6 miles

My boys had this idea to make a six mile paddle and since I am in such amazing shape (snort) I said, “Sounds fun!  Let’s do it!”  We set out at noon, low tide being more important than avoiding the heat of the day I guess.  The water was so choppy that I got nauseated.  As I sit here typing this, I can feel the waves under me still.  It was an act of will to make it back to the place where we were to be picked up.  I’m still sweating.  My bones hurt.  I asked Keats, “Do your arm bones hurt?”  Jonny said, “Ginny, he’s twelve.  Of course his bones don’t hurt.  You’re like forty.”  For the record, I’m 37, and that is not 40, Jonathan.  But seriously, my bones HURT.

p.s. Of course I carried some knitting for “just in case,” and I took a break from paddling to knit a few rounds on Jonny’s hat.  Time to decrease, finally!!


  1. I love your pictures.

    I’m quite sure I would not even make it halfway kayaking.

    What fun, though! The best part for me would be snapping pictures……well, and spending time with my people.

    I just turned 37 this year. {I think} I have so much trouble remembering my age and my husband’s age anymore. It just isn’t a high-importance-ranking detail.

  2. What is it with husbands trying to make us older? My birthday was last week and my husband kept trying to reverse the numbers in my age and tell out children I was turning 63! Maybe they just want to feel younger than us for once 🙂

  3. This all looks so beautiful! I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t as much fun, or perhaps as comfortable, as you hoped it would be.

    The yarn you picked for the knitting project looks amazing! Love the shade of green:) What is it?

  4. I went out on Lake Michigan fishing for lake salmon a few years back. While I didn’t feel sea sick when we were out there, I could feel the waves for THREE days afterward. Such a horrible feeling and there was nothing I could do that would make it go away.

  5. Those cool spiral unicorn-horn rocks in the last picture…what are they?!

  6. I love boats and being on the water, but I can’t handle choppy water either. When we went whale-watching and they turned off the motor to let the small boat sit on the waves, my stomach churned and I had lost my lunch by the time we docked!

  7. Abby Walsman says:

    I kayaked TWELVE miles down the Etowah river with Kelli for her birthday a few weeks ago. We made it halfway to a random waterfall and I was exhausted by this point. The last six miles were unbearable! My wrists probably started hurting by mile 4, my tail bone hurt for about a week afterwards and still seems off. I can’t sit on a hard seat for that long apparently! It sure was fun though! 🙂 I love this kayaking thing! Steve actually just bought a system that holds our kayaks up on the ceiling of the garage and its a pulley system so I can easily lower them down. Yay!

  8. beautiful photos!

  9. Oh I love kayaking. I think my bones would hurt if I did 6 miles as well….and I am more than 37…more than 40 even. Those little twirly cone-shaped rocks are so cool.

  10. I came back to look at those shoes. I’m a dork I guess, but they are my favorite color. Are those the ones you wrote about awhile back when you weren’t so sure about the color?? What kind are they? I have a hard time with shoes that are comfortable and good for me, but I’d wear those! I’d rather wear clogs or flip flops but I have crazy high arches and I’m beginning to have back and hip pain when I don’t wear decent shoes- oh the joys of getting older…

  11. Megan Wahl says:

    I really like the picture of all the birds on the dock. And I’m interested in the collection of fossils and nature tidbits- what are the large gray spiraly fossils? Heading to beachcomb near the Chesapeake Bay at my favorite little spot soon, I absolutely love combing for seaglass and sharks teeth, and whatever else may appear. Glad you had such a great day Brave lady!

  12. We have a 1/12th share of a house on a lake and every summer my kids sucker me into swimming out to the green boathouse at the end of our cove. It never seems far until I am all the way to it and look bad and our dock is like 6 inches tall and I have to go all the way back. I think it has been three years now since I have done it though. I am 55 and I don’t have to do it anymore if I don’t want to!

  13. kim schildbach says:

    Shouldn’t all that knitting give you some hefty guns?

    Have you seen the muscle T shirt “Suns out, guns out”? I want it in pink for my little Olive.

    Maybe you need one?


  14. Melissa McIntyre says:

    “…and that’s not 40, Jonathan.” LOL! That line just killed me! Sooooo funny 😂 I too am 37 and have 7 kiddos and I feel your pain! I started walking 2 sometimes 3 miles a day and a first it was soooo very painful! Muscles, bones and all!

  15. Ha, you’re a rockstar, Ginny! Love this story.

  16. Leanne Petty says:

    Great finds!

  17. 39.66 recurring is nowhere near 40 either, right?!! I love what you said to Jonny when he picked you up – that’s the sort of opener i’d have used.
    I feel your ribbing pain and I only have 4″ on my current project – you’re made of tougher stuff than me!

  18. Way to go taking on such an endeavor! And I still LOVE thise shoes! I have a friend who became a runner and swimmer a couple years before 40. You and she give me hope that it’s not too late to get active! Having spent the last 14 years being pregnant and nursing I’ve definitely not made exercise a priority! On our last long bike ride- 20 miles (pregnant but didn’t know it yet!) I thought I was going to DIE. So I get the bones hurting thing 🙂 AND saying you’re like 40 when you’re 37? Totally wrong 😉 I’m 38- although I can’t remember that most of the time!- and my 36 year old husband loves to say I’m almost 40 🙂

  19. Gwendolyn says:

    Loved your story Ginny and your dialog with Jonny. Well I’m certainly proud of you…and I love how you took your knitting along. Have a great weekend!

  20. At this rate I think his hat will be ready for Winter 🙂

  21. Ginny, who is 37 NOT 40!!!! I’m so proud of you for taking time to take care of yourself and spending time with your older boys. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. God bless you! Keep paddling, before you know it, you will no longer have sore bones, just nice firm arms 🙂

  22. I would have thought I was the only person to take knitting in a kayak. But how did you get anywhere by not paddling? You should have hooked up a tow line!

  23. LOL, what was Jonny thinking- 37 is not the new 40! I’m proud of us Mom’s ( no matter age) that we get out there and “do it”, then quietly recover over the next several days . WOW, your kayaking out on the ocean? That is HUGE in my book.
    Love your pictures. Have a great weekend.

    • It’s actually the Potomac River. But it’s big, and it’s choppy! It’s also tidal, so we pay attention to low and high tide times for fossil hunting.

  24. Rest up Ginny! I have a feeling an eight mile paddle might be in your future. You are making such fun memories with your older children 🙂

    • Ha! My first words to Jonny when he picked us up were, “Well that was a mistake!” I just don’t think I can handle choppy water! Maybe if it wasn’t the heat of the day…

  25. Do it now Ginny, while you’re *only* 37 – and not 59, or something. 😉

  26. Ha! Hilarious. But you know, keep going! It’s fantastic that you go paddling with your boys!
    Best greetings, Kathrin

  27. Oh my. What an adventure. So impressed that you brought your knitting along!

  28. 37 is most certainly nowhere near 40!!! I agree – and you did awesomely well done!! Im still hurting from our meander up the hill into the forest over the weekend. But Im still not letting on to any of our boys including Rob!!
    Love you photos as always – thank you for sharing xxx

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