All the Animals


Well, actually not all of them.  This is what it looks like when the little girl who loves animals grows up, and has her own animal loving children.

And this is all I can think to write on this sleepy Friday morning.  I have a little bit of a cold and I haven’t been sleeping well.  Maybe a cup of tea will lift the brain fog.

Jonny says, “We have a lot of animals and every single one of them poops.  That’s what I’d write, but it isn’t my blog.”

I know.  I keep asking him to write posts for me, but he never has time.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!



  1. These are gorgeous!

  2. Please print a children’s book….just of the photos!!!!! Love them

  3. kim schildbach says:

    Awww Jonny GET ON THIS BLOG! If you post pictures you can even ask for us to all comment on how handsome you are!

    Right Ginny?


  4. Yes Jonny!! What beautiful pictures you always take – this is my favourite ever blog because of the photographs x

  5. Hilarious! i love what Jonny said <3
    wonderful photos

  6. Thank you for sharing your animals with us. Your photos are stunning! I have three dogs and a cat right now. Have had rats (loads of fun), mice (fun as well but not as snuggly), gerbils, fish etc. I can’t imagine living without animals.

  7. My mother-in-law is an animal person too! I like them, but with as much as we travel, it is hard enough to find someone to watch our dog! My husband keeps saying he wants to post on my blog too, which he has a couple times, but rarely because he is quite busy as well. But I am thankful for his hard work ethic, it allows me to stay home with our daughter and explore some creative outlets, like blogging. 🙂

  8. Yes and they are all beautiful!

  9. I like the photos which capture the spirit of this fun menagerie.

  10. Haha yep Johnny’s contributions are always great! Hope you have a good weekend and can rest a bit. Always always always look forward to and love your posts.

  11. My animal loving 8 yr old loves your animal pictures. She would be in heaven with all those critters. She asks me everyday to check instagram for more of your goat pictures. Take care. I hope your cold doesn’t keep you down for too long.

  12. The pictures of your chickens are gorgeous!! Feel better soon – nothing worse than having a cold in the summer 🙁

  13. I think your posts are lovely and full of humour. I feel the same way about our children who are just dying to get half a dozen “pets” including a horse, a llama, a mouse, a bird, a frog and bunnies. I’m sure chickens are on the list too. Love these little ones and their gravitation towards God’s creation!

  14. Oh my gosh, I love your kitty!!! Ginger cats have a special place in my heart. We don’t have pets right now (we had two geriatric cats with “poop problems” that I don’t miss, LOL), but we’re thinking of a getting a hedgehog within the next year. 🙂

  15. Animals and children are the perfect combo. Sweet photos, Ginny.

  16. Free fertilizer! Hope you feel better soon!

  17. Who is the kitty? She is adorable!

  18. Ginny, I can only begin to imagine what a tough week you have had, one year on. You have been in my thoughts. Hope you feel better and restful sleep returns soon.
    Thank you for sharing a trio of highly entertaining snippets of conversations these last few days – the “we have a lot of animals and all of them poop”, Silas’ Pope Francis and the “that’s because they are small chickens”. You have really made me chuckle. Gorgeous photos, as always. Happy weekend to you and yours.

  19. Gwendolyn says:

    Love your pictures with Greta? I love being out with my animals too. I can’t believe you don’t have a cow. I’m continuing to read the Little House on the Prairie series to my grandchildren. I know Andover Fabrics is coming out with a special line of Little House on the Prairie fabrics and Queens Treasures are coming out with dolls, clothes and furniture (even a wagon) as well. I’m thinking maybe Christmas presents if it’s not too pricey.

    You get feeling better and it’s nice to know you’ve got the weekend to recover.

  20. love reading about your animals. yes, we enjoy Jonny’s posts, push push!! hope you get some rest, feel better. blessings.

  21. LOL, yep Johnny’s right about that…. you have very cute animals 🙂

    So sorry you are a bit under the weather and not sleeping well; don’t know if you are having the heat wave we had here in NJ but that alone is tiring!

    Will say a prayer esp for you today Ginny! be gentle with yourself, colds can be so debilitating…. (HUGS)

  22. I love animals but have to agree with Jonny….all living animals I would love to own-POOP. And sometimes all that pooping can get overwhelming. Love-love your pictures. Would enjoy and appreciate a post on your ins and outs of photography.

  23. You and the goat! Great and fun picture.
    Take care Ginny. Hopefully the cold will go away soon and you’ll be up and around

  24. I am one of those animal lovers that grew up too and now has a zoo, lucky for me I married a man with the same love. 🙂
    I pray you feel better soon, lots of warm tea with lemon, some grapefruit seed extract, and of course, Echinacea always helps.

  25. Yes, when our children were growing up and he were homeschooling we ended up with ten pets. Now only two dogs (soon to be one) and two cats and one goat and a chicken. I would take those days anytime! Enjoy your brood.

  26. The photo of you and the goat touching noses! I love it!

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