Archives for January 22, 2016


The snow is coming down quickly now, and this bit of weather is supposed to develop into a blizzard.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a blizzard, though we’ve had a few hurricanes.  I guess this will be similar, but with snow instead of rain with all the high winds.  We’ve spent the past few days preparing:  cleaning up the yard and porch, and making sure all the animals are tucked away.  I made fondant to feed our bees.  So far we haven’t lost any hives this winter, and we are hoping to keep things that way.  We have food and firewood, and are hoping that we don’t lose electricity, though we likely will.  This morning the little boys were mostly parked in front of a movie while the rest of us made last minute preparations.  Larkspur and I realized that two of our older outdoor cats, Silas and Winifred, might best be brought indoors.  That required a last minute trip out for cat litter.  I pulled up to the house and decided that I really wanted more straw as well, to wall off the area on our side porch where the other outdoor cats come to eat.  I switched cars, and headed back out.  Right now, things feel mostly under control indoors, which is the way I like it when the weather is feeling a little out of control and unpredictable.

I hope that those of you in the path of this storm stay warm and cozy!  I’ll be back in this space in a few days, I hope!

p.s. Ravelry notes on my pink Settler Shawl are here.