Aibhie’s Hat {my new pattern}

There was anticipation in the air on this day.  My friend Jaime’s baby was due the day these photos were taken.  Playing with hats and taking pictures may have been the last thing she wanted to be doing, but at least it served as a temporary distraction.  (I hope?  Thank you, Jaime!)

I designed this hat to coordinate with my Sunday Sweater pattern many, many months ago but only recently felt ready to send it out to test knitters and prepare the pattern for sale.  These things make me nervous!  I didn’t have a name for the hat, not liking the sound of “Sunday Hat.”  On the eve after Jaime’s visit, as I clicked through my photographs from the day, I knew I had to name it for her dear little daughter, Aibhilin.  Her nickname is Aibhie, so my hat became Aibhie’s Hat (It’s an Irish name and the bh is pronounced ‘v’ so Aibhie sounds like Ay-vee.)

My Aibhie’s Hat pattern includes instructions for knitting sizes from newborn to adult.  It coordinates nicely with my Sunday Sweater pattern, though it can certainly stand alone.  If you purchase both patterns at once, you will receive $2 off using the coupon code ‘Sunday’.  If you previously purchased the Sunday Sweater pattern, you can receive $1 off the purchase of Aibhie’s Hat by using the code ‘Sundaysweater’ at checkout.

If you’d like to purchase my Aibhie’s Hat pattern you can buy it here . You can purchase my Sunday Sweater pattern here. Both patterns are available in my Ravelry Store.  I have knit more versions of this hat in recent months than I have had time to photograph.  You can see details on some of my projects here, here, here and here.

Thank you all for your support!!!

p.s.  Look who arrived about a week later…



  1. I am sure that your friend treasured these pictures. The hat is darling.

  2. Just catching up on some blog reading after being gone on a trip. LOVE the new hat pattern!!

  3. Beautiful hat and I love the little girl’s name!! With 6 little girls, I’m always thinking of girls’ names, haha! 🙂

  4. Beautiful littel girl. The green looks wonderful on her.
    Lovely pictures

  5. I’ve had the Sunday Sweater in my Ravelry favorites for ages, but seeing this adorable hat on the drizzly day we had yesterday (that counts for fall in drought-ridden California), prompted me to order the patterns and sit down with my daughter to pick out the yarn she wanted for them. I’m looking forward to a fun knit

  6. beautiful hat, Ginny!

  7. lovely pattern but it pales in comparison to sweet little Aibhie herself.

  8. What a beautiful pattern!

  9. what a beauty that wee babe is. <3
    the hat looks lovely!

  10. Beautiful hat and beautiful baby!

  11. I am very happy to get your nice hat pattern in time for the cold coming soon in Québec. Keep up the good work.

    Long and happy life to Ondine!


  12. Beautiful pattern Ginny! I’ve had Sunday sweater in my queue for a while, so this is the perfect opportunity to pick up the pair! Best wishes for an excellent launch!

  13. What a very distinguished looking young man! Congratulations! – Would Momma mind if you shared his name with us?

  14. Ginny, perfect timing! I’m in Wisconsin for the week visiting my new granddaughter that was born on Thursday. I immediately purchased the pattern. Beautiful hat and adorable baby. Thank you for all you do!

  15. Beautiful pattern!!!! Fantastic models too!

  16. Gorgeous design! The green yarn shows it off so well!

  17. I am a very timid knitter, but your patterns inspire me. I don’t think I ever saw such consistently good results for a pattern as there are for your Sunday sweater on ravelry. Very impressive. This hat is beautiful and I am assuming it stays on well?

  18. Beautiful baby. Beautiful pattern. Congratulations to new parents and to you.

  19. Absolutely precious photos. Beautiful name for a beautiful hat! Congrats to you for “birthing” the hat pattern and to Jaime on her new baby!

  20. Beautiful pattern and an even more beautiful baby.
    Melts my heart!

  21. very lovely! the pictures and hats are darling!!!

    and yay for the new baby! looks so ‘adult’ in this picture, the baby’s face; God bless this child!

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