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The past couple of weeks have been a blur with the start of a new school year, homeschooling co-op, new classes, and commitments.  I’ve been on this crazy natural yarn dyeing kick right in the midst of it all.  I’ve dyed more yarn than I could knit in a couple of years, so I’ll be selling it in my Etsy shop soon.  I’ll let you know!  I really, really love dyeing with plant based dyes, almost all of them sourced on or near our property.  It’s been a lot of fun, though I’ll be glad to slow down as my selection of plants begins to dwindle with the change of season.

Silas learned to ride a bike last week!  We bought him this balance bike for his third birthday. It took him a week or so to get the hang of it, but he’s been balancing ever since.  That little bike has been to every baseball tournament, camping trip, and even went to New York a few weeks ago.  He loves it.  I was at the thrift store last week and noticed a nice little boys’ pedal bike for five bucks.  I’ve never had a four year old ride a bike without training wheels, but I bought it, wondering if Silas might be able to ride it because of all his balance bike practice.  He needed a little help getting on and getting going, but sure enough he is riding that bike without training wheels all over the yard now. The other night he was sitting in my lap and we were discussing how precious he is.  I asked him, “Do you know why you are so precious?”  “Yes,” he replied, “I’m precious because I can ride a bike with no training wheels.”

Remember when we bought the lot next door to our house last year?  Well, there was an adjacent lot that we also wanted to buy, but couldn’t afford.  Over the past six months we’ve watched part of that patch of forest be cleared and a house erected.  Jonny was a little upset to watch that happen to land he had hoped to one day own, but I’ve been hopeful.  I started praying early on for good neighbors.  I kept my definition of “good” simple, not wanting to trouble God with things that aren’t that important in the big picture.  Maybe that’s something I should get over, but I tend to feel like I shouldn’t ask for much.  I simply prayed for neighbors who wouldn’t hate children or animals and really hoped that my prayers would be answered.  Beatrix, on the other hand, was far more specific in her prayers.  She told me that she wanted a friend, a little girl one year younger than her six years, but with a November birthday like her.  She wasn’t afraid to ask for her wishes to come true.

About two weeks ago, we noticed that someone was moving in.  The house had only been on the market for about a week, so that was quick!  We’ve been living mostly in isolation here for 13 years with the exception of some old-timers across the street.  We weren’t quite sure how to handle this development.  I called a friend to discuss.  She suggested we take them some baked goods.  But what if they have allergies?  What if they hate baked goods?  I was too nervous to do anything.  My kids took matters into their own hands and headed off into the woods to try to get a better look at these people.  In other words, they spied and I supported them in their spying, instructing them not to look into any windows, because that would be peeping rather than spying.  It’s important to differentiate.  I doubt they were discreet as they watched the family moving in.  They came home reporting that there was evidence of children, a girl and a boy they thought, along with two dogs.  In the days that ensued my kids made friends, the boy and girl being close in age to Beatrix and Larkspur.  Jonny made friends next.  Finally, I got up the nerve to walk over and introduce myself too.  They seem sweet, this new family.  I am happy to have neighbors, and our kids have already made a trail between their property and ours.  They like animals and are considering a flock of chickens of their own.  They think the goats are cool.  On Friday, the mom walked over with her kids unexpectedly.  September is our absolute messiest time of year.  Jonny is slammed with work and I am busy getting into the new fall routine.  This translates into our house and yard looking like a total dump.  She didn’t seem phased, and I thought to myself that we can only go up from here.  Good that she sees me at my worst.  I showed her around and then asked the question I have worried about most, “Do you guys have allergies?”  She answered, “No, none” and didn’t seem to think it an odd question.  I followed up with, “Not even bees or wasps?”  And she said no.  I told her, “We have honeybees…nine hives.”  She replied that her husband was interested in keeping bees himself.  I showed her the hives, and it was no big thing.  Exhale.

We have new neighbors.  They like kids.  They like animals.  They go to our church!  They aren’t allergic to honeybees.


They have a little girl who is one year younger than Beatrix and her birthday is in November, four days after Beatrix’s. 

When Beatrix came home last week bouncing and giggling with her news, I fought tears as I told her, “Bea, do you see?  This is God showing you how much he loves you.”


  1. Awesome!!

  2. awwww… made me misty eyed!

  3. Your new neighbour was probably just as nervous about meeting you and thinking all the same things. I’m so glad it turned out so well for you all. Thank you for allowing me to join in with your Yarnalong. I’m really enjoying it.

