Archives for July 9, 2015

Getting Ready

Larkspur is in rodent heaven right now because I decided to let her bring home three gerbil babies that were born to one of her best friend’s gerbils.  She spent the birthday money she had saved on a cage and supplies, and these are her first official pets.  (We think all three are boys and I will be watching closely for any indication otherwise!)

I spent yesterday getting my family and my animals prepared for me to leave them for a few days.  (See sad faces in last picture.  Family members not pictured with Jonny and Job are happy that I am leaving, and expecting junk food and fun.)  I bought my ticket for the Edel Gathering many months ago, and still, the day before my departure my to-do list included:  trimming goat hooves, feeding bees, cleaning out the chicken coop, grocery shopping, feed store shopping, and packing, amongst (too many) other things.

I am traveling with a few girlfriends, and really looking forward to this time together.  I am hoping to post some of our adventures on Instagram if you want to follow me there!