Made by Alejandro {giveaway x2!}

Today’s giveaway is from Made by Alejandro. Their crew consists of five children: one princess and four 1st mates. God has charted a course for them with many wild adventures (“Papa cooked what for dinner!?”) and some hair raising moments (“Mama volunteered Papa for a lead role in the ballet recital!”).  Life is never dull.

unnamedBorn and raised in the Bronx, NY, Alejandro began working with leather in college during a theater class. He stumbled upon a Commedia del Arte mask and it’s been an adventure in discovery ever since. Who knew leather could be so much fun to work with? For years, Alejandro has worked with leather and is always amazed at how gripping the look, feel, and smell of it is. Mask making was so much fun that Alejandro traveled to Italy to learn how the masters of the Italian Comedy originally made their masks. He returned to the U.S. with a better understanding of what leather could do and began exploring it’s many uses. It began small, with bookmarks and knife sheaths; then eventually grew to larger pieces such as an open topped box bag made from leather. Every time he made something, he was nudged further in an unexpected direction that changed him from thinking about leather as a hobby, into leather as a new art medium.

collageIn 2010, How To Train Your Dragon opened in theaters. After seeing it, an idea sparked in Alejandro’s head. Why not make a sword out of leather so he and his kids could play? It would be safe and fun. It was a hit; the kids loved them! After the first week of ow’s and ouches, the shields were born. The shields were large enough where he could hand carve fun images into them to make them more appealing and differentiate which was whose. The day after, crawling into the bushes to find the kids’ swords resulted in him making the sword belts.

Soon, parents were placing orders because their own children were asking for Alejandro’s swords. That’s when he realized that this had the potential to become more than he imagined. Within a month, Alejandro found himself with a new title and career: Artisan Toymaker. He now sells reenactment toys and other beautiful items at art fairs across the U.S., a couple of art centers, a natural toy store, and online through Etsy.

swordsBefore Alejandro makes anything, it has to spark a child’s imagination (starting with his own). Also, it has to inspire children to want to play together. Everything he makes is by hand, and he likes it that way. This approach allows him to give each piece his personal attention and helps make the toys heirloom quality, children friendly, and mom approved.


This giveaway has ended, but you can still receive 10% of your entire purchase with the coupon code SmallThings2015. This offer is good through Thursday, November 12th.

Alejandro is excited to do something a little different for this year’s holiday giveaway. Alejandro is giving away two Pirate Sets (an eye patch & sword). The first Pirate Set will go to one of you. It contains a BLUE Eye Patch and one-of-a-kind SWORD: blue/white wrapped handle, stamped with a Celtic Cross, and coated with a silver sparkle. For a chance to win the BLUE Pirate Set, start by leaving a comment on this post.  Then you will need to enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.  You can visit our Facebook page (and we’d love for you to “like” it!) and “favorite” Made by Alejandro on Etsy for additional chances to win.   Comments are closed, and the winner is announced below.
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madebyalenjadron20151The second Pirate Set will go to someone that you nominate. It contains a RED Eye Patch and one-of-a-kind SWORD: red/white wrapped handle, stamped with a Celtic Cross, and coated with a gold sparkle. Nominate someone who, due to any number of reasons, will have few gifts under their tree this year. (Not everyone knows someone who is in need, and if you don’t, it won’t affect your chances to win the blue sword.) But if you do, this is how both you and Alejandro are going to bless them this year. To nominate someone for the RED Pirate Set, leave a comment with the person’s name (Including the last name is not necessary, but make sure your email address is correct so we can contact you if the person you nominate wins.  So for instance you might comment, “I would like to nominate my friend Sally.”)   This portion of the giveaway is now closed.  The winner has been randomly selected from those nominated using random number generator.

In addition, Alejandro is also offering 10% of your entire purchase with the coupon code SmallThings2015. This offer is good through Thursday, November 12th.

Thank you, Alejandro!

handmade leather toys


  1. Megan Wahl says:

    thank you for the chance! these are so beautifully made

  2. For the second set, I nominate my friend Pamela. With three little boys the set would be well loved!

  3. I love these sword sets. His work is flawless.

  4. What an awesome idea! I nominate my friend Tanisha (or rather her son Tristan :))

  5. Lori Watson says:

    For the second set, I nominate my friend Anna.

  6. Lori Watson says:

    My boys would love to play with one of your swords.

  7. These are truly works of art! Love the detail and craftsmanship. If I won I’d nominate our daughter, Bria, for her little ones.

  8. Oh, wow! I nominate our little friend Killian.

  9. Oh I would love to win this for one of my sons!!

  10. These are amazing! Our son would love this!

  11. How lovely! I’d love to win one for a great kid in my life.

  12. My littlest would love this! Her older brother and sister have some beautiful daggers by this talented craftsman, and my youngest would love to have one as well.

  13. Beautiful workmanship!

  14. Melissa N says:

    I would like to nominate Coleson for the second set. He is my nephew, son of my sister who is dealing with addiction and has left her children. Thanks

  15. Melissa N says:

    I have admired these toys for quite some time, and my three boys would love playing with anything that alejandro makes. Thank you.

  16. I would like to nominate Cade for the second set. Thanks.

  17. This would be an awesome gift for my grandson. Thanks for a chance.

  18. Beautiful workmanship!

  19. Stephanie says:

    We love all our made by alexandro items! They are amazing and feel wonderful in your hands too! Would love this pirate set for my kiddos

  20. I love the story behind these! My son would love to pretend play with the blue patch and sword!

  21. What great items you have created!!

  22. Beautiful toys! I love the craftsmanship.

  23. What wonderful and beautiful toys! My kids would enjoy this very much and I would nominate my friend Tania to win the second set for her son. 🙂

  24. great giveaway my boys would love it.

  25. We purchased a sword sheath last year for our son (8) Jericho’s Christmas present. We only give a few and we insist they be wonderful and handmade. Jericho LOVES his sheath!

    Wonderful quality!

    I nominate Jessica – who has a tribe of 4 boys! 🙂

  26. This is providential! I was just searching today for Alejandro and his work, but couldn’t remember his name! And it was for this EXACT item, a leather sword for my son for Christmas! How exciting!

  27. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. Liz Underhay says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. For the second I nominate Wintry.

  30. The swords are awesome!

  31. For the second set I nominate Elisabeth.

  32. My grandsons would absolutely be crazy about these!!!

  33. I love this! I’ve looked into these for my son!

  34. What a great set! Thank you for the chance to win.

  35. I would like to nominate Aaron. He is a little boy at the school my daughter teaches at. He has been very sick and lives with his granmother. I immediately thought of him because from what my daughter tells me he has a great imagination.

  36. For the second pirate set I nominate my granddaughter’s 1st grade best friend Oliver Choi.

  37. For the second set, I nominate Harper.

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