  4. What a blessing! God answers prayers! 🙂

  5. Karla in MN says:

    God is so awesome! Happy for you all 🙂

  6. what a blessing! so glad!

  7. Don’t you just love it when He works like that!!!????? Sweet, sweet Beatrix, I am so happy for you:)

  8. How awesome it is to be so in sync with God’s will that the specific prayer for a friend was answered so specifically!
    We don’t need to be afraid to ask God for specifics! Have you read “The Prayer of Jabez” or “Beyond Jabez”? Our home study group from our church is now studying the second one and we’re ALL learning things about God! And, at 63, I’m the youngest one in the group!
    Keep asking God for you to be in the center of His will!

  9. They were probably praying for your family as well!

  10. They were probably praying for you as well!

  11. That story was precious. My eyes are filled with tears. God does care about the little things. I had no idea you had an etsy shop. Goodness, I can’t wait to see the yarn.

    Thanks for all your blogging. It sure lights up my life.

  12. And now I’m all goosebumps.

    (LOVE this story, so much. And love that you received such wonderful neighbors. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving.)


  13. and is that amaranth in the picture?

  14. So glad for you. It seems God is always showing us His love, yet, we don’t always take the time to see it. A new sunrise, health, seasons, kind people, His mercies are new every morning! Praising God right now, and asking Him more specifically, for my requests.

  15. Wow that’s so wonderful! It sounds hopeful that you will have a very positive relationship with your new neighbours 🙂 jenny xx

  16. Wow and they go to your Church and the little girl’s birthday is just as Bea prayed!!

  17. How wonderful!

  18. Answered prayer, love it!
    God is good, all the time
    All the time, God is good

  19. And now I am fighting tears. Thank you, thank you for the reminder that God is so good.

  20. Ginny,
    This story is WAY too fantastic! It gave me goosebumps reading it. I’m delighted for Beatrix and for your whole family! What a blessing.


  21. I love this – and so needed to hear it today. Thank you for faithfully sharing and encouraging with your sweet words!

  22. The faith of a little child! God is so good!

  23. Love it, Ginny. Oh, we learn from the innocent, don’t we?!

  24. I love that about God. Isn’t He sweet and awesome?

  25. Let’s all have a big “awwwww” right there. So sweet.

  26. Wow. Really cool with Beatrix. And I could almost hear the exhale of relief when you described her reaction to the bees! May this be the start of many wonderful relationships between your families.

  27. Wow! I cried when I read this. And then I read it again to my husband and we both cried!

  28. Oh my, I need Bea to pray for me.

  29. Amazing! You go, Beatrix! 🙂

  30. Oh my goodness! I’m crying! And I’m on hold with the IRS! LOL!! Why are we always so surprised by His love and blessings?

  31. Our son also had a balance bike and used a pedal bike all on his own at 3 and a half-amazing and so fun for them! I love children’s faith and their bold prayers. We could definitely take a lesson from them!

  32. What lovely news all of this is! Good neighbors and answered prayers all around. May we all have enough faith to pray specifically!

  33. Melissa McIntyre says:

    THAT! Was beautiful!

  34. I’m crying for joy at Beatrix’s faith and God’s love for His precious little girl. Beatrix makes me want to risk praying more specifically! Where is my wholehearted faith in God’s goodness? Thank you for sharing!!

  35. That’s amazing. How great for your kids to have new friends close by! We live kind of out in the country, and back off the road a bit, so we only have one neighbor. He and his wife are great, but their son is grown up, so no littles for mine to play with–this is my daughter’s one complaint about where we live.

  36. Tears roll down my face.

    You are so lucky Ginny.

    I wish I would have a friend like you.

    God bless you and your family. …………..You are so precious, too. 😉

  37. I absolutely love this. LOVE. Thank you for sharing!

  38. I hear you about feeling guilty about asking for too much in prayer. I feel like God is too good to me already! My husband likes to remind me that Jesus came to free us from guilt and that He was the most extravagant gift that mankind will ever be given, a gift that none of our requests (no matter how big) can even come close to. God loves giving good things to his children and he loves being asked. Your story about Beatrix is such an excellent example of why Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven was made up of those who are like little children. Such faith! How wonderful for her (and you!) to see her prayer answered in such a big way 😊

  39. I was brought to tears by the sweet sweet faith of Beatrix’s specific prayer. Oh, if we all learned to pray like that!!

  40. That is so beautiful. Just makes you choke up with joy.

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