For Robin Hood and Little John

(the audience.)

Sensible folks would have probably just purchased a big plastic doghouse, especially since we move Robin Hood and Little John every few days to a new spot.  But Jonny had enough materials on hand to build the boys a house, so he went the free route and did just that.  It’s heavy and a little cumbersome to move around, but hard work is good.  That’s what I tell my sighing boys.

Goat House

(One more project for Jonny to cross off his list!)


  1. I like the authentic and unique look of this goat house!

  2. Ginny! Your boys are so BIG! They’re such young men now! I used to read you all the time, but I guess something happened to my subscription because I haven’t clicked over in awhile. I always love your photography. And those goats are very lucky to have Jonny!

    I hope we bump into each other at Edel!

  3. What a great goat house. Could you perhaps put some wheels on it to move it more easily. I guess you will have boys with very strong arms after a while!

  4. Tasha L. says:

    Could you move the goats around each day, and then just put them in the “house” each night? That’s what we do with our goat, she gets tethered in a new spot each day (with a harness and a long rope), and then we put her in the barn at night. But, like you said, hard work is good for boys, so maybe moving it often is a good thing. 🙂

  5. Love that you went the ‘free’ route. Sound exactly like something we would do. Makes sense to me…and it looks awesome too!

  6. Richard says:

    Love the simplicity of the Goat House. Tell Jonny “Job Well Done!” Do I see recycled panels from a metal shed?

  7. Corinne says:

    Ginny, I just love, love, LOVE your goats! They are too cute!
    Your home is so beautiful just like you and your beautiful family!
    Also…..I love what the back of your hubbies tee shirt says!
    Yes and Amen!

  8. It looks like a great solution to me. Tell those boys they’ll have nice, big muscles like Popeye. 🙂

  9. We did the same thing for our chickens. It helped when we put it on old lawn mower wheels. :o)

  10. Nice goat house, even if heavy. Could wheels be added?

  11. If it becomes too cumbersome…Jonny could put on some heavy duty wheels.

  12. Great job, Jonny! Our boy asks why we don’t get a riding lawn mower – not that we have THAT much lawn to mow, the hens and dogs take care of that – we say we don’t need one, we have a ‘John’! Doesn’t make him laugh as much as it does us! Love your photos. Blessings to you and yours.

  13. we bought a 200 year old barn and used the wood to make our chicken coop, wood shed, dog house, and goat house. They go very nicely with our 182 year old house. A plastic dog house would not look nice with your farmhouse. I think a beautiful home makes for a happy soul!

  14. I tell my boys the same thing. One day my oldest told me, “I’ve noticed that when you say WE are going to do something it’s really US that’s going to do it.” Of course he’s speaking of cleaning the van or heavy lifting. Yes, yes hard work is good. : )

  15. A big plastic doghouse doesn’t quite suit the aesthetics of your beautiful place 🙂

  16. Very sensible indeed. But they would’ve looked so cute in an igloo (dog house). Lol.

  17. Christine says:

    But that one has so much character and is prettier to look at than a store bought plastic dog house!

  18. Ginny,
    Do you have to feed the goats or supplement, or is the foliage sufficient? When I was clearing poison ivy from my overgrown (we just bought) suburban lot, I was thinking of your goats…

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