I completely missed out. I had an ob appointment when yiu uodated the shop and by the time I was done,you were sold out!! I missed that lus ious pink yarn! 🙁

  2. kelliinkc says:

    I hope you are planning to do more of the stitch markers. So sorry that I missed out on those. Looks like there is a good market for them though! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your reply. I’ve just got up for our day and see you’ve all sold out! Congratulations. Maybe one day I might be able to place an order for some stitch markers? Blessings to you and your family. Justine

  4. Congratulations Ginny. I’m very happy for you but not for me………..didn’t get any yarn 🙁 Maybe next time.

  5. Oh no!!?!I missed it.. So sad..

  6. Big time congrats on the sell out, Ginny! So happy to have snagged some of your beautiful handiwork. I think it is wonderful to be able to create something by hand and find a market for it…the few items I’ve been able to sell myself on etsy have really warmed my heart (not really my pocketbook, unfortunately). I hope you continue to find such great success! I know I’ll be back for more, I’m sure. Happy weekend ahead!

  7. Okay, so I’m bummed for me that I missed it- I was driving when your shop opened!! But I’m SOOO happy for you that you sold all of your beautiful goods! You are exemplifying the Proverbs 31 woman! You are so talented and doing such beautiful work 🙂

  8. Ginny,

    I emailed you this morning saying I couldn’t get the sale yarn. You were so awesome and emailed me right back. Said to wait until 10 am. I went on just after 10 and by 10:30 or so you had already sold everything. I am so happy for you. What a following you have. I ordered stitch markers and one skein of yarn. Good luck with all your doing?

  9. I am so deeply happy for you. That you are doing these things and selling them so well. God is good.

    And next time I’ll know that when you put those gorgeous stitch markers up for sale I better be fast!

  10. Ahhh!!! oh my goodness! I missed it. 🙁 Wow, Ginny.. seriously, such beautiful, beautiful work. I will just have to keep my eyes open for your next shop update! So happy for you, though, that your selling is so successful!

  11. Gah!!! I knew I should have set an alarm on my phone! I completely forgot and missed the whole thing. Next time! 🙂

  12. Waaah! Too late. Make more stitch markers!! Please. 🙂

    God bless you,

  13. Ginny,
    This is wonderful that you sold out! I’m so happy for you! Keep following your bliss. 🙂


  14. Eydie Searles says:

    Love the idea of celtic crosses. Maybe a whole set of different crosses. Can’t ever meditate enough on the gift of grace represented by the cross.

  15. Gwen Murillo says:

    Wow…one hour and you’re all sold out.

  16. I looked at your yarn around 10:30 am and there was only one skein left! I am wondering if you sold out on the coral-colored “madder root” yarn you talked about on your post Pink Yarn for a Baby Girl, or if there will be more in another shop update? We’re expecting baby #4 in July, and even though we don’t know what we’re having, I thought it would be fun to make a little hat or something special from that beautiful yarn in case we have a girl (which we’re hoping for!!!) I am a novice knitter, but I would also like to try your pattern for a newborn hat! I love your work and your blog…blessings on you & your family!

  17. Wow! In the time it took me to recover my lost etsy password, you nearly sold out! I had my eye on a miraculous medal stitch marker set, but went with the guardian angel after the miraculous medal was sold out. Not bad, as far as compromise goes! Thank you for such beautiful work! You are a gem!

  18. Oh my, I went to see about buying a skein of your beautiful yarn at 10:30 and it was all sold – congratulations!

  19. Gwen Murillo says:

    Goodness…my heart was pounding trying to get my order in. Somehow I used an old card number and finally found where I could use my paypal. You’ve got some crazy fast people. I couldn’t get some yarn I had my eye on. I’m just thankful I had the day off to do my taxes.

  20. Thanks for dying beautiful yarn. Your shop sure cleans out fast! How to do you join your strands when there is an end. I just knitted a hand puppet and came to a part I think was an end. Do I just keep knitting and it will stay together, or do I cut that and join the regular way? I am a novice knitter and had not seen that join before. Thank you.

  21. Beautiful yarn, Ginny! The stitch markers are lovely as well.

  22. Those yarns are beautiful- such nice colours!

  23. They are so beautiful, and meaningful. For about the hundredth time, I wish I could knit. I’ve been an abject failure in the past, and now that I’m a quilter, I have so much to do that I cannot afford a second hobby in either time or $$$.

  24. Jillian J says:

    I love the stitch markers, makes me think of Elizabeth’s prayer socks!
    They are beautiful, I will be ordering some soon!

  25. So many beautiful things in one post!!

  26. I love the stitch markers! I will have to look into those!

  27. Hi Ginny. I would love to order some stitch markers. I live in Australia. Have I missed your shop as when I went on there were no listings? They look.just gorgeous! Kind regards 🙂 Justine

    • We’re a day ahead of the US. You might need to google what time it will be here when it’s 10am in Virginia!

    • No, it only just went live. Yes, I ship to Australia. Shipping is high, but I will refund any over-payment more than $1.00. 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply. I’ve just got up for our day and see you’ve all sold out! Congratulations. Maybe one day I might be able to place an order for some stitch markers? Blessings to you and your family. Justine

  28. Ginny I love these beautiful blues. I’m confused. I can’t figure out the pricing or how to order? I looked on revelry and on Etsy but I didn’t see prices listed or ordering info. I’d love 2 skeins of the blue.

  29. Gris fleur says:

    Oh ! This yarn ! So beautiful ! Do you ship to Europe ?

  30. Congratulations on all of this. How fun and exciting to be able to send things out into the world that you’ve made. I hope it all goes well. 🙂

  31. That’s a very pretty shop update!

  32. Figures. 7am (PDT) is when I’m getting the house ready in the morning as we leave by 7:45am to get Little Man to school on time. But, maybe I’ll get up super early and be ready to shop right away……or maybe I don’t need any more yarn……….


  33. Ohh, beautiful! How about Celtic crosses and saints? And is there a St. Lucia out there?

    • I don’t have st. Lucia this month, but do have Joan of Arc and Kateri! I will look for Celtic crosses. Good idea!

    • Haha I know, my heart was pounding too! So funny! It was a race against the clock! We all get our thrills in different ways…my younger self would just think it is hilarious that I get so worked up about a yarn shop update!

      • Oops, I replied to the wrong comment, accidentally! Sorry if that seemed random! Actually, I DO second the call for Saint Lucia…my daughter’s namesake.

  34. Would love some St Francis of Assisi markers (if I ever manage to snag anything from your store!)

  35. Lovely lovely. I’d gladly knit with any of those skeins!

  36. So beautiful, Ginny! I wonder if these are all plant dyes, or have you used some acid dyes, too? I am playing with acid dyes right now and I am impressed with the array of colours. But my heart is with the natural dyes and I have to wait a few more months before I can get to some fresh plants. Your stitch markers are very pretty…I have a MIL who would like some very much, I think! Thanks for waiting til 10am to open the store…I’m making sure I’m out of bed on west coast time to be there when you open!
    xo Jules

    • All plant dyes! Indigo, madder root, poke berries from the freezer, and dried marigolds too!

      • So beautiful…and I set my alarm, and slept through it!!!! I missed the whole sale! Your yarn is lovely…good on you! Maybe next month I can get up even earlier! (I have my eye on that tonal light blue ~just like my son’s eye colour. Love love it!)

        xo Jules

  37. Kathleen L. says:

    Yeah!!! Can’t wait!

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