Archives for August 13, 2015

6 miles

My boys had this idea to make a six mile paddle and since I am in such amazing shape (snort) I said, “Sounds fun!  Let’s do it!”  We set out at noon, low tide being more important than avoiding the heat of the day I guess.  The water was so choppy that I got nauseated.  As I sit here typing this, I can feel the waves under me still.  It was an act of will to make it back to the place where we were to be picked up.  I’m still sweating.  My bones hurt.  I asked Keats, “Do your arm bones hurt?”  Jonny said, “Ginny, he’s twelve.  Of course his bones don’t hurt.  You’re like forty.”  For the record, I’m 37, and that is not 40, Jonathan.  But seriously, my bones HURT.

p.s. Of course I carried some knitting for “just in case,” and I took a break from paddling to knit a few rounds on Jonny’s hat.  Time to decrease, finally!!