Archives for July 21, 2015

Just Pickles

The cucumbers are really working out for me this summer, and I am dedicating lots of time to making pickles for my pickle loving family.  Typically my cucumber plants succumb to disease as a result of cucumber beetle infestation shortly after the first cucumbers are ready to be picked.  This year I got smart and planted a trap crop of Mayo Indian Amaranth, right next to my cucumber plants.  The cucumber beetles definitely seem to prefer the amaranth to the cucumber plants, and mine are still going strong.  I am growing Homemade Pickles pickling cucumbers, and so far I am very impressed with them.  I’ve been making my favorite pickle recipes from Canning for a New Generation:  honeyed bread and butter, and both quicker and quickest dills.  Some get canned, and some I just put straight into the fridge.

Happy as it makes me to watch those jars of pickles lining up on our pantry shelves, I am very glad that today is not a pickle making day.  I probably ought to work on getting my neglected house cleaned up.