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A Yellow Sweater (and a little somebody else)

Several of you assured me that I would love my Barn Sweater, remarking that you wear yours all the time.  And it’s true, I love it!  I finished it just in time for actual winter temperatures to arrive, and I’ve been wearing it constantly.  I’m so glad that I used Beaverslide wool to knit it.  It’s sturdy and warm, and I know it will hold up to lots of wear.  I had been saving a set of WoolyMossRoots black walnut buttons for I don’t know how long, three years maybe, and was so happy as I sewed them on.  I think they suit this sweater just perfectly.

But, there was one little thing that I couldn’t and didn’t take into account when I began this sweater last summer…

My Barn Sweater doesn’t quite fit in the middle because we are expecting a new little one in late June!  We’re pretty excited.  BABY!!!  You might think that it gets to be routine after so many, but it doesn’t.  I can hardly believe it.  And that is despite the fact that we already know the sex of this little one.

Maybe we should play a little guessing game!  If you include your guess of whether this baby is a boy or a girl in a comment, I will randomly select one of the correct guessers and send you one of my favorite books, and what I happen to be re-reading right now:  a new hard copy of My Antonia.  Unless you already own two copies (like me).  In that case, I’ll send you Kristin Lavransdatter.  I’ll reveal the news end of the week in a new post, and announce/email the winner.

****Guessing game is over!  She’s a girl!!  And I’ve just emailed Claire, who commented, “Girl, girl, girl!

Congratulations! Wonderful news. You look beautiful. Would love to read either of your favorite books. Blessings to you both!”

Thank you all for your congratulations and for playing along with me!!