The last week of summer

Our original plan for this past week was for the entire family to travel to Cooperstown, NY for a week-long baseball tournament for Keats and Gabe.  But, finances and farm animals ended up requiring us to change our plans.  Jonny borrowed a tent and decided to camp out at a state park outside of Cooperstown.  He talked about taking some of the younger kids, maybe the girls and Silas, but I discouraged that plan, thinking it would be too much for them, a week of camping (and knowing Jonny, junk food!)  No, I couldn’t let him camp out solo with small children for a week, so I encouraged Jonny to have a boys week with Keats and Gabe and the other dads.  Then, a few days before they were to leave, Jonny had an extra long work day and didn’t arrive home until bedtime.  I was on the verge of tears with pain by the time he returned, Job being in a hold-me-all-the-time phase which just wreaks havoc on my pelvis.  I realized that there was no way I could handle a week on my own with the little boys.  I haven’t written much here about the effects of my last pregnancy, and Job’s shoulder dystocia birth, but I suffer from some long-term disability. I do have hopes that with time and Job getting older and less needy, that maybe I won’t live with chronic pain forever.  Sometimes I feel very discouraged and wish so much that I could have done something to prevent this, could have known how that pregnancy was going to go there at the end, and taken some preventative measures to preserve my poor bones.  Though I learned through x-rays that I have a congenital defect in my lower back which has contributed to my problems in addition to carrying and delivering a large baby.  So, I carry on, grateful for my children, and my strong yet frustratingly weak and broken body, for carrying them.  I’m grateful for little (big!) Job and thankful that he survived his nightmare of a birth.  I’m also grateful for this week of catching up, working without little ones underfoot, getting some things in order.  I needed this time.

I spent the week doing those exciting things that I like to do when I get the chance: cleaning out cupboards and closets, and working on those plans I mentioned earlier this week.  Home with only Seth, Larkspur, and Beatrix, I couldn’t make their last week of summer all about housework though, so we had a little bit of fun, going for ice cream, and fossil hunting followed by a swim.  I didn’t find any great sharks’ teeth, but Larkspur sure did!  She made the best find of the summer I do believe.

I sent Jonny to NY with a camera, and surely he’ll have some stories to share with you guys.  Today a friend emailed me a photo she took at Cooperstown.  Job looks worn out, but Jonny is smiling!  Jonny told me over the phone that Job is all non-stop, “Dada! Dada! Dada!”  Non-stop wanting to be held and carried.  And that is exactly why he had to go camping in the woods of NY for a week with his Dada.  Because “Mama! Mama! Mama!” had to accept that she couldn’t do it.  Sweet baby, I can’t wait to see him.  Silas too!  They are both my baby boys.  And Jonny!  I better not leave him out.  Of course, I can’t wait for his return!  (Though I feel a tinge of dread over the laundry that will be arriving home with my crew.)

jonny plus Job


  1. Are you willing to tell the places that you go for fossil hunting?

  2. Job does look so tired, poor little thing. I bet he is having fun though. That is a beautiful picture of you with the girls.

  3. Pilates sorted me out after dislocating my coccyx with both of my last two births. I had horrible pelvic instability with the last two as well. It works by building your inner core strength, which takes the pressure of the other parts of your body. I used to be totally lobsided from carrying toddlers for 10 years, but 18 months after practicing pilates once a week and I am straight again! Hope the pain eases soon. X

  4. Ginny one of your pictures shows toi-toi or cutty grass – well that’s what we called it in NZ growing up

    the one with the cream/grey feather tops , log stalks and stiff green leaves – would love to know hat that’s called here – if you know

    and the jewel weed – awesome, it is growing in my garden by chance and I love it

    please ask Johnny to post name and review of the campground if he writes a post. Our baseball coach here in Maine wants to start planning for a team to go to Cooperstown in 3 years when our current minors team will all be 11 and 12 year olds.
    can’t wait to hear about it from Johnny’s perspective

    Hope the “dada” thing lingers long after the trip is over

  5. I feel like you are an old friend. All your readers do. Chronic pain is just the worst ……..please take care. My husband is an older version of Jonny. We are so fortunate.

  6. It’s hard to accept our limits sometimes, but when our bodies force us to there is no choice but to do so. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been living with chronic pain, Ginny! I’m so grateful that you and Job are okay after a traumatic birth. I wish you didn’t still have pain to deal with. Jeff has struggled with sciatic pain and from watching him I know how incredibly painful it can be for him. My heart goes out to you! I hope you can find some things that can bring relief and help with the pain.

  7. Oh Ginny, I am sorry to hear about your pelvic pain. I know firsthand what it is like to suffer with that. After my 2nd pregnancy, I suffered for 5 years with unresolved “pelvic instability” and spent hundreds of dollars on various treatments, saw numerous professionals, etc. Anyways, I am telling you all this because I finally found a physiotherapy team that is knowledgeable in this area (most doctors have very limited knowledge in this area, as it is a women’s issue and no one can make money off of curing it as there is no pill available!), and can actually treat and HEAL this condition. I did not think I would be able to have any more children, but after only a few months of treatment (I saw Tamarah Nerreter here I was completely healed and able to conceive again. I still have issues, but it is nothing like what I dealt with before, and there is so much hope for the future. My life has been completely changed! Please email me if you would like to discuss this further. I am very passionate about pelvic issues and helping other women! My heart goes out to you.

  8. So nice to see the author of this fine blog in photos again! Sorry to hear of your pain problems. Remember to delegate more duties/responsibilities to your older children so as to give you more time for rest. I hope the baseball tournament worked out in Keats and Gabe’s favor. Summer is fading fast and the Autumnal equinox will be here on the 23rd. ; my, where has this year gone? Best wishes for a safe and happy Labor Day!

  9. I have chronic back pain as well, from an early injury, genetics and carrying three babies, one of whom was a big girl. Ohhhh, the groin/back pain was awful and constant! That was many years ago and though the pain has lessened as I don’t carry toddlers around anymore, I still have to be careful and do hurt sometimes. I go to a pilates class once a week to keep the pain in check, as well as sleep on a natural latex topper on my half of the bed. That cushion has made a HUGE difference. I wish you better days ahead in the pain department, Ginny.

  10. So sorry for your pain … we all have some type of pain and if offered would we trade the pain we have for another’s? The best though, would be if we could just take away all the pain. 🙂 Hope you are feeling a little better this week.

  11. Do you wear any kind of brace or wrap? Maybe that would help when having to hold Job. Just a thought.

  12. that is the PERFECT jump shot! Also adorable picture of J at the bottom!!

  13. Ginny, have you heard of hypopressives? As I understand it from a personal training friend, this is life changing for core strength, especially post (big!) babies. This is her information on it – UK based so not too helpful for you but she has had amazing results and swears by this relatively new approach.
    Just food for thought.
    Lovely photos and great fossils. I look forward to a Jonny post, reviewing the tournament junk food trail 😉 Hope the small break from carrying your boy gives your precious body a rest.

  14. Oh Ginny, I feel for you and me! I went horse backing riding last week and have been in crazy pain since. We are camping up in YS, which i love , but it is hard with a bad back! I will keep you in my prayers and would love a prayer too. Take care…. Looks like you and the middle children had a great weekend! Love the picture of Johnny.

  15. Praying for relief from your chronic pain. So sorry to hear about all that.

  16. I’ll pray for your back/pelvis pain, too. Jonny seems like a good daddy and has embraced being needed by the littles. What a sweet blessing.

  17. I’ll be adding you to my daily prayers for your chronic pain, Ginny. I love that last photo!! It’s been oddly quiet with no kids in the house and I waver between missing them and enjoying the silence. I cannot wait for fall to come and show itself with less humidity and heat.

  18. Poor Job looks exhausted! I love it when the little ones are tuckered out, but the grown ups still have enough energy to laugh! Kudos Johnny!

  19. I’m sure it was a week of new experiences for everyone, some good and some maybe less so, but good for them anyway. I’m sorry about your pain and the difficulties you experienced. I know what that feels like, though my difficulties were of a different nature. It’s not fun to look back on birthing experiences and mostly feel thankful to have survived. But that is important and you are certainly making the best of the situation and asking for help when you need it, which not everyone does. You have a lot to be proud of, Ginny.

  20. I know it was such a hard decision to let your babies go for a week, but I’m so thankful you were wise enough to know your limit and you are taking care of yourself. Your Jonny reminds me so much of my Mike, great husbands are not to be taken for granted. I’m looking forward to hearing all the adventures from Cooperstown.
    Larkspur has a fantastic eye, congratulations on the shark’s tooth.

  21. Your Johnny is awesome!:) Enjoy your special time with your girls and Seth, I’m sure they’re enjoying the dynamic change too

  22. My husband lives with hip and lower back pain. I help him with a secrum adjustment daily. Physical therapy has kept him moving. He also has congenital stenosis so most of this is permanent. My prayers are for you today and that you find some relief.

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