Francisco & Jacinta

small things kittens-2807(Because we need more pets.)

Last week, I dropped Seth off at a friend’s house to hunt for fossils in their creek.  A couple hours later, Jonny picked him up and they came home with an orange kitten.  Evidently Seth asked for one of the barn kittens these friends had running around, and Jonny, thinking they were too feral to put your hands on said, “Sure, if you can catch one.”  He didn’t know that Seth had already caught one, and would have no problem doing so again.   (I also think that Jonny likes kittens more than he wants anyone to know.)  When Seth walked in my bedroom that evening, showed me the kitten, and asked me if he could keep it, I said that it was up to Daddy.  Seth asked Jonny, and he replied that it was up to me.  And well, you guys know me.  Jonny and I had the same discussion we’ve had many times over the years, the one about saying “yes” because childhood is short.  The kitten stayed.

So we had this little kitten who was doing a lot of crying at night because he was lonely.   I decided we might as well go back and see about his litter-mates, because kittens are usually better in pairs.  We would just take a look at them.  Maybe bring one home.   I wanted another male, but as it turned out the other three were girls:  a tabby, another orange, and a classic tabico.  We went home that day without taking any of them because I was so set on two boys.  The little tabico though, something about her pretty markings and bad attitude made an impression on me, so we went back for her.  But this time she escaped us.  We spent some time with the other two, and waited around for little angry girl to come back, but there was no sign of her.  The kids thought we should take one of the friendlier kittens, but I disagreed with their sensible suggestion.

The next time we visited, Keats found my kitten under a pile of logs and pulled her out.  She tried to convince me that she hated me, but I didn’t fall for her tricks.

small things kittens-3240

small things kittens-3249

The kittens, whom we named Francisco and Jacinta after much discussion, are settling in nicely.  Jacinta is sweet as can be already, and currently purring up a storm in Seth’s lap. Francisco is a wild man who is equally, if not more affectionate than his sister.  I am glad we said, “Yes!”


  1. SO sweet and how lucky for them to join your family. I love your description of the little lady. I love her ears, too. So I was trying to figure it out. How many kitties do you have now? We have two but we are getting chickens soon. So excited.

  2. How adorable! You have another cat or two, correct? How are they getting along with the newcomers?

    Saying “yes” because childhood is short. Live it!

  3. they are adorable 🙂 Here’s to a short childhood and saying yes to the pets!

  4. Now I want a kitten…

  5. I love that conversation about saying yes because childhood is short. We don’t have kids yet and already my husband says we shouldn’t get a dog now because we will have kids and how great will it be to say yes when they ask someday.

  6. I so enjoy your blog and all your goings-on there in your life. We just got our youngest grand daughter a wee little bitty kitten a friend found on the road in front of our house. Most likely a wild cat had kittens somewhere nearby and this little fella got lost. I’m sure there are feral cats all over out here in the country. Several old barns too. I have 5 old cats now, all fixed. So I do not want any more! Enjoy those cute little ones. They are adorable.

  7. Awhhh, sooo sweet! xxx I’m also thinking on getting us a second kitten.. thank you for sharing all that you share!

  8. Saying yes because childhood is short…how is it you always seem to write what I need to hear? I will try to imprint that on my brain!

  9. How sweet! Love the names!

  10. I also love “saying yes because childhood is short”. That could be embroidered somewhere … honestly.

    I love kitten siblings – a couple of years ago we picked up Max and Matilda (Max was the tabby and Matilda was the ginger) and the way they would tussle together when little and then lick each other all over – bliss!

    God bless from Australia 🙂

  11. The kittens are delightful, but you (and your heart) are so lovely, Ginny.

  12. Adorable! I grew up in the county with two outdoor cats – Max and Aggie. Such fun! Unfortunately my husband is allergic and we live in an urban area so I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting an outdoor cat (and the indoor one wouldn’t work for the allergies) so I will just have to admire yours instead.

  13. Oh my! Those kittens…my heart!!!

  14. I get goosebumps when your family grows, either by adding babies or pets. I LOVE it! It feels silly to get so excited for a family I have never met, but really, this is the best internet story I have read since the day you got goats. It makes me so happy that you have so much capacity to love and care for so many little beings. And it makes for great reading and pictures. So, thanks for saying yes!

  15. adorable…. We had 3 but 2 passed away. I feel our little Topper is lonely but my husband says no… 🙁

  16. I’m glad too Ginny. You are so right, childhood is short and it’s so much more fun with lots of pets.

  17. Love the names . But being Portuguese , catholic , devout to Mary ( my Holy Mother) and going at least once every three months to Fatima I really love the names. For those who don’t know , Francisco and Jacinta were two of the three little shepherds who witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima Portugal in 1917. The other shepherdess was called Lucia .

  18. Can I come live with you? 🙂 I love kittens. We just got two last summer so I can’t justify one QUITE yet. Enjoy!

  19. Gwendolyn says:

    I love the pictures…of course I’m a cat lover from way back. I used to have about 32 outside cats when I was around 8 years old. I’d throw on my dad’s housecoat and they would jump up on me and pull out the threads of the housecoat. I’m sure he appreciated that! Eleven years ago we moved to a farm and when we were redoing the farm house my daughter found a brother and sister that needed a home. We would drive down to the farm and work on the house every night and visit Boo and Maisy that were kept in the pole building. Then my uncle that farms had a cat that needed a home (Precious is a white/orange cat with great hunting skills), and then my daughter said she found an orange kitten (Todd) after she ran over the mother (which we found out later was not true, she just found the kitten along the road), and then Maisy had a litter and we kept a long haired grey cat (we named Haisy) from that litter. If we didn’t have 2 German Shepherd dogs that love to chase cats, I’m sure I would be convinced to get more. Now that my grandkids are moved in with me, they want to help with the outside cat chores so they can love on them.

  20. Oh they are adorable! Im so glad you didn’t fall for her tricks 🙂

  21. “Saying yes because childhood is short” – that’s the kind of parent I aspire to be one day! 🙂

    In that last picture of you holding that one kitten, it’s as if you’re like “look at this cute kitten!” and the cat is like “yeah, whatever.” Love them!

  22. They are very cute.

  23. Love the names and they do look cute, I would have said yes too. I used to have a red cat a few years ago, I miss him lots but there will be time for another cat once the dogs are no longer and the boys are bigger

  24. Susannah says:

    Such amazing little creatures. I miss our kittens, our cat had so many we just couldn’t keep them all. Please put more photo’s on, they really are adorable.

  25. Kitten bliss. Best. Decision. Ever.

  26. Adorable!!!

  27. Katherine says:

    Funny- sweet and full of love- I enjoyed this post! The bit about saying yes because childhood is short: I’m really holding that- thanks. X

  28. very fun!!! and cute!

  29. I love the names! Being the very citified people that WE are, when a friend gave us two cats once we named them Tiger Lily and Annabelle. As it happened, to our shock and amazement, we were informed that Tiger Lily was a boy by those in the know. Thus, Tiger Lily became Thor. He looked just like Jacinta! And was a great hunter! Annabelle was a lazy -lay – about and waited for Thor to bring her dinner. Your kittens will be so well loved!

    • Thats funny because my younger sister had a tabico named tiger lily also! 😀
      But she *was* a girl kitty.

  30. Lisa G. says:

    How cute they are! And what good names. But, what about Lucy?? 😀

  31. Now I totally want another kitten and name her Jacinta! Unfortunately, I really hate dealing with litter boxes.

  32. Being Portuguese I get the name’s inspiration – but then I think you should go back to your friend’s house and pick Lucia 😉
    Saying yes – I need to improve on that.

  33. Ohhhhhhh! How wonderful! They are so cute. Now you just need a cow and a pig, maybe a horse! Lovely pics as always.

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