Archives for December 15, 2015

With Mexican Safflower

(my yarn shop will be updated at 10 a.m. EST today)

Last month, at my brother’s wedding in New Mexico, I overheard my dad sharing with friends about the yarn dyeing I have been doing, that I often use plants that I collect to make dyes, and that people (you guys!) buy my yarn.  Hearing him talking about what I have been doing, sounding *I think* a little proud of me, made me feel really good.  It’s not that he isn’t proud of me for other things, but his words gave me a little boost of confidence.  It just made me happy.  You know how it feels when your parents praise you?  It still feels good when you’re an adult, right?  (Reminds me that I need to do a better job of regularly praising my kids-especially my older ones!)  Later in the week, we stopped at a drug store so that my dad could visit his friend, the pharmacist.  (We were in the town he used to live in).  I stayed in the car with the girls, because he was only going to be a few minutes.  When he came back, he handed me a couple small packets of Mexican safflower that he had purchased inside.  “I don’t know if you can do anything with this, ” he said.  I wasn’t sure if I could either, but I thanked him, and tucked it away in my bag, happy that he saw it and thought of me and my yarn dyeing.

It turned out that those two little packets created enough lovely color that I was able to dye two skeins of yarn.

I think these two skeins are the prettiest yellows, ever (though tickseed sunflower is a very close second!)  These skeins are yellow with orange-ish yellow variegation.  They are gorgeous!

I pulled together a small last minute shop update, and have these two skeins listed along with some others that I have been working on in recent weeks (will be up at 10 a.m. EST).  I needed to create some blues for a friend recently, and spent a day dyeing with indigo, which resulted in some lovely blues!  You’ll find quite a few of them, along with some walnut and pokeberry dyed skeins.  Oh, and there is some tickseed sunflower too!

Thank you all for your support!