From The Isle of Purbeck to Big Meadows

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Traditionally, we visit Big Meadows at the end of the day.  The kids play hide and seek in the tall grass and I watch the deer.  Afterward, we head to a picnic ground and cook hot dogs over a fire in the near or total darkness, and finally, drive home, getting in close to midnight and tucking dirty little ones right into bed.  I don’t know that I will have a completed mystery knit along shawl to photograph there every year, but this is the second June that I have.  Maybe a short lived tradition?  Last year it was Follow Your Arrow, and this year, Tales from the Isle of Purbeck.  This latest shawl is my favorite.  I can’t remember if I always say that, but this time I really mean it.  It almost makes me long for cold weather (but not quite.)


  1. Beautiful photos! What camera equipment are you using?

  2. Hi Ginny,

    The shawl is beautiful! I’m tempted to start one for myself, even though I’m still working on another shawl at the moment. One can never have too many projects! One question, if you don’t mind, I’ve been looking at the wool and was wondering how soft it is? I think of shawls being lovely, soft items, however, I have memories of nasty, itchy pure wool sweaters as a child. I haven’t been able to find any information about the wool that specifically mentions how it feels. I would like to try and get some wool when more becomes available, but I don’t want to spend the money and be disappointed with a scratchy shawl. I would appreciate any comments you can give me about the ‘feel’ of the wool. Thanks!

    • Hi Sonya! I wouldn’t describe this wool as either soft or scratchy, but somewhere in between. It’s hard to say because I think everyone feels things differently. But, if you are sensitive to wool, I would say this probably isn’t the best yarn for you!

  3. Those photos are amazing!! What a beautiful place and a beautiful family.

    P.S. I’m hoping to get to meet you at Edel!!

  4. How in the world could that be Job–he seems to have grown up overnight!

  5. beautiful shawl beautiful children beautiful meadow! Love that texture of the shawl and I am ALWAYS wishing for cold weather 🙂

  6. Oh the photos! I love taking these kind of pictures ~ Just of our life and everyday.

    What fun! A perfect kind of child-evening. Carefree, running, playing, eating, dirt, LIFE!!!!

  7. I think these might be some of my favorite pictures ever. But then, it’s hard to say…. 🙂

  8. The shawl is lovely, really lovely. Such wonderful photos of your family too. Looks like a magical place that you’re visiting.

  9. Beautiful place, beautiful photographs, beautiful shawl.

  10. What wonderful & peaceful photography again, Ginny! I love seeing the adventures you have with your family. What a perfect pic of Gabe — he’s grown into such a handsome young man.

    Though I don’t knit, I love seeing your projects. They’re beautiful.

  11. I love that you take your knitting somewhere special after you knit it. I get that…your knitting is such a part of you and you love it. It makes sense to want it with you in a place you love. It marks the beginning of that knits story, and certain knits you just want to have a special start. It all comes together…
    I Miss Virginia…

  12. i think that is my favorite shawl you have knit. i always love your photos from big meadow. you honestly could publish a book of your nature photography and make Lots!

    • Hi Anne – thanks for your comment, we have a number of posts on the subject, the most recent of which is Hadzabe Alsoe/Prrtett Letter which also has a couple of email addresses of to which you can address your concerns, as well as details of the website of Steffen Keulig – didn’t realise the Daily Mail had picked up the story, good to see it in the mainstream press, I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads-up. Chris O’Brien at Northstate Science also has some info; he spent time working with the Hadza.Tim

    • Nice to see the passion for history,real stories and focus in heart and grit. I’m looking forward to seeing this made into accessible video. Wish I had made the first viewing. It was great meeting the video crew. Good luck with future projects and keep me on your email list for notifications.

    • “menar du att det finns en Ã¥ldersgräns för kvinna? isf när?”Ja? 18 Ã¥r är den lägsta Ã¥lder som lagen och samhället anser att nÃ¥gon av kvinnligt kön kan kallas för en kvinna. SÃ¥ enkelt var det. En ung kvinna är nÃ¥gon mellan Ã¥tminstone 18-21. (Först efter 21 har ju en vuxen person alla rättigheter som en vuxen har).

    • Da war tatsächlich was mit diesen PowerPC’s. Noch nicht einmal so lange her. o:). Aber immer noch im Einsatz bei Dir (AirPort Snow)?Grüsse, nic

  13. I can’t believe you got such fantastic shots of those deer. My kids would have just LOVED them. And by the way, your shawl is simply gorgeous – pattern, colour and all.

  14. The shawl is lovely and Job is huge!

  15. The shawl is gorgeous! And the pictures make Big Meadow look like a magical spot to explore.

  16. Deer and goats….I hope heaven is full of them….oh, and cats, dogs…..
    This was a MOST enjoyable blog, the photos are fantastic. How did you get the beautiful photos of the deer w/o them running away. Your weekly blog(s) are part of the highlight of my week. THANK YOU so much for sharing this beauty, YOUR beauty with us!

  17. I love these pictures, but I always think …..ticks…..I have an irrational fear of ticks…they give me the heebies….most bugs I don’t care about….the Hubs had two on him the other day and I was so glad he could remove them on his own….

  18. Oh, Ginny! What a beautiful place! Love your pictures from the Big Meadow and that shawl is GORGEOUS!

  19. Ginny
    I just love your blog, and especially love how often you post. Your kids are so real, and remind me so much of my childhood. Mostly outside.
    And how someone can knit a shawl as gorgeous as that is beyond my “knit only” dishcloths that I struggle through.
    Well done.

  20. These photos are particularly beautiful – almost dreamlike! Thanks for sharing, Ginny – I’m not a shawl knitter, but I’d love to do that lace as a wide infinity scarf … or even a blanket. 🙂

  21. Beautiful! Your baby is getting SO big!

  22. This is a nice photo essay, you even caught the deer in mid jump. I admire your new shawl, that is a hobby I don’t have.

  23. The meadow pictures are beautiful. Such a nice way to spend time together. I hope that we can find that time to be together this summer.

  24. That is an absolutely beautiful shawl. Such great work. I am more jealous than I should be of your big meadow. Living in L.A., we just don’t get so much green! I’m happy to live vicariously though you!

  25. What a beautiful day and the photos are just ever so wonderful, showing precious moments. Happy Solstice!

  26. WOW!!! The meadow brings out the best in all of you!!! 🙂

  27. Beautiful photographs to start my day! As always thanks for sharing.

  28. such cute pictures of the young one and such lovely pictures of your older children and the land, and deer! Lovely shawl! so glad you were able to go out there again this year!

  29. Ginny,
    Beautiful pictures, I love seeing the deer. What a fun tradition for your family. And your shawl looks beautiful and cozy too.


  30. love your shawl and your photos and your sharing your family life with us! blessings to you and yours.

  31. love your sharing of photos. Shawl is gorgeous. I want to learn how to make one. Learning how to read a pattern. Your kids are adorable and I think it was neat the deer were on the field with you.

  32. Gwendolyn says:

    Oh I love how your shawl turned out. That picture where you’ve turned your back to the camera, really shows the beauty of the shawl. Now that my daughter and her 3 little ones are here, I don’t have the time that I normally do to devote to knitting. How you do it with so many little ones is amazing. I’m just half way thru Clue 3 on the Isle of Purbeck. Did you notice that Hole and Sons will be having more yarn available on July 12th? I’m hoping to snag some “coast” colorway, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I love Job in his overalls. Is there anything cuter than kids in them? I know my own 3 used to wear overalls all the time, and people would always comment on that.

  33. My Purbeck just came off the needles. It was a wonderful knit and it’s being blocked tonight.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the peeks into your life. Very inspiring.

  34. Your shawl is gorgeous! And that Job is such a cutie.

  35. Just gorgeous Ginny – the shawl and the photographs.

  36. Beautiful photos!! love the shawl

  37. That shawl really is beautiful. It looks sooo soft. I envy your Big Meadow evenings. What fun!

  38. Your shawl really is so beautiful on you Ginny and I can see why it’s a favorite.

    I love Big Meadow and had hoped to get up there this summer [and finally meet you in person], but with my daughter and her family preparing to move to Germany I am staying close to home this summer.

  39. OK Ginny help me here! When I was a child we would spend all day every day in fields and woods and streams. I NEVER got a tick. As an adult I’ve contracted Lyme and my children have been bitten even in our own backyard. I looked at your pictures and longed to enjoy with my own children the adventures I had as a girl. What do you do to protect your children from ticks (hopefully without also exposing them to lots of strong chemicals)? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for sharing pieces of your journey with this grateful reader! Blessings–

    • Hi Karen!
      Ticks are part of our daily life, almost year round here in VA. Actually, we find that they aren’t as bad on Big Meadows as they are on our own property! We do daily tick checks, and are always aware. I treated Bea for suspected Lyme last year, so I know that worry. But we view them as part of life and choose not to worry, just to be vigilant. There’s no easy answer!! Love, Ginny

  40. Susan M says:

    I LOVE both of those shawls! Will have to check them out on Ravelry and then to my baskets of stash!!

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