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Pink Yarn for a Baby Girl

We’ve been so overwhelmed by all of your kind comments and your fun guesses about this baby!  We could hardly go to bed the night I posted, because we were all having so much fun reading your comments.  Later today, I will use the random number generator to come up with a winner of the guessing game, and update this post, and that one.  Thank you all so much for celebrating with us.  It means a lot to me, more than I can say.

When Jonny and I walked into our first prenatal appointment, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My last five babies were born at home (though my first was a hospital birth), and here we were suddenly planning a hospital birth and knowing that things would be different this time.  Some changes hard, some needed and welcomed.

In a conventional setting, as many of you know, at the first appointment pregnancy is usually confirmed by seeing the baby’s heart beating.  I was very nervous as Jonny and I waited for my midwife to come in and start the ultrasound.  It felt like we waited forever.  The midwife arrived (my first time meeting her) and was lovely, and made me feel completely comfortable.  It only took her a moment to find the baby and her little heart beating.  And those were my precise thoughts as soon as I saw that tiny baby on the screen, “There she is.”  Weeks later, my instincts were confirmed.  We are indeed expecting another little girl.  I know you can imagine how excited that Larkspur and Beatrix are, me too!  Larkspur keeps saying to me, “I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe we’re going to finally have a baby sister.”  And this not because she doesn’t love her baby brothers.  It’s just not quite the same, you know?  The boys on the other hand are kind of hilarious.  Over the weeks leading up to learning that our baby is a girl, Silas could frequently be heard saying, in his four year old way, “If this baby is a girl, Gabe and I are outta here!”  But, I’m happy to report that they haven’t yet fled.  I know that they won’t be able to resist her once she’s here.  Babies have a way of doing that, making everyone love them, no matter what.

I have been saving myself this giant skein of Targhee wool with plans to dye it pink if we learned that we were having a girl.  It’s not that I wouldn’t have knit anything for a baby boy, I just have a pretty big collection of baby knits in blues, browns, and greens since my last two babies were boys.  I don’t really have any baby girl knits.  I purchased some madder root, because I love the coral shades of pink you can achieve when dyeing with it.  And for the past couple of weeks, I have been dyeing lots of peachy-pink yarn. And while this little girl will certainly wear blue, brown, and green, she’s going to have some pink as well.  Possibly, a LOT of pink.  Because I’m pretty hooked on madder.  I’ll definitely make some of this available in my next shop update as well.  I don’t need THAT much pink yarn!

Thank you all again for sharing our excitement!  We’re pretty thrilled.  Well, most of us are.  And Silas will come around eventually, I’m certain.

***edited to add that I’ve just emailed Claire, who guessed correctly and commented, “Girl, girl, girl!

Congratulations! Wonderful news. You look beautiful. Would love to read either of your favorite books. Blessings to you both!”