The baby turns 2!

(kitty attacked his toes under the table!)

Job turned two last week!  We celebrated slowly over a couple of days because we are all recovering (some more quickly than others) from an illness.  I meant for the main celebration to be on Saturday, though that was two days past his actual birthday.  I planned on baked apples with caramel sauce and Job’s gifts in a pile on the table in our decorated kitchen.  In reality, we didn’t decorate, but the floor was clean (thanks to my older boys).  The only gifts left to give were a few board books that I wrapped that evening, along with his gift from Larkspur.  The caramel apples were vetoed in favor of apple cake (not terrible photogenic, but delicious) with caramel sauce (recipe from Cooking from Quilt Country–That cookbook is full of amazing dessert recipes!)  Job rejected his birthday crown, but loved the hat I knit him to match Silas.’  I added a pom-pom that Keats made, thinking that Job would like that and it would help the boys tell their hats apart.  It ended up smaller than I imagined, and I didn’t fasten it on very well, so it’s kind of a sad pom-pom, but Job likes it anyway.

I had a hard time deciding on gifts, because really, Job doesn’t need anything.  I finally settled on a plastic t-Ball set, not my typical style, but something I knew he would really like (and he does!)  His big gift was a swing.  I looked at all the pretty wooden ones available, but ended up settling on a playground type bucket swing, and I am really happy with it.  I think it will last for years, and Job loves it.  I think his favorite gift was probably the little bag of homemade crayons that Larkspur planned for and worked on for days, actually weeks, as she was interrupted by our trip to New Mexico.  He likes to take all the crayons out of the bag and look at them, and then put them back inside.  He has done a bit of coloring with them too.  Beatrix and Silas wanted to make him watercolor birthday cards, but I think they forgot the card part.  Job didn’t mind, he was just happy that he was able to come behind them and do some painting himself.

Our last copy of Goodnight Moon went missing a year or so ago, probably around the time that Silas tired of it.  That books gets so worn, that I have replaced it multiple times.  Now it’s Job’s turn to ask for it every day, and probably more than once.  I don’t mind.  As Larkspur says, it’s the coziest book ever.  I was thinking about the truth in that, despite the fact that an actual room done up in those colors would not be my definition of cozy!

(You can find a list of our favorite board books here.  We tend to just keep re-reading and occasionally re-buying the same ones year after year.)



  1. Happy Birthday Job!
    So sweet to see Larkspur’s process and gift.
    There’s a Children’s museum in my town with a Real Life Goodnight Moon room, which my kids enjoy. Having experienced the colors in real life, I have to agree with you.

  2. I can’t believe he is 2! Happy birthday Job! And I love his hat!

  3. I spy Sandra Boynton! LOVE her board books! 🙂

    I like birthday parties. It looks like it was a grand time, despite sickness and change in plans.

    The crayons are such a fun gift and sweet labor of love! I can just picture a baby his age delighting in taking them in and out of the bag.

  4. Happy Birthday to Job!!! I like you philosophy about gift. I like that they’re simple and useful.
    And that hat looks gorgeous!

  5. I went to Hollins College in Roanoke, VA – the same school Margaret Wise Brown attended. Of course, when I had my boys, any and all of her books were high on our list to own (she wrote hundreds.) For parents, I highly recommend Margaret Wise Brown: Awakened by the Moon by Leonard Marcus. A fascinating read into her life and career. Although she was a reluctant children’s book author (and did not like the designation as it was not respected at the time), she had a natural gift for the poetic use of language and sound that children (of all ages) are drawn to. This is particularly interesting as she never had children of her own. She just never forgot what it was like to be a child – an important lesson, I think. At the time she began writing, books for very young children really didn’t exist and the few that did were authored by illustrators as a means of having their art published – the story was secondary and even considered irrelevant by some. Children’s books simply would not be what they are today without her.
    Happy Birthday to Job! I think the simple celebrations are the best and most memorable.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOB Have a year of fun,happiness and blessings. Love your family pictures.
    Marion and Family

  7. Happy Birthday to both of you!
    Oh, it seems like just yesterday that he was just a tiny one…
    Your birthday celebrations are a lot like ours:)

  8. That’s the baby? That you just had?

  9. Happy birthday Job! What a wonderful celebration of you! Can’t believe it’s been two years since your birth. Love your family Ginny……such simple, endearing traditions. Blessings & wellness to you all this week.

  10. Awww, Happy birthday, Job! What a little cutie! Your party sounds like one I want to have. 🙂

  11. happy birthday to your sweet adorable Job!!

  12. Happy birthday to Job. My has he grown. Beautiful gifts.

  13. How is Job 2 already?? Looks like a lovely lovely celebration(s). Happy birthing day, mama!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wishes to Job. Once again, your photographs are just superb. Glad to know that you had a safe trip to and from your New Mexico destination. Best wishes to your Brother and your new Sister-in-Law. Job’s hat looks nice; you seem to have the most wonderful yarns to work with! Tell Larkspur she did a good job with those crayons.

  15. Happy Birthday Job!
    We too celebrated our little one’s 2nd birthday and I just can’t believe my baby is 2! Where has the time gone?
    Another Great celebration Ginny!

  16. There’s something to be said about the familiar! 🙂
    I didn’t realize as we celebrated the youngest birthdays that I would look back and be sad. At the time I was so excited to be getting our little family raised. Now, I look back and long for some of those days. Like the one millionth reading of Goodnight Moon! 🙂
    Happy birthday Job!

  17. Happy (belated) Birthday to Job! I can’t believe he is two already, when he was born I had already been reading your blog for so long. It seems two years goes by in the blink of an eye. And I’m still in shock that Bracken turned five in October!!

  18. Love the crayon idea! Could you please share the directions for that? Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us 🙂

    • After peeling off the wrappers and filling the little trees (silicon mold we bought at craft store) with crayon pieces, she baked them at 275 till melted (doesn’t take too long–maybe 10 minutes?) Then pulled out and cooled! They pop right out of the mold, but must be completely cooled first.

  19. Happy belated birthday Job! I think your entire family is cozy. Your life is adorable. I always feel soothed by looing at your photos and reading about your life.

  20. Love the crayons Larkspur made! What a great idea. The swing is great too – I used to spend hours on that thing as a kid :).

    I hope you’re all feeling better and I’m glad Job had a good birthday!

  21. Happy, Happy birthday to Job!!…2 already!…Wow!…time
    goes by so very fast…I can remember your blog posts when
    you were pregnant with him and we were all waiting for his arrival!
    …love the crayon idea and what a cute little hat….love the colors!

  22. Happy Birthday to Job! I remember when he was born.

    Is there some sort of special homemade paint in those jars? It looks like fun!

  23. Do you also have the book “New Recipes from Quilt Country”? More great recipes and beautiful pictures!

  24. How sweet! Love the crayon idea by Larkspur! Two already – time goes fast. I came to your blog when Silas was about Job’s age. Sweet family, thanks for sharing!

  25. I can’t believe your babe Job is already two, didn’t you just have him?!
    Love all the sweet gifts, especially the books. I always give books as
    birthday gifts.

  26. Bonnie Schulzetenberg says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Job,
    You are right, age 2? They really don’t need anything – if they really needed it: they most likely already had it. I really love the crayons in the tree forms. Great Job Larkspur!
    Get Well Soon Ginny and family!
    Hot Peppermint tea and a lemon cake under a blanket 🙂

  27. Happy birthday, Job! What a lovely celebration. He is getting so big and he looks like such a sweet little boy. I hope he loves his swing for a long time. I have playground swings for my kids too, the sling kind for big kids, and they’re awesome. They were a little more expensive than the basic replacement ones for the swing set but they’re so tough and I’m told they can swing higher in them. Maybe. 🙂

  28. Gwendolyn says:

    Lark had a great idea for a gift. Could you give us directions on that? Love all the pictures. When you said the baby turned 2 I couldn’t believe it. Not Job! Time sure has quickly passed. I love your birthday celebrations. So much thought goes into everything. I usually give money or buy one gift so it’s nice to see the creativity involved. We had to put new tires on our farm truck and it took forever and then worked on our wood pile, but I made time to work on a Miss Maggie dress. Have a great week!

    • After peeling off the wrappers and filling the little trees (silicon mold we bought at craft store) with crayon pieces, she baked them at 275 till melted (doesn’t take too long–maybe 10 minutes?) Then pulled out and cooled! They pop right out of the mold, but must be completely cooled first.

  29. So sweet! Always fun to see that thought and joy that are put into your family celebrations! Happy birthday, Job!

  30. Oh, the last picture! Sweetest, lovely little one. Happy birthday darling. Lovely days.

    I have been so consumed with reorganizing my office and stuff going on it I have been out of touch with everything. Just getting back to things and owe you an email. Today! Xo

  31. We have gone through so many copies of Goodnight Moon also! Our last copy of the board book is covered in duct tape…holding it all together. Happy Birthday Job! What a sweet boy!

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