Archives for December 14, 2015

Warm Almost Winter

Feeding Bees-0524

I much prefer summer to winter.  I don’t like being cold, not a bit.  But I also like the predictability of the seasons.  I expect summer to be warm, and winter (or almost winter) to be cold.  And when the weather does wacky things, it makes me feel weird.  The other problem with warm late fall or early winter days is that it makes the honeybees active.  They start flying, and flying requires energy.  All that moving around means that they eat through their winter stores faster than they would if it was cold outside and they were just staying huddled in their winter cluster.  So we find ourselves feeding the bees, and will have to keep doing so as long as this warm weather continues.

The other effect of this weather is that my kids don’t want to do anything but play in the creek.  I don’t remember them playing in the water this much in the summer!  And I am just not in the mood for the muddy clothes and multiple baths everyday right now!  We should all be sitting cozy around the fire, quietly looking at books and doing simple crafts (actually that never happens here, but as long as I am engaging in wishful thinking).

On the positive side, I’m not shivering.  Soon enough I’m sure it will be cold again, and I will fondly remember the warm days of almost winter that we had.