Archives for January 11, 2016

School Days

After a three week break, we started school again last week.  In preparation, I cleaned out the big kitchen cabinet where I store art supplies and activities so I’d be ready to keep Job and Silas occupied (almost the hardest part of homeschooling is keeping the younger ones productively occupied, isn’t it?)  Job seems to love little practical life activities, mainly different types of transferring.  He says to me, “Spoon!  Spoon!” and that means he wants a little tray, spoon, two little cups and maybe some beans to transfer.  If he spills his beans, he quickly picks them up (filling my heart with great hopes that he will grow up to be a tidy child, ha ha) He learned to sort last week:  sea glass, shells, coral, and other things from our fossil hunting trips.  Silas still mainly wants to “do art” as he calls it.  I am gifted with numerous little drawings each day, and he looks up at me with big eyes, waiting to hear me tell him how much I love his art.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that Jonny bought a sawmill last year.  He had been wanting one for years, and he loves it so much.  I joked with a friend recently that the sawmill is coming between us!  The three older boys are all learning to mill lumber.  I think that counts as school.

School days feel so full and busy, kind of hectic, and we never seem to get everything done.  Both girls started playing an instrument in December last year, so now I have to remember to make sure they practice!  Beatrix is plucking her little violin, and Larkspur started flute lessons.  Lark has been asking to learn the flute for years, and I finally had my middle school flute cleaned up and repaired for her.  It’s neat seeing her learn on my old flute!  I didn’t play beyond middle school, and in my first year of college, my grandfather, who had a collection of musical instruments, bought my flute from me, giving me the cash I needed to buy furniture for my apartment.  Years later he returned it to me, a gift.  He met Larkspur when she was a baby, and I remember carrying her back to his bedroom, as he was staying in bed most of the time.  He held her there on his bed, and I remember feeling so grateful that we had been able to make the trip to Alabama, and also grateful that she didn’t cry.  I know I have photos of that day somewhere.  He died shortly after that visit.  I think he would be pleased to know that his great granddaughter is now learning to play that flute.

Larkspur’s tenth birthday is coming up in March.  She has a specific list of wants.  Jonny helped her make a seed list for this year’s garden.  Then she wants gardening gloves (that actually fit her, she specified) and a big straw hat.  She would also like overalls and a red plaid shirt.  Where will I find those?  Anybody know where to find basic denim overalls that aren’t all weird and skinny?  The plaid shirt may prove to be a challenge too.
Thanks for all the tips!  Overalls are ordered (these), and it sounds like plaid is in right now, and I won’t have trouble finding a shirt at a local store.