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Kitchen Week

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This week has been devoted to my kitchen.  And I still have a long ways to go, so it looks like it will overflow into next.  Our old refrigerator stopped cooling well a couple of weeks ago, something we only realized after we had several gallons of milk spoil.  I suspected something was up when I was able to get softened butter straight out of the refrigerator.  We bought another one on Craigslist, this one even older, though very big and a fancy brand, so a definite upgrade.  It was an ordeal to get it home and into the house, and we owe a big thanks to our friends for helping.  The only problem outside of it needing a big repair in the next few months is that the new one doesn’t allow for stashing a bunch of crap on top, and if you were paying attention to the photos in this post, you know we have issues with that.  So that stuff spent the week on the kitchen table, and the mess took over the entire room.  Despite my original assessment, I have managed to squeeze a few things on top of the new fridge, and I am making good progress in the rest of the kitchen.  The pantry has been overhauled as well, and Jonny even added another shelf.  I need to be prepared when all the winter squash I planted starts coming in from the garden!

I’m still making pickles, hence needing to clean out the pantry to make room for them all.  I even pulled out my copy of Fermented Vegetables, and started a batch of half sour dills.  My kids hated the results of my last attempt at fermented pickles, so I am hoping that these will turn out better.

And now, back to work with me, though I am thoroughly sick of the kitchen and just want to knit!  I’ve hardly knit at all this week, but if I can get the kitchen finished I know I will be so happy and far more motivated to get in there and make something more interesting for dinner than beans and rice or pizza.