(My brother and my dad)
(Ruth’s (Dan’s bride) Grandpa and brother)

(My grandma)

(My sister, Erin caught the bouquet!  She was so proud!!)

(My brother Sam, dancing with Larkspur)

(My sister, Sarah with Dan)

Before the ceremony began, I went into the dressing area and saw Ruth, talking on her phone, looking concerned.  I asked her if everything was allright.  She explained that when she picked up her dress from the dry cleaners, that they had neglected to give her the veil.  She only noticed when she went to get dressed.  It was Sunday morning, they were closed, and there was nothing to be done.  She shrugged her shoulders and said, “It happens.”  And that was that.  She didn’t cry, she didn’t freak out.  I don’t know Ruth well, though we did get to spend a day with her last year, when she was interning in D.C. and Dan came to visit.  So it is just a glimpse here and a glimpse there, but she seems very sweet.  Her reaction to the veil situation really impressed me.  She can roll with the punches (I can’t totally relate to that–been known to freak out a bit, so I really admire her attitude!)

The wedding was pretty small, and went smoothly as far as I could tell and my little girls loved every minute of being flower girls.  I didn’t take many pictures of the actual ceremony, because there was a professional handling that.  The wedding was mid-day and outdoors and I have no idea how to deal with that kind of harsh light-so thank goodness for the pro!  Poor Dan got a sunburn, but it matched all the red.  There was so much dancing afterwards, some traditional Mexican dances, and lots of just fooling around.  The kids had loads of fun.  My brother Sam had the most fun I think I’ve ever seen him have.  He danced, and jumped, and jumped some more.  He’d rest for a few minutes and then start again.  Larkspur surprised me with all her dancing as well.  She’s not as reserved as I sometimes think her to be!  She was tuckered out by the end of the day, but Beatrix wasn’t.  That child can go, and go, and go.

Oh, and according to my brother, during a conversation we had about a year ago when I was being a nosy big sister and asking him when he was going to propose, he says that my reply to him telling me that he was just “Waiting for the right moment,” was, “That’s bull@#$%.  You just need to do it.”  Ha!!!!  I don’t remember using that strong language, but I guess it made an impression.  He fondly told me that he likes to recount that story to friends and relatives.  Oh dear!

I’m so glad he did propose and that he’s married now to sweet Ruth and I wish them so much happiness together!!!



  1. weddings are so joyful and wonderful! I loved seeing the photos and that one of Bea dancing away is so sweet and so is larkspur tuckered out.

  2. Yes with the veil situation I think he found the perfect woman. I wish I was more like that. It’s a beautiful wedding!! Lovely pics.

  3. I love her reaction to the veil! It shows that for her it was about the love and marriage, not having “the perfect day.” 🙂

  4. How very beautiful, thoroughly enjoyed the wedding pics! You have such a nice family.

  5. Ahh, looks beautiful, what lovely flowers. Thanks for posting, I love a good wedding! Although I think I would have been apoplectic about the veil incident! I hope they make up for it.

  6. CT Bridget says:

    Here’s to nosy big sisters! What would they do without is?

  7. Beautiful couple, beautiful event, beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous setting. Everyone looks so happy — just like they should at a wedding!

  8. Hey, I know that view…looking at it right now! What a beautiful wedding. I wish the happy couple all the best!

  9. Dear Ginny, thank you for posting about this beautiful day. I found your blog through my love of knitting but I also love reading about your family. You toe a good line- always being kind and respectful but making it real too. I’m fascinated by big families ( I’m an only, married to a man with one brother and we have three children) and would love to hear about your family of origin sometime- we know from this you have at least two brothers and two sisters so another big family.

  10. I am so impressed about the veil, too!

    When my aunt got married the zipper in her dress broke so one of the great aunts pulled a full size spool of white thread and needle and scissors out of her purse and stitched her all the way up the back. I have wondered if she always has the thread and such or just packed it up for that day in case.

  11. Kendra Mitchell says:

    I know that mountain view (and clubhouse)! You were just up the street from my in-laws. Beautiful photos of a lovely event.
    I miss the New Mexico sky so much.

  12. Congratulations to them!…so beautiful!
    I tell you I would have had a fit if my veil had been missing!!!
    She sure handled it well…I need more of that!

  13. what a beautiful wedding! With hair like that she didn’t need a veil! She looked lovely.

  14. I like to think of myself as a roll-with-the-punches kind of gal, but I would be so sad if my veil didn’t show up for the one day to wear it! She has a great mindset.

    Looks like lots of fun, but I kept thinking…didn’t she just post pictures of snow??

  15. What a beautiful wedding and Ruthie sounds like an amazing woman .
    Congratulations on gaining a new sister.
    I didn’t know you had an Erin in your family!!! 🙂

  16. Beautiful wedding. Looks like they had a wonderful day!

  17. Haahaa. Well sometimes the truth must be spoken, even in not so elegant terms. Lovely photos!

  18. Lovely pictures of a warm family occasion. These are times to be treasured. Thank you for sharing them.

  19. The flower girls are super cute!

  20. What gorgeous photos, and how beautiful the bride looked. I’m glad everyone had so much fun, it really sounds like the perfect day. CJ xx

  21. I think my favorite shot is the one with the kids running out towards the mountains. So magical! 🙂

    Looks like it was a great party. And yes, Ruth’s response…I can learn something from that too, haha!

    Have a good weekend, Ginny!

  22. And where is a picture of you?????

  23. Beautiful pictures of the wedding. I’m so glad you made it in time. The girls looked so pretty and looked like they had a marvelous time. I hope someone took your picture with the girls. Thanks for sharing!

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