September Sponsor News

Welcome to the newest Small Things sponsors!

artisan organic tea
At Winterwoods Tea Company we’re passionate about creating delicious, gourmet tea blends using the finest local and organic ingredients. We begin by sourcing our ingredients from small, sustainable farms and companies who support our values and we hand-mix all of our original tea blends in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

knitting patterns
AndeeKF Fiber Arts & Photography, also known by my blog, Match the Pictures. I design and sell knitting patterns in my Ravelry store. I have worked hard at putting together patterns that work well for all types of yarn from handspun, small mill processed, independent dyers, and factory spun yarn.


I truly appreciate the support of both my sponsors and readers. Thank you! If you are interested in sponsorship for your business, please email me!


  1. I went to etsy to place an order, but for some reason when I try to purchase it only offers a CC option for Winterwoods. There is no paypal option of payment.

    I have some things sitting in my basket and I will leave them and check periodically to see it it offers paypal when I reload.

    Maybe it’s trying to circumvent my Fall tea needs!


  2. I wanted to donate to the tea company ….I love their ideas, but couldn’t donate through PayPal ….so wish that everybody would work with PayPal! But thanks for the introduction to this company… I will go check out their website instead!

  3. I know Tirza of Winterwoods Tea Company personally. She is a gift. Support this great Company!

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