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In the midst

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Job doesn’t want to go to bed, and I really, really want him to.  Evidently bedtime got pushed forward several hours while I was out of town.  No comment.  I’m too grateful that I was able to make this Edel trip to complain.  I can always count on Jonny to erase all routines when I am gone, but more importantly, I can trust that he will keep our babies, both big and small, safe.

I returned home from Charleston last night, completely exhausted.  I am not a good out-of-town sleeper.  Plus, I did more talking in one weekend than I typically do in a month.  I was nervous about this trip, nervous about being with so many women, afraid I wouldn’t quite fit in.  I spent my growing up years feeling the misfit, and typically always found myself on the fringe of any group that I attempted to be a part of.  I am grateful to have a truly wonderful group of friends in my life now, and two of them traveled with me to Charleston.  (We brought a third friend in laminated form since she couldn’t attend.  Flat Eve was the life of the party.)

In the weeks before Edel, as attendees, including myself, began worrying over things like what to wear (I spent way too much time worrying about that), Hallie and Jen, the organizers, reminded us that this was about community, about coming as you are and being loved “as is.”  They preached friendship and acceptance, and I think their vision for this conference came to life in all of our hearts.  There was no judgement, and everyone “fit in.”  I met so many sweet women, and had an incredibly fun, albeit over-stimulating, time. I wish I could hold on to the pure joy of being in a room full of dancing women (some wearing babies), cheering on their friends as they sing karaoke.  To giggle on the sidewalk with new friends while they smoke cigars, just for the heck of it.  Because while we love our vocation, we relish a break from it, and love to celebrate in silly ways.

I had a truly joyful weekend and I am so grateful for that.  Thank you, friends.

And now I leave you with some completely random quotes from Counting by 7s, because I just finished reading it, and I loved it:

A few people have complained about the bees.  But it’s impossible to please everyone.

I will call Lenore and say that the cat is a therapy dog.

He said that the cat was a therapy dog.

I feel something wash over me when I hear the words.  I think the feeling is acceptance.

Does saying good-bye matter?  Does it really end something?

When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.

The girls next to me starts to cry when she sees the sprinkles.  I’m wondering if she’s worried about the long-term side effects of consuming artificial food coloring.  It’s a valid concern.

They speak to me, not in words, but in action.  They tell me that life goes on.