Beatrix’s Birthday (and Heartwood Cape!)

It’s been two weeks now since we celebrated Beatrix’s birthday, and I keep forgetting to share the day(s) with you.  We typically don’t have big parties, but she really wanted a party with friends and I managed to pull it together.  Beatrix and Larkspur happen to have three sets of sisters as friends, so we invited both Bea’s friends and their big sisters so it was really a party for both girls.  I made cucumber sandwiches and fruit salad and we had sparkling cider.  Then there were cupcakes (complete with candles made by one of the girls’ friends!) and hot herbal tea with sugar cubes.

While planning the party, we realized we would be short a few tea cups, so the girls and I made a trip to Goodwill to look for some.  We searched through the shelves, and found a few that would work, but then at the last minute, I found five teacups to match those we already had at home!  These are older teacups, with a beautiful maple leaf pattern on them, a set I found at another Goodwill many months ago.  It felt like a small miracle to find those matching cups!

We planned a craft based wholly on Alicia’s party hat pattern (which I had intended to sew for Bea’s birthday, but didn’t manage to.)  The girls decorated card stock hats, and then decorated them, and I think they had a lot of fun doing so.  Beatrix went a little overboard with the white glue, so typical of her. 🙂

The following day, Beatrix’s official birthday, we celebrated as a family.  She opened gifts, and we ate ice cream.  We gave her a simple plastic bead organization box along with beads and elastic cording, because she and Larkspur both spend hours making bracelets.  I also gave her the Phyllis Mouse that I had been working on at night when she was sleeping.  Despite the fact that she knew I had the kit and surely intended to make it for her someday, I do think she was surprised and pleased.  There were a couple other small gifts that I am forgetting now, and then of course her heartwood cape.  I didn’t actually finish it until after she went to bed on her birthday.  After binding off the last stitches I tiptoed into the girls’ room to see if Bea was asleep yet, and she wasn’t.  I whispered for her to get up and come see something.  I pulled the cape over her head and was so happy to see that it fit her perfectly.  She was completely surprised and thrilled with it.  I think it suits her well and will get lots of use!

I can hardly believe that this baby is seven years old now!


  1. Such a beautiful cape! Your handiwork is so lovely, Ginny.
    A very happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Beatrix! What a delightful party and celebration she had. I love the story of you giving her the cape . Your knitting is lovely, and what a beautiful memory she will have of that special moment.

  3. She is beautiful and that cape, well it’s gorgeous and you did such a lovely job!

  4. Happiest of birthdays to Bea!! What a lovely birthday – party and all. The cape is perfect and looks fantastic on her!

  5. Oh my goodness, that cape is gorgeous! It will compliment her blue eyes perfectly!

  6. A beautifully innocent birthday: thank you for sharing. He is faithful in the small things: even teacups. 🙂

  7. That cape is STUNNING. Such sweet times, celebrating the years with our children. But oh, the beautiful heartbreak of watching babies become young ladies so quickly!

  8. Such a special day to celebrate Bea. Really encompassing everything a girl would love! Happy belated birthday to a beautiful young lady!!!

  9. Lovely calm and simple birthday party; kind of like a ‘mad hatter’ tea party. I really like the craft party hat activity. I have only boys but I still lay out a craft table and the boys love it when they eventually sit down from running around and around. Oh my, beautiful shawl. Happy Birthday to your beautiful ‘big’ girl!

  10. lovely and that cape is beautiful! what a special time! 7, such a special age! and my favourite number, since I was 7!

  11. So very, very sweet and lovely. Happy belated birthday Beatrix!!

  12. a joyful and love filled event!

  13. I am old enough to be your mother, but I always find your posts so calming. I read many of the books you talk about reading and would love to knit like you do. I have finally started knitting just simple wash cloths, but knitting has been something I have wanted to do for years, so hopefully one day I will get into more intricate items. Right now I am just happy with items with no mistakes that I don’t know how to fix. You are a wonderful mother, homemaker, writer etc. and I understand your frustrations with yourself and your life. It is nice that you share the good and bad with us. You live such a good, simple life in such a fact paced world where families are in a constant state of distress trying to do all and have all. You definitely live the good life and you are so good for so many. Thanks Ginny!

  14. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness! *I* can’t believe that little Beatrix is 7! I remember that post, Ginny! She looks glorious as does the party. Happy 7!

  16. Happy Birthday to Beatrix. The cape is beautiful! And the party sounds just right, down to the sugar cubes. 🙂

  17. Beautiful cape! I love the way you hosted a crafty party for your girls. It’s exactly what I envision for my little girls! 🙂

  18. Beautiful pictures of the birthday party. Beautiful girls…they take after their mother. I couldn’t believe I forgot to look for your yarn items on Friday. I guess I was distracted with no grandkids in the house to occupy my time and I was in cleaning mode. I was able to get a skein the next day from your stash! So excited to see the color when it arrives. Ended up doing some knitting on a simple Christmas tree coaster that I’m going to turn into an ornament for the tree, finished a baby hat for a boy (pattern from the Purl So Ho site), and finished a Miss Maggie knitted dress. My husband commented that I didn’t do anything all week except knit…did he miss that I mopped the floors, dust the hutch, table and chairs, cleaned the hall tree, organized the mittens/hats/scarves, did laundry, changed sheets, washed the dishes, and went through the children’s books in our bedroom and gave many to Goodwill?? I guess he just noticed that I didn’t help with feeding cows, dogs and cats! Oh well, I sure had a great time.

  19. A Happy Birthday for sure :-).

  20. Happy Birthday to your Bea! Beautiful cape and lovely party, so sweet!

  21. Happy belated birthday to Bea! Her party looks like it was a lot of fun.

  22. Sounds like the perfect way for a sweet girl to celebrate her birthday! Love the party hats!

  23. I am now infatuated with that cape!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Well done, mom.

  24. What a wonderful girls day! Love it all. And the cape is absolutely gorgeous. The color is wonderful for Beatrice! Happy Birthday to Beatrice!

  25. She looks so demure in her cape! So unlike the Bea we’re used to. 😉 Seven is such an awesome age. Enjoy!

  26. Seven? Oh my. It goes too quickly….. seven is a wonderful year, such a fun age. And goodness she looks like you in those last few photos. Happy birthday to her (and you!) xo~

  27. I love your celebrations…so simple and so sweet. The hats are gorgeous and I must remember this some day for grand daughters. My fav is seeing Beatrix ON the table while crafting! Happy belated birthday to her. thanks for sharing.

  28. How fun–and what a beautiful cape!

  29. Dear Ginny, my daughter wants a candle making set for Christmas. Does your friends daughter, the one who made the candle, recommend a kit or introductory set? Blessed advent to you!

  30. That color blue looks so good on her! Lovely cape :).

    I always loved doing crafty things during birthday parties as a kid (funny – I really don’t like to do crafts now, haha) . The girls look like they’re having lots of fun, too!

    PS. Those Beatrix-as-a-toddler pictures are so adorable. Though I think she’s just as adorable now, as then :). She reminds me of Job!

  31. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Bea!! I love her hair cut & the cape! We once made card stock crowns for one of my girls birthday parties & I think it was the most fun they have ever had. It’s the simple things that make life good!!

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