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The week before Christmas

Small Things Christmas-1729

Larkspur would be quick to tell you that though she’s been working hard for weeks to prepare, with handmade gifts and decorations, so far this is her worst Christmas ever.  Sometimes that happens, despite your best efforts.  The weather doesn’t cooperate (high today of 75 degrees here in Virginia), the parents are preoccupied with things that feel too big to shift focus from, the older brothers can’t seem to get along.

But then there was Christmas Eve mass, and singing in the choir, Mommy nearby having sat with her knitting in the church for nearly two hours, to be sure of a seat.  And maybe, for just a moment, that Christmas feeling finally started to creep in.

Some years are cozier, and the Christmas spirit envelops us.  Some years might seem to fall flat.  But the gift never changes, no matter how we feel.  This is what I remind Larkspur, (and myself).  We celebrate love that conquers all.  “And don’t forget,” I tell her, “Christmas is a season, and it’s only just beginning.”

As we head into this beautiful season, I wish you all a very, merry Christmas!


**edited to add:  The icons are from Legacy Icons, and the wooden nativity is from Armadillo Dreams